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  1. tasnee Well-Known Member

    WHY is Mistmoore back as a villain? I thought we killed him during EoF expansion? Or am I misremembering things? I have his coffin in my guild hall…so, is he just unkillable?
  2. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    Mayong proved he wasn't killed in EoF when he shows up as a major character of the Kunark signature questline in the immediate following expansion.... and when you embarrass him during the Age's End prophecy right before the battle with Kerafyrm.

    You have his coffin as proof that he allowed you to think he was dead.

    Mayong is, and always has been, EverQuest's defacto vampire antagonist. He was the villain of the original Dungeons and Dragons campaign that gave birth to the idea of Norrath.
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  3. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Ah, I didn't raid in Kunark, I refused unless a friend needed help with their mythical weapon. I wasn't about to go into Veeshan's Peak, especially after Leviathan. HATE that fight.
  4. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    I chronomentor down to level 80 and farm Veeshan's Peak for appearance gear on the regular. Leviathan is the only gimmick boss fight in the expansion. Everything else you can just one-shot.
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  5. tasnee Well-Known Member

    So Kerafyrm was a one time thing right? There’s not a zone or anything for him anymore? He was the sleeper or something?
  6. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    You can go back to Skyshrine and relive the events of Kerafyrm's downfall. It's an instanced zone that opens up once you complete the story event.
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  7. tasnee Well-Known Member

    Cool beans thanks!