This expansion and its difficulty is not fun anymore

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  1. Zhevally Well-Known Member

    H1's aren't hard, but you do need dps to do em. 1 super good dps or 2 half decent dps and h1 zones will be under an hour a piece. (In a group where my templar was topping the dps parse it took 90 minutes to do an h1, which was painful - but a t1 dps if they lvl a mount, merc, familar, throw on box adorns and mc gear can easily do way more dps than my templar does). They will be slower if your dps do not have all the best gear yet, which is fine, but still can be done in a reasonable amount of time as long as you meet the basic entry lvl requirements.
    The hardest part for newer players is gettting the research potions to lvl mount, merc, familar, and finding a mount.
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  2. Obano Well-Known Member

    If you are not bringing bards and enchanters then you are doing it wrong. I wish people who complain about content being too hard would make compelling arguments as to why. The real problem is non-ideal set ups. We still have people in my guild who have not completed the H3 achievement because it near impossible to build a group around them. For example what does a defiler bring to a group that is useful outside of healing. They have no real buffs to speak of. Warden and Inquisitor don't really do much either. Groups have to be jam packed with perfect utility to be viable in H3 or the dps won't be able to do anything. The difference between a properly buffed dps class and one without buffs is extreme.
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  3. Obano Well-Known Member

    Slither Rattlebones is 30+ minute fight because the adds are AoE immune and it takes forever to kill them. Please remove that AoE immunity so they die in a reasonable amount of time.
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  4. Gninja Developer

    I don't really want to make them able to be killed without effort. I can reduce their health so its easier to keep up with them perhaps.
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  5. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    I don’t think the people here are saying the zones are hard Per se they are highlighting that the length of time for an average geared non specific group set up or casual is taking way to long to do the zones making the enjoyment side limited.
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  6. Priority Well-Known Member

    Of course the ease depends on the group you have. When you have 6 players that know their classes as well as top end raiders do, yea; things are MUCH easier. It doesn't change that zones are easy.

    It's funny you mention the group setups, because mine for h1s/2s was temp/mystic/troub/illy/swash. Hardly optimal. I've pugged the zone with T1s doing 250B, they went fine. Blaming group setup for H1 is very much the equivalent of not being well versed enough in your class to make it through simple content.
  7. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    Many of the casual players don’t have the cb or stats to dps even in H1s how ever they are trying their best but it takes ages and become tedious they then end up stopping grouping or altogether playing . I have carried many pick up groups this expac, being the only one to burn things down simply because my stats meet the requirements get tedious and that can go across to raiding.
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  8. Altho Active Member

    Would be nice to go back to H1 and H2 weeklies being able to be done in a timely manner for casual grouping, atleast some of us who can't spend 10 hours a day playing this game would have time for some alts. A lot of your player base is older now, we have families, jobs, etc. etc. EQ2 was always a game you could log on for a couple hours and get a lot done, it felt enjoyable, productive. This expansion is a lot of grind for very little return and no time to play alts, not even a point to spending real cash on alts you have no time to play, its frustrating. Yes let the elite players chime in and tell me I suck, but my group can't even get past H1 right now, we are not an ideal set up., not in the least but we made it work for the past 4+ years now, until this expansion. Stuck doing H1 over and over at a slow pace, adds are terrible.
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  9. Aggy Member

    I second this. I do not even try to log in to do stuff unless it's my day off and I have more than 3 hours to dedicate to the game. After trying to find a PUG and running the weeklies... I do not expect to run through 5 zones in 30minutes, but there are times it takes our group 30mins in just 1 zone.
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  10. Igochan Active Member

    I'm sorry Priority but I disagree.
    Many people confuse "know your class" with something else. Raiders have all the buffs, den challenge coins, celestial mercenary, celestial familiar, celestial mount, Monolithic at max level and all possible runes equipped. Your "not optimal group" could be not optimal in class combination but it sure wasn't optimal in equipment or buffs. The casuals have not run den challenge 50 times, kurn 100 times nor have they completed all the raids to have the buff to the maximum.
    I think it is a mistake to orient the problem to "people don't know how to run their class".
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  11. Igochan Active Member

    What about resolve? I've spent two months killing monkeys and scarecrows. This is no fun, Gninja.
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  12. Smashey Well-Known Member

    I miss when I could jump on, get a PUG going in 20ish minutes do all the heroic and then waste the rest of my afternoon running around in contested zone.

