Thinking of rolling an Ogre Necro - Question About Int

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Ed B, Jun 28, 2022.

  1. Ed B New Member

    I know the Ogre is a bad choice for any mage on paper based on low starting intelligence. I expect lower damage and lower mana for the first 10 or so levels. My question is does intelligence increase with each level as much as it would for a Dark Elf or Euridite? I am hoping that the difference in intelligence at level 40 with equal equipment is only the starting 15 int gap. If that is true then racial difference is truly irrelevant as I level up past 20 or 30. But If intelligence increases at each level are a percentage of the current int number then the starting stat matters a lot more
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  2. Banana Tree Member

    Go for it! A few points of int won't matter at all, and you will enjoy your odd combo every day!
    At level 125 it is maybe 60 points out of 15,000 - 20,000
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  3. Svenone Well-Known Member

    The starting intelligence stat boost some of the races give really doesn't make a meaningful difference. Play what you want. The low levels where it might conceivably make some difference will go by so fast that you won't notice. Starter gear that you find while playing will make more of a difference!
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  4. Cusashorn Well-Known Member

    There aren't any races in the game that objectively make them better at the class you choose. Ogre mages just start off with a couple less points of mana than Erudites, but that point difference means literally nothing by the time you reach level 10.

    Nobody has any racial abilities that make them better than those who don't have it. Some races have natural tracking, but tracking alone doesn't give a combat advantage. Some races have featherfall (when not using a mount), but everyone can put in the time for a Cloak of the Harvester later on anyway. Some races can breathe underwater, but underwater combat is exceptionally rare in this game. Everyone else that gives some stat boost like +2 to critical hit or whatever is meaningless in the higher levels.
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  5. Jesaine Well-Known Member

    I personally like the occasional odd combo character like that. :)

    As the others said, beyond the racial AA bonuses it really doesn't matter much. Those become trivial the higher you get also. By 120, nothing matters but gearing.

    EDIT: If I can add one precaution here... If you're the type that likes to have any hint of a character concept or background, have more than the odd combo; why the Ogre became a mage so to speak. Otherwise you MAY tire of the concept quickly
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  6. Riverbear Active Member

    The above contributors spake true.
    EQII is a game where science and physics and logic find no purchase with regard to races.
    Any Fae or Arasai tank hits just as hard as any Ogre or Troll tank.
    Yeah makes perfect sense, uh huh, pass me another plate of that.
    Our toons are nothing more than equipment racks beyond level 30, so play what you like roleplaying, or just what you don't mind looking at.
    Be well.
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