This is perhaps an all time LOW for DB

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Katzandra, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. Jhen Ro Active Member

    Adding my voice to the dislike of the timer crowd.

    Had 8/9 and ran out of time. Guildie did it, she estimated, 11 times I think it was. Good on her for sticking it out.

    I instead took the same time, chatted with friends over discord while I actively threw money at another game.
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  2. AOE1 Well-Known Member

    I am not going to do a crafting daily with a timer. Like others, I do this for fun, not stress. Get the crafting department back into the hands of a crafter and not some raid oriented raider.
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  3. Merriel Well-Known Member

    I will voice my intense dislike of timed quests as well. I intentionally avoid key quests for that very reason.
  4. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    I refuse to do key quests. If I pick up a quest and see that there is a timer on it, it immediately gets deleted from my quest journal. Hate timed quests with a passion.
  5. Kheldar Active Member

    I'm glad I decided not to bother with the Tradeskill Second Adventure Timeline at all. Had I known at the release of PoP the content that was to come with it, I wouldn't have purchased the expansion at all. I really do feel cheated all around by this mini-expansion to EverRaid 2.0.
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  6. Castegyre Well-Known Member

    I'm still waiting to see if my SO will break down and buy the expansion now that there is some pretense of crafting... stuff... available.. I expect the cursing to be lengthy, intense, and diverse if she does.

    Personally, I only hate timed content when it's poorly made, much like any other content. I'm generally more inclined to stab things than craft things, though.
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  7. SynnikuL Active Member

    Of ALL the things with DBG over the past few years, this is perhaps the all time low??
  8. Im_Just_A_Lowly_Alt Active Member

    This is pretty much how I felt too. On the plus side - I do save $30.00/month now.
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  9. suka Well-Known Member

    how do you navigate shard of hate with all of the mobs? i have died countless times and can't seem to make it past the beginning of the zone.
  10. Chrol Developer

    Will be removing the timer from the Bridge Run mission.
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  11. Kander Developer


    Please post constructive feedback here about what you would like to see changed on the TS line in order to make it feel more appropriate for tradeskillers, we will definitely review it. I will be watching this thread over the next week to collect the constructively posted feedback.

    As of now, we will remove the timer from the mission.

    Thank you!
  12. Twisty Well-Known Member

    picking up 1 flaming poop in Solro takes a bit more than half your health. no Font buff in zone, so health regen is non-existent. for classes that do not have a way to direct heal themselves this translates into lot of waiting.

    suggestion: make picking up poop punt you back a good distance, adding a small challenge of making sure you dont get punted into a roaming imp
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  13. Arieva Well-Known Member

    Thanks to the devs for being willing to listen to suggestions. Mine are as follows. Retroactively introduce some item reward for the questline with some crafting stats and the effect when equipped increases the progress of combines by 200 or more. The daily crafting quests would still be slower than old combines but not *as* slow if you have this item equipped. Or just add this stat to one of the current rewards..the familiar or pony perhaps

    Next..introduce a currency system to the daily crafting and a merchant where with large amounts of currency you can purchase recipe books that are currently rare rewards. I know some hardcore crafters who are determined to have all these books and are frustrated and completely burning themselves out trying to obtain them by chain running the dailies on multiple crafters with no end in sight. This is an unpopular theme this expac not only in the crafting line but in the adventuring side in the form of obtaining orange runes. Its fine to make items take a long time in game to acquire but making them entirely RNG based is frustrating as heck if lady luck doesnt smile on you.
  14. Silkmyst Active Member


    I both adventure and craft. Was initially quite surprised at the difficulty level of the new TS line, but found
    if you hang in there it gets easier. Overall I like the challenge. I'd say zone difficulty (mob dodging, etc.)
    was fine, but that should not then require lengthy crafting of items, or vice versa.

    The reward ability to get gems is awesome! Rotating the gems, really nice too. It's hard for me
    to work up courage to PUG, but I do work hard at the game, so this was a nice surprise to have
    a shot like those who can do heroics, for those willing to put in the work and time.