    The days of actually playing EQ2 is long gone. Now its hope guildies wanna run H3's or else just raid logging and doing overseers for 5 minutes everyday on non raid nights. And we pay 400 bucks a year for this.
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  13. CSP84 Active Member

    So are you saying you want the items /stuff so called "High End Player" paid /worked for on a silver plate ? Casuals seem to forget that you have to work in order to get those.

    Secondary there is this theory if all player would have access to all items at the same they would be equally good with their classes. I can tell you i have grouped with fully geared DDs not doing their "supposed" DPS.
  14. Feara Well-Known Member

    Dear Devs, a few things to consider.

    When you play this game do you find it fun and do you like the challenge?
    If you answer yes to both these questions then you have hit the mark for you and some players.

    But you have another equally large player base. The Casuals.

    With every new expansion more grind is added and required and this grind has become to steep.

    When you read the feedback threads please give extra consideration to the one-time posters that are giving you legitimate feedback. Your one-time posters are usually long time players who in last desperation give you their feedback because they are about to leave for good but they really don't want to. They are mostly casual working players who want to get their game on. They do not want everything handed to them, they like accomplishments but there has to be a balance for working class players.

    At this time and with the direction you have taken this game and if you answered yes to the first two questions then I believe you really have only one option to keep all players satisfied. You will need to keep going down the direction you started with different servers. If you offer Servers based on grind level with no character transfers off this should allow you to tweek for the specific player base.

    I really don't know what the answer is but I sure hope you find one because it is heart breaking to see players leaving because they can't keep up with the grind.

    Since I have stopped doing the Overseer everyday, realized that I'm not going to play end game content (I still buy it to support it) and cut off my Alts, I've been more happy.

    The grind is real.
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  15. Priority Well-Known Member

    Im sorry, but your original statement was that the zones are "too hard". They arent. Fight duration does not dictate difficulty. Is it monotonous? Yes. Annoying? Yes. Difficult? No.

    Whether you have stats or not, the fights in H1s arent "hard". They may take you awhile to kill, vut thats how it goes.

    And yes, I have a very good feeling that most casuals don't know their class anywhere near as well as a serious raider. It's part of familiarity. You spend more time with something and tou become more comfortable with it. Have you ever heard the saying it takes at least 10000 hours to become an expert?

    Now, could heroics have their HP lowered? Sure. I'm for that. I dont like H1 fights taking linger than about 30s once you're well established in raids. It's not enjoyable to sit there pounding on some dummy monster that offers no challenge other than an absurd amount of health.
  16. Igochan Active Member

    Where did I say that? I said that many top raiders do not realize the difficulty of the zones because they are much better equipped from the previous expansion than the casuals. The rest is your imagination.
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  17. CSP84 Active Member

    Everything the so called "High End raiders" have is available to everyone else may it be through Hard work and/ or the Wallet.

    The idea that if all players would have the same gear /items would amount into everybody being equally good in their classes and therefore zones would be easier is not happening. I grouped with equally well geared DDs and their DPS Numbers didn't match what one would expect.
  18. Dead Alt Account Well-Known Member

    You don't have the flawless buffs from "hard work and/or the wallet." You have them simply because you played the last expansion. Casuals or returning players aren't current expansion heroic group-worthy unless they have the flawless buffs from the prior expansion, and it's very difficult to get groups for prior expansion heroics and raids. This is what has been ruining heroic grouping since DBG took over from SOE and you can see it in the collapse in the number of raid guilds on the raid progression website. The game has gone from chasing blue fervor runes in old content to chasing flawless buffs in old content. Add this to the horrible combat mechanics and It's just not worth the grind anymore.
  19. Ashandra Well-Known Member

    New expac l would like to see all the buffs not just some …. in the gear crate all the players are on an equal footing for starting group requirements and then let people earn new buffs, runes ,achievements again for current expac . It’s about opening the game up and maximising participation which is good for the game .Currently any returning player or some one that was unable to do things last expac not this one is disadvantaged from the get go.You want people subscribing and playing that is how you get a bigger budget and better content not looking down on them , you want them to play and participate or the game gets smaller with content more gated then sunset or endless TLE versions.
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  20. RubyHOF Member

    What might help, is removing the secrecy on what all is reduced and by how much for combat mit. (ie, pot/cb/ferv/etc)

    Some groups and some DPS is is possibly poorly optimized because they are not breaking these thresholds for whatever these numbers are set at. Maybe it's all balanced right... but we can't tell using tooltips or any ingame information with this information being hidden.
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