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Discussion in 'Test Server Forum' started by Kattt, Jun 28, 2021.

  1. Kattt Active Member

    I realize its probably late to make suggestions about NOTD and autumn stuff right now. From what people tell me, the art and design and such start like 6 months that accurate? I know it should be coming to test soon, so I am hoping my suggestion here, might make it on time to add perhaps anything, even a thing or two?

    However, that being said, with this scorching heat (badumdum) my thoughts start to turn to cooler weather, happier, sweater weather. I LOVE autumn! I LOVE that you guys did a bunch of autumn items the last bunch of years. It is all LOVELY by the way, thank you! What a delight to return to.

    In that spirit, I would like to start a discussion of Autumn themed stuff. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the scary stuff. My first published house ever, was a haunted house. But for this discussion, I am keeping my wishes to mostly non scary stuff, in keeping with the autumn themes you have done. We have so many scary things, its nice to decorate pure autumn sometimes, or even work them in together. I will seperate some of my suggestions and wishes into differ posts on this thread, so as not to get this too long. But let me start things off with my first wish, if not for this year, maybe next year? I love the scarecrows, but sometimes you want a non-scary, pure autumn looking scarecrow for cuteness and fun.
    Could we please get a scarecrow that looks more like this for autumn?


    They are so festive and cute. Sometimes you just want to celebrate the loveliness of autumn! =)
    Of course, minus the sticks, (a plushie of course) and PLEASE please please, can we craft them/have them in one of the notd books?

    Maybe differ types? I would even love to see in conjuction with a house item, a familiar that looks like these? That would be fun. Maybe a quest for the familiar, to bring in adventurers to the fun. Perhaps make it fabled with decent stats?

    Thanks in advance, especially for all the autumn yummies you have already given us! =)
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  2. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Those are adorable!!!
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  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I know , not everything you get for decorating from " Night of the dead " is skeletons ghosts and werewolves , as a matter of fact most is not .
    But here is what I would like , please give us some pumpkins in different shapes that don't have their tops cut of and their insides scooped out .
    I guess people could get creative with other vegetables to make a little garden , but those pumpkins always annoyed me .

    I would love some bundles of onions or peppers and maybe some herbs to hang in to an old fashioned kitchen .
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  4. Kattt Active Member

    I love these ideas! I have been doing some researching for public domain/copyright free images. I have done this for a long time as I work with graphics and they really help. So I am striving to make a point of posting images here that are copyright free, in case they are swamped with say the next xpac or some such. These are to go along with the ideas for items or quests we would like to see. I am hoping some free images might give them a jumping off point, if needed. =)

    The image of scarecrows above is not copyright free, but I am hoping to find one.
    Meantime, here is a copyright free image of a pumpkin from the graphics fairy (fav site of mine.)


    This image might be a tad big, but I am unsure how to resize an image in this forum. If there is a way, someone please tell me. =)
    Now mind you, I am unsure if they would be willing to give us anymore pumpkins as they might feel it would compete with the bundle of pumpkins they sell in the shop around NOTD. However, I must add two things. It is my feeling we should never be denied something as members of the game, based on shop items. Especially us housing people definitely give enough to the MP. Also, if I wanted enough variation in pumpkins, one we can craft would not stop me from getting the ones on the shop if they served the right purpose. =)

    Bundles of veggies is a great idea too! I will be adding something about that at later time. Suffice to keep my postings shorter with one item at a time.
    The above image is just a sample, maybe model or shape. But any nice looking, uncut pumpkin would make us happy if its something we can craft. :) ;)
    Thanks as always!
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  5. Kattt Active Member

    Ok, I found an image that is copyright free, from pixabay. (You can read their terms, but basically its change in some way, and its free to use in any way.)