    Looking at old traditions, things we have liked, adding TS currency (like the mysterious blue coins) to buy
    furniture, recipes, etc, might cheer some people up. Maybe massive amts of this currency could give
    a shot at the rare heroic crafting items? Some crafters otherwise will never get a shot at those, which
    is sad.

    Suggestion for next expansion, update research assistant.

    I appreciate Devs listening, and the hard work they put into the game.
  15. Caith Developer

    Have you thought about picking up some regen or heal potions from your local alchemist?
  16. Zorash Member

    My monk just feigns death every so often.
  17. Jhen Ro Active Member

    Thank you for the change. It's appreciated.

    My personal feedback:
    • All instances - Individual combines feel like they take too long. I know there has been plenty of argument and discussion about the actual length of time they take, but I personally feel this falls into the camp of perception. Crafting that long of a combine is more draining - because you know if you mess it up you are doing it all over again! Plus, it's a matter of it FEELING like it takes too long. The people I have talked with about it have all said the same thing - too long. Don't want instant-done, maybe meet in the middle with half the time. Or even 3/4ths. It FEELS like you are 2 minutes until time to go home and you are waiting on the closing bell - eternity! :)
    • Innovation - Suggestion of changing the EMDs to unlimited uses. Not everyone has the response time (or patience, granted) to do this in the given 10 (well, 5). Instead of having to stop and go gather more (happened to me 2 times so far if memory serves) just have it be unlimited charges. The people that can do it in one set have no change, and this benefits only those who are already struggling with it to begin with. My first time through, I think I died 25 times - because I was wearing my CRAFTING gear to try to speed up the crafting combine. Specifically, mostly the Far Seas set from Mara with some other pieces mixed in. Agro = instant death with no chance to run because of the my health pool of 500k or less (110 adventurer in crafting gear). My the 8th death and having to throw a mender bot, I was angry and frustrated and made even more mistakes from then on. By the end, well, wasn't pretty. Unlimited uses wouldn't have saved me from 25 deaths, but it WOULD have saved about 15 of them, I would guess.
    • Innovation - Zone as a whole feels like too much mario dodging. Good example is both epics in the top right of first half of zone on the way to the benches. Would be just as effective of a zone with half as many mobs around. In the plant itself, the bots in the alcoves of the hallways are easy to miss, but with fewer still of them, people may relax a little more and get careless. Dying because I was careless doesn't frustrate me nearly as much as dying because of not understanding what to do or not being of sufficient skill.
    • Disease - Why do some of the cubes update the counter and some not?
    • Thunder - This zone was easy, granted, but way too much running. I know that is intentional, and there are a couple ways to shave some time off - but what about again meeting in the middle? Maybe add a teleporter back to the middle from the base of each ramp? You have to run there, but you can warp back. Disable it for the Ice tower for extra frustration on the slippery floor + the ice run so still have THAT timer, even with some flavor text of "This teleporter seems to have frozen up!"
    • Flame - Imp stool harvest time extra long. Sometimes it damages you, some toons it does not. Is it damage based off of mining skill or something? If there is something the players can do to mitigate this, then no issues, just need to figure this out. Otherwise - why do some people get hit to near death and others not affected at all? Can confirm the self ward from the dragon tree does NOT affect it at least.
    • Flame - the phoenix ash harvest from the large pile = perfect!!
    • Flame - 4 bursts of flame you stand in the jets for also affect different characters differently. Weird.
    Now for the rewards.
    • Not everyone has the pack pony on every character. Yes they can go get it and it is retroactive, but not everyone has done the entire timeline to get it - or have a desire to on every toon (see Overall section). If you are not adding the function to the pony to get the harvests, why not just make it a SECOND pack animal - "Magical Mare" - that ONLY does the new function. Have it persist through death and be hidable. Pony itself the same. Same color scheme, stick on a saddle if not too hard, bam done. Now it's a reward that everyone is GUARANTEED to be able to use.
