thinking about changing form all access to getting expansion for here

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  1. Geroblue Active Member

    I have currently all access running from my EQ account. As far as I know, if I shut that off, I cannot play EQ II. I could be mistaken.

    However, I have been thinking about buying the latest expansion for EQ II.

    I have read the expansion purchase page, and the $34.xx one is what I would get. Does that bring me up to complete expansions in EQ II, like it would in EQ ? I have free housing on one character.

    convince me. Thanks.
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  2. Geroblue Active Member

    No one wants to convince Gero to buy the expansion ?
  3. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    Purchasing the latest expansion gives you access to all previous expansion content. If you go free to play, you still have access to the lands and most content, you cannot talk in general chat, you cannot sell on the broker, you cannot receive mail except at a mailbox and some other things that I cannot remember offhand.

    Nobody can convince you, you are the only one that can decide if the game is worth your entertainment funds.
  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    And if you wait until November, the Collector's Edition ($89.95 currently) will go on half-off sale. If you're still a paying member, you'll get an additional 10% off from there, so if I remember my maths correctly from when I did it myself for KA:

    $89.95/2 = $44.98 (roughly; rounded up)
    $44.98 - 10% = $44.98 - $4.50 = $40.48 (again, roughly)

    So, for another $5 or so, basically, you could get even more cool stuff (and hopefully, the bugs would be worked out)! :)

    EDIT: Whoops, my bad; it's actually $89.99, but you get the idea. Ultimately, it would be $40.49. ;->

    Even if the 50% off includes the 10% off, it's still only another $10 to get the cool additional stuff. :)

    Plus, if memory serves, if you then went Free-to-Play afterwards, you'd still have the items, house, etc.; I doubt they'd take those away, since we would've heard about that by now if they did... :-/

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  5. Sogapa Active Member

    Gero, I'm puzzled about why you would drop the subscription. If you have not played EQ2 at all, I'd recommend just installing it along with the free content (should be all but the last two expansions I believe). Then there is a lot of content you can play without paying anything you are not already paying.

    If you played it in the past and are considering returning, then it makes sense to buy the expansion which will give you all current content. If you cannot afford to continue paying the subscription fee and buy the expansion, it might be best to get your character leveled and ready for the epic 2.0 questline, which you can do without the latest content, while keeping your subscription current.

    Once you are able to afford the expansion go ahead and do so, level to 110, then finish the epic questline (Solely recommending this because it is quick getting to 110 doing the POP signature questline, and the epic quest will be much easier to complete at 110).
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  6. Geroblue Active Member

    Well, more meant, tell me if I'm 'missing something' not mentioned on the expansion page.

    I had sort of dabbled in EQ2; however, I still feel lost at various times. I play sporadically, and so it takes me time, months or more, to know where/when I should go in what zones. My lowest character is a fighter/guardian 6th, and my highest is a 21st level Priest/Warden.

    I've played EQ for 14 years, but I haven't been everywhere there. I do know which zones to get from level 1 to about 55. I have about 2 characters in the low 60s. I don't just like to fight mobs, I also like to explore.

    I have to drop the sub because I am on social security, so I cannot have a sub every month. It doesn't seem like much, but its a meal, a tip, and some snacks.

    Here are some additional questions.

    Is Kelethin always dark ? Its driving me ekiekizaboing. If you could hear me play, you would hear 'Eeek !" and 'Run Away !' once or more per game session.

    I hit the tilde key for auto-attack, but it seems very slow, or occasional hits onto the mob. Is there something I can do to fix that ? Fighter, Shaman, doesn't make a difference.

    Thanks !
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  7. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    It's actually "cheaper," in a way, to do membership by the year. It's a fairly huge investment right off the bat, but it's far less per month in the long run. I used to do per month ($14.99/mo.), since when