Fixed [Thurgadin] Detroxxulous missing harvest nodes

Discussion in 'Resolved' started by Zartayn, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Zartayn Member

    Ehm... where are all the harvestables in Detrox?
    Just wanted to do my daily TS, but a fly through the entire zone showed up 7 harvestables total, half of which were fish, thats all. lots of ? marks, but no nodes...

    Other people in zone says it looks like the nodes are not respawning.
  2. Emaskar New Member

    I had that happen in Doomfire on the HoF server with both nodes and mobs. It sounds like a game wide issue. Hopefully, the Devs will look into it. It really kills game play options.
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  3. dreamweaver Community Relations

    You are correct Emaskar, and it is being investigated.
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  4. Morgrim New Member

    same problem here on Skyfire, no nodes, mobs arent re-spawning at all
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  5. CZT99 New Member

    This is Happening in Many Zones NO Harvest Nodes Except for Fish. Our Characters cannot Do Quests for Crafting if we can NOT harvest.
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  6. Tabri Well-Known Member

    Yep no harvest nodes in the plague zone or mobs, I couldnt finish any of the quests there so I went to do harvesting and tradeskill quests in Obulous Frontier no nodes in the zone to harvest there also so Im logging.
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  7. CZT99 New Member

    Soooo....Whats the word on a fix? Really would like to do my Harvesting Quests which is what I do, As I don't Raid!
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  8. Bunji Developer

    We are working on a fix for the spawn issues.
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  9. Tikshadow New Member

    FYI, this issue seems to also be affecting all harvest node spawns in the PoM outside zone. I flew most of the zone (with harvestable tracking) and only saw shinies and a couple of fish. Not sure about the trash mobs spawn rate as there were a good number of them to be seen. Though there did seem to be fewer than there should be for the number of people hunting in the zone.

    Edit: Just saw another bug report that it's apparently all outside zones.
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  10. Tabri Well-Known Member

    As stated already this is affecting outdoor zones. I just got my trade-skill daily quest for Earthen badlands and cannot do it as there are zero harvest nodes in the zone. I am missing 3 xpacs of recipes and need recipes badly missing this daily really is not good, is there and ETA as when this will be fixed?
  11. Dude Well-Known Member

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  12. Tabri Well-Known Member

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