    • Tome of the Planes. Big issue here is in Overall section below. The item itself without any semblance of how to get it = GREAT. It's just the how... Suggest moving this item as a flat out reward on completing the Destiny in the Planes of Power Achievement + Greater Ascended Achievement + Signature Line.
    • Add a Reward to Stitch I - Recipe for the furnaces used in that timeline, give a secondary EXTRA bonus to carpenters to make the anvil too.
    • Add a Reward to Stitch II - Recipe for Lead Lined Cleets - negates wind blow and slippery ice effects on player. Heirloom. One craft makes 5 single charge items for 5 minute durations, stack to 200 charges. Useful to crafters who do the Torden daily AND to adventurers (again, see Overall section)
    • Change the Reward to Stitch III - See Mare suggestion top of this section.
    • Change the Reward to Stitch IV - Unless I am missing something, isn't this a repeat of the Panda runes from the summer event that is not ever being disabled? So use rares/manas OR free? Trying to remember without looking. If it is a repeat, remove it and throw in some extra coin. Or even some Infusion of the Planes. If a crafter doesn't use them, they can still CRAFT with them, or sell them to players.
    • Change to Post TS Questline - Have the Distillations, Trasnmutations books light up on Guild merchants once the quest line has completed. Lore, Heirloom. Not everyone's adorner is a leveled crafter. As someone who has earned the mount by running zone after zone after zone, and making orange adorns for tons of people - I hear the same thing over and over and over - waiting on more infusions. It's not that people are being gated in progression here (Ascension Scroll Trigger!), but they have all these powders leftover they have no use for, it's just frustrating. Such an abundance, not even feasible to sell those to make the money in game to buy infusions, either. Don't want the books freely traded? Lock it behind the TS timeline, heirloom. There will be a small boom of once those go on broker but it will settle fast enough.
    • New End Reward instead of Tome: Planar Crafting Instruments. Look up the items from Sentinel's Fate - they had a graphic attached to them (flask, quill, etc). Add a purple haze effect, and put a class buff in line with current progression, coupled with the effect from the Grandmaster Cloak from KA timeline's clicky effect, but when worn. You could even give THAT as the reward halfway through the questline, and on completion add the extra graphic effect and toss on the Artisan Evac (on the same timer) effect. QUEST 4 REWARD: "Planar Quill of Quintessence" --> QUEST 5 REWARD: "Proper Planar Quill of Quintessence" Players could even use the non particle version in their appearance for lower end computers.
    • Crafter =/= Harvester.
    • Adventurer =/= Crafter.
    • Adventurer =/= Harvester.
    • I think it is a GOOD change to reward players for participating in multiple playstyles. If a character is an Adventurer AND a Harvester AND a Crafter, sure, give them something that benefits all three! That's an awesome idea! But giving a "Crafter" an adventuring reward is like getting a gift card to Red Lobster for your birthday when you are allergic to fish.
    • If a player is a circle in thirds, reward them for filling the whole circle - don't force their hand and try to MAKE them do it. This timeline felt like that. We get adventure oriented rewards even though that character may or may not be an adventurer at all. I felt the ire of that less than a lot of people, as the ones I have done the line on have been BOTH, so less of an issue, but still.
    • Orange Adorns - Give us our ONE we can make back, in orange. Weekly TS quest gives a blank orange rune. The set that is shared - make THAT set dungeon findable only. The rest of the Ascension of / Firmament of / Foundations of's can be both.
    • Crafting Public Quest = Too Long. Way, way too long, even when you do it perfectly. Consider tightening this entire PQ up considerable. Remove the Manifestation of Hate, remove Wave 3. Change Scornbone to straight burn, remove imps, leave in the bombs so the pure crafters can still help. As it is now, it's a LOT to ask of players to commit to 80 minutes for a PQ that may or may not succeed. And for most players (at least on Skyfire) - it's too much to ask.
    Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read this mess.
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  18. Jhen Ro Active Member

    Sorry for weird underlining midways through there, tried to underline key sentences throughout for tl'dr's but it stripped most out for some reason. Doh! :)
  19. Kawoosh Well-Known Member

    Thumbs up.

    Check out Jhen Ro's post for great detailed observations and suggestions.
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  20. Morrdrydd New Member

    Put in New green adorns. A planar mana and infusion break down book