    And this one is even cuter. Please, yes, give us a Mr and Mrs Scarecrow?! (Kinda like you do with Mr. & Mrs. Snowpeople.) I would even do a special separate quest for this. ;) Maybe we can construct the set for McQuibbles farm, and get to keep recipe! :)
    Yes, I know they aren't scarey, but we already have that, so this one be a nice compliment for those looking to do an autumn theme without the scary.
    {{Crosses fingers}}
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  6. Kattt Active Member

    My next 2 images and suggestions are for a sunflower, and individual leaves. =)

    I LOVE the autumnal leaf pile you gave us, the one with the floating/fluttering leaves! This is awesome and adds such a lovely feel to a creation. In that spirit, I would love if you could give us an inactive pile, so that we can disperse in places without the animation as well. Also, individual leaves could be SO useful, to add touches in many places. We could make arrangements with them, use them to lay a trail, use them as table decor, as a sort of placemat (if large enough), or so many other things. It is important to note, that one of the biggest roadblocks I find when utilizing items in the game, is running into items that do not have enough scaling one way or the other. I know that getting items larger might be a taller order because of image quality, and while today's designer software is easier to get higher quality with larger scaling, at the very least, please allow us to scale all/more items even smaller...very small? =) That would be so appreciated. But when you think of these leaves, if you can do this, think of the woven leaf rug as an example, but PLEASE let us scale it very tiny too, as well as how big that one gets?

    Here is a sample image of leaves, and this is copyright free, again, if you need jumping off points or whatever, of some nice leaves and shapes that would be great to work with if recolored more vibrant:


    This image is from the Biodiversity Heritage Library and it is public domain. To make the work easier, you could use these and clean/recolor (heck I would even do that for ya to save time heh) and if needed adding some dimension.

    For the sunflower, I am also pasting from the same source:

    Also, public domain.

    I am sure I do not need to tell you how useful this flower would be, and how many places our deco/builds would utilize this. =) Just a single flower is most useful as we can make arrangements how we like. But a second bouquet option might help us in a pinch as well when item count becomes issue (as if it ever is not an issue lol.)

    My original intent with these posts/images was to scour the game and find graphics already in game to make it easier for you, but alas, I am unaware of images that would most suit many of these requests. There is one familiar in game that has the almost look of a sunflower, and it is a beautiful bright yellow and well done graphic. Perhaps this can be re-worked to have a normal stem, and not be animated, and just be a regular sunflower. Heck, I would even be thrilled if for the fall, this sunflower could arrive for Moonlight Enchantments. Though crafting them would of course be more ideal. =)
    By the way, I could not recall name or season, but if someone has a link to the familiar I refer to, that would be great.

    Ok, so there ya go, individual leaves, sunflower, and inactive leaf pile. =)

    Looking forward to other suggestions people can make for autumn themed items.

    I have a challenge for my fellow homeshowians. To scour the game and find in game images to take snaps of that might meet these requests, or any you might have. I feel like we have a greater change of getting these items sooner if the images are already in game. =)

    Thanks again, in advance.
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  7. Ladislava Member

    Poor Kaitheel unleashing Homeshow on him. Anywho,
    Yellow misty tile-we could make green a brewday and orange at NotD with what we have!
    Black Misty tile wouldn't go amiss either.
    Jack-o-lantern -maybe use the light from a Kunzar lamp that flickers on a jack-o-lantern that actually provides light.
    Wreath- Repurpose the festive pine wreath and color it black and stick some skulls on it or replace the bells with a the skull that has a ghost coming out of it.
    Ghost tile: A tile (or carpet) that a bunch of ghosts come up out of when you step on it. I LOVE the bat ones!
    Sunflower Wreath: not sure how difficult wreaths are to make but there you go
    Trees with falling leaves: I'm doing this by hanging a bunch of the harvest garlands between two trees but it would be awesome to have fall trees that are losing their leaves.
    Fall flowers in a pumpkin/gourd vase: Choose your poison they're pretty.

    Okay, okay I'll stop really I will but hey if we're more like six months out from Frostfell we should start that thread too
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  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I thought we already have some fallen leave tiles and al sorts of fall colored trees and bushes .
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  9. Kattt Active Member

    Yes, there is a pile of leaves with animated ones coming up from it/floating around. I think she means a tree with leaves falling *down* from it. =) The more the merrier. More autumn specific trees would be great, like maples and oaks and such. =) With those great big leaves.
    There are a couple fall trees though, non specific autumn, and they are beautiful.
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  10. Kattt Active Member

    I LOVE the ideas for new tiles, and more pumpkin choices. I especially love the wreath. Having one wreath in autumn theme, and another in scary theme would be great. I can see a stick wreath with leaves, tiny pumpkins and pine cones, maybe some nuts or mini gourds too. Another with scary stuff like ghosts and/or skulls would be great.

