This is perhaps an all time LOW for DB

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Katzandra, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Febrith Well-Known Member

    Absolutely this, couldn't have put it better myself Tkia:)
  2. Keedahm Member

    Mastercrafted orange and green adornment recipes for our mastercrafted gears would be nice...
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  3. Kander Developer

    We're still watching this thread and the feedback. We made some changes this week, that were in the patch notes.

    • Restitch in Time daily and weekly missions no longer grant any infusers, and have a higher chance at rewarding a progress potion.
    • Restitch in time daily missions now grants Far Seas Trading Company Tokens and Ancient Rubicite Relics.
    • Restitch in Time weekly mission now grants Far Seas Trading Company Tokens.
    • Doctor's Orders: Shard of Hate now grants rare harvests and a chance to receive Celestial Teachings for those that have completed A Stitch in Time, Part V: Sealed With Hate.
    • A Restitch in Time: Eye Spy - The 3 components for the Arcane Ocularum obtained via The Fiend Fount no longer need to be crafted. Instead, gathering resources and exchanging those resources for the components through The Fiend Fount is all that is required.
    • A Restitch in Time: Bridge Run - The timer for this mission has been removed.
  4. Cheallaigh Well-Known Member

    i'm with the rest, restore the pony and guild harvesters... other than to check things out for FG, i no longer play live anymore. when i adv, which i used to do, that's what i did with harvesting on the side. i don't tradeskill to adv.
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  5. Jhen Ro Active Member

    tl;dr of massive write up I just deleted specifically about the new SoH rewards:

    Adding incentives to things people do not enjoy just forces them to do something they do not enjoy over and over and over, and doesn't lead to positive places. IE: Proving Grounds.

    For me, an hour-long PQ is not worth it. Rares are fast enough, no incentive there personally. CTs......

    I wish the chance for the CTs had been put on the weeklies - ALL weeklies, Tradeskill and Adventuring, Solo Zones, Solo Nameds, Duo, Heroic 1, heroic 2, Event Heroic. All of them have a chance for them - WITHOUT needing the mount quest completed. Put it on a sliding scale - where tradeskill weekly has a higher chance than heroics; with mount has higher chance than without; solo super low but still a CHANCE though.

    And add no trade versions of them on a special merchant next to Sunspear in Valor that you can buy outright for like 5,000 Tears of Ro each. You can use them to commission for yourself with, and result is heirloom.

    That would have kept them from getting too prevalent in the entire game, while still giving players a long term goal to work towards. That would have kept players in the zones more than fighting over drops - because everyone would take the TIME to work towards something......and no incentive to short run groups for less competition for the tradeskill item drops.

    Weekly tradeskill quest, I am waiting on. Getting back to back Advanced books worth 10p each = too hard a burn to jump back in. I spent more on the FUEL to do them than what I got as the reward for the WEEKLY. Not okay. That's not even a whammy, it's just insulting. Considering it wasn't mentioned those books were removed, waiting to get player feedback on what they get and what happens.

    But I am glad that it is being worked on. I am glad there is now a second way to get the Celestial Teachings in game, even if I do not agree at all with how it was done.

    I am still optimistic.
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  6. Im_Just_A_Lowly_Alt Active Member

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  7. Zorash Member

    Perhaps have some of those Mysterious Tokens that were introduced with the Cobalt Scar crafting timeline also be a reward for the weekly tradeskill quest. If you have progressed to this point, your Research Assistants (if they still have research to do) won't drop them and if you have done the Cobalt Scar timeline upto where Grant has been promoted to Quartermaster, the repeatable quest for the coins can no longer be offered to you (Grant has moved from his Supplymaster location to getting ready to get on a horse).
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  8. Rhodris Well-Known Member

    ^^^ This...
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  9. Kheldar Active Member

    While I appreciate the recent communications, and fixes to the TS line, it is by far too little, too late.
    I have absolutely zero desire to do this TS line, and less than zero desire to do the daily/weeklies for it.
    A lot of that stems from just plain resentment for CoV. I have been there, seen it, got the tee-shirt, but that isn't where I want to spend the next 7 months hoping for a more interesting, and more content filled expansion. My magic 8 ball says that is "Unlikely" though.

    I can barely even bring myself to bother going to PoM at all. I did the grind there, and I'm quite sick of it.

    All of my toons are TS'ers, but I won't be running the PoP quest on any of them, unless I am so insanely bored that there is literally nothing else to do in my life.
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  10. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Make it so we can trade/sell all recipe rewards on the broker. I got a tinkerer recipe on one of my crafters, and I only have the need to have 1 tinkerer in my crafter army. This recipe reward is pretty much useless, because I'm not about to level up 7 more crafters to 550 tinkering, just to use these recipes.

    Torden zone still has 2 combines, so please drop that down to 1 combine. The zone is painful enough the way it is with all the running around, dragging it out with yet another combine just makes me want to skip this daily quest.
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  11. Ruckus Well-Known Member

    Also, Innovation daily has 3 combines. Either shorten the timer on all 3 or merge them into 1 combine like you did for Hate daily.
  12. Azrael's Tear Member

    I would love to see some tradeskill stats added to the Tome of the Planes. Maybe even add an effect that checks to see if you completed "A Restitch in Time" achievement then adds 500 or 1000 progress while in PoP TS Instances (similar to how Font of Power works to add stats in the solo instances).

    My 2c.
  13. Alenna Well-Known Member

    ^This x100 it was a horrible decision that needs to be changed.
  14. Kahling New Member

    Personally if the combines could be made shorter that would be good. Some you have to make one item which isn't so bad but it's tedious when it's two or three.
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  15. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    Please make all recipes received as rewards Heirloom.
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  16. Silkmyst Active Member


    Thank you for the changes so far. :)

    I like the TS daily zone changes, and SOH PQ rewards. Folks on my server are learning the PQ and it's fun.
    Also appreciate the changes in the rewards. I agree with the idea of rotating in mysterious blue coins, although
    someone said that quest will be fixed soon to be repeatable?

    Don't forget the red shinies. :)

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  17. Argosunited Well-Known Member

    Yes there's a fix going in for the repeatable, for the blue coins.

    I don't understand why players want the old currency, when there is so many recipes crafters don't have access to, at max level. Wouldn't you rather have rewards/recipes that are current?

    To me it would be equivalent to giving my adventure toons some Seal of Arad, with the Adventure weekly. Totally pointless, but if I really still wanted them for whatever reason, I'd run old content.

    It would be nice to see some red shinies. I'm sure they haven't forgotten. :rolleyes:
  18. Zorash Member

    You need the old currency because of the system EQ2 uses. New expansion, new currency. The only way to buy the house items from the Cobalt Scar timeline is to have the Mysterious Blue Coins. Thanks to Kaitheel's fix going in today there is now a way for the decorating community to get those coins. I expect Cobalt Scar is going to have a nice sized population as people go in and get the repeatable to build up their currency over the next week.
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  19. Kaarkula Active Member

    well... annoying? yes all time low? not even close
  20. Im_Just_A_Lowly_Alt Active Member

    Anyone still watching this thread? There's been a couple patches come and gone. The best potential changes are listed here in this thread but still not in game.
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