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    So, I've been trying to get back into EQ1, for the last couple months, I just cant take it anymore. The grind is so horrid, and the style you have to play to actually level up just isn't the game I remember. I'm thinking about giving live servers on EQ2 another shot. I've done some TLP, but typically I'm bored and lonely and give up before level 20. I'm interested in the Agnostic Dungeons. Seems like a cool way to get leveled up and experience some fun dungeons and rewards. Is this something that is easy for a new character to access? Can you easily find others to do these with? What do you do after level 90-95? Then there is the issue of picking a class. How is the Pally? What is going to be the most populated server on live?

    appreciate any feedback or guidance.
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    I came back not so recently as well and left Live for TLE. Live seems to center a lot on paying to level up your merc buff and mount. You can wait for it to level but by time you max it out I can’t imagine how much time is left before they’re outdated and you do it again. Stats have become comical. If the devs had the time and money I’m sure things would be better but this game is old. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

    Agnostics with a merc are an easy way to level. Mercy will allow you to fail upwards until about 90 and then their usefulness as anything but healing falls off. You might want to play awhile without a merc just so you can get a better feel for your class. As far as the class to choose I would pick one you feel a connection with and can see yourself investing in. Unless you’re a hardcore raider hellbent on min/maxing you’re going to be okay with anything. Majdul is probably the most populated server.
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    Welcome back you two, one returning player thread after the other. Makes me glad seeing ya'll come back! :)

    I came back a few years ago too and I also play on live. Personally I enjoy the rolling release model that the live servers represent, always thirsty for new and ongoing content. Live is doing ok, but you really need to get in touch with the community if grouping, dungeons and more are things that you are looking forward to. Ideally you'll find a nice guild to help you out, which is what I did, but I also haven't had a single issue asking for help from random folks via chat. Every - single - time I ask via public chat several ppl respond within seconds and offer me their help. Very much appreciated! Patience is key here though, depending on your timezone, it might go fast or take some time to gather some folks for group play. Agnostic dungeons are a great way to get up to speed, and I use them when time is short to record a few videos for my YT channel, but I wouldn't use or rely on them when starting anew tbh. Building a group manually and walking up to a dungeon is a much more fun and immersive experience imo, but it's your choice after all. Agnostics are super easy to access via portals in major cities like Qeynos, but you also have the "dungeon browser" that admittedly doesn't get used much. You can solo these dungeons just fine btw, and some of the places listed are absolutely stunning when it comes to the visuals, music and lore.

    One beautiful example:

    The Conservatory

    Agnostics are great to get a sneak peak of what awaits you later on, and to lvl quickly ofc, but it feels much more rewarding to walk up to these places, zones and dungeons and enter them by foot. For example, the tower where you would walk into the Conservatory is a real beauty to behold, and it also features other dungeons, such as the abandoned underwater labs and more. That said, I highly recommend to start from scratch, play a few days solo to get a feel for the vast amount of content this world has to offer, and take it slowly via a guild or group of players that you can rely on from that point. Don't skip anything content-wise, don't rush it (the journey itself is where the fun is), take your time to read all the lore and get into a bit of exploration, housing and maybe even crafting or fishing. Btw, there are lots of places that are a call back to EQ1, and they look and feel great with the graphics and more "modern" gameplay EQ2 has to offer.

    Enjoy the journey folks!
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