    My 2 favs here are the sunflower wreath (great idea,) and the fall flowers in gourd. I would love to see a selection of gourds for us to use in ways we choose as well. In fact basket/wreath/deco building items like small gourds, pumpkins, corn, maize ( sort of indian corn,) and corn stalks, pine cones, blank twig wreaths, etc. would be awesome!
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  11. Kattt Active Member

    Trying to keep this thread alive, and really hoping others chime in with their ideas. =)
    The more ideas and such we give for this upcoming event, the more they have to choose from if they would like our input, I figure. Can't hurt right? Even if they use next year, etc.

    In that spirit, I went an extra bunch of steps, and recolored some of their own items/models, for ideas on things that would make many of us happy for upcoming NOTD and perhaps even Frostfell.

    I would really love to see more blankets, linens, and upholstered furniture like sofas. I *loved* the frostfell plaid couches and pillows. More please?!? ;)
    So I thought, why not the same models, but in choices of colors for us, right?

    So here is the first one I recolored (its not perfect job, but I have a limited snapshot of it, and limited tools to work with, not their 3d modeling)....its the frostfell sofa, but recolored for Autumn!

    I could even see various other hues for autumn....browns, tans, oranges, yellows, even mixed with reds and golds...all warm hues for the fall season! =) This is just a sampling/design idea.

    Next up, a color combo that could work for autumn AND for winter/frostfell...a sort of buffalo check looking pattern for the same sofa:


    Of course their renditions would be neater and tighter..but you get the idea, right? This color combo could work in so many situations, not just holiday or season themes! Buffalo check is always warm, cozy, and in! Now my recoloring is not exact buffalo check, as those would be more square shapes, but this has a similar look, and they could always adjust the pattern to be more buffalo check precise. =)

    The last two I am adding, is a blending of the two above patterns, but with the model of their Matoppie blanket, to give us 2 possible blanket ideas:

    This is such a festive autumn feeling blanket:


    And of course the "buffalo-check-like" pattern blanket:


    Aren't these so warm and cozy looking? We only have one real blanket in our recipe books, please do give us more? I would even be thrilled with the same models, but just different colors and patterns. Couldn't you see these on placemats, rugs, and linen napkins too? Or curtains? Whatcha think Kaitheel...think you can nudge the designers for some or any of these?

    Just some more ideas I am throwing out there and hoping anyone is listening, and it is helping. =)

    Please do chime in others! Would love to see what ideas you have as well! Maybe we can get lucky and an idea or two can make it to test in what, Sep, Oct? That would be awesome!
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  12. Kattt Active Member

    Well, this does not seem to be garnering much interest. =( Hard to keep enthusiasm for it (took me over an hour to recolor images) when you're talking to yourself. I don't know, perhaps move the thread to homeshow and maybe I will add more later? Just thought the ideas might help with enough time before stuff hits test, as others had done here before. Anyway, just trying to get involved/be helpful until I can get more caught up and come help over on test. Maybe just not much interest, don't know. Ah well.
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  13. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I love this Kattt I am no fan of overly brightly colored furniture , so I like yours
    Maybe get a version with cool blue colors for winter .
    And I would so go for not only a forded up blanket , but also one flat on the bed .
    There are beds that only have a mattress so I sometimes use pillows for German still blankets , feather beds that you put a covers on to like a giant pillow case , so rectangular pillows would be nice .
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  14. Niami DenMother Well-Known Member

    I'm sorry if you're disheartened by the quiet response over here. This specific forum is very low-traffic and tends to be pretty quiet other than the event testing threads.

    I would recommend that these go in the homeshow wishlist threads, where they will get more attention and feedback, but even those may be quiet as we ease our way into the summer heat.

    I'm also sorry to say that I'm 99% sure that these aren't likely to be acted on this year, as with both a GU and an expansion still in the works, I suspect that most of the art for rest of the year is pretty much locked down other than small quick fixes and such. This isn't to say not to suggest things, as you never know when an idea will strike a chord, or stray art can be shaken loose, just please don't be disappointed if things don't see the light of day this year.

    Feedback is good. Feedback is wonderful. And you never know when someone may be quietly looking and filing ideas away without commenting on the thread. :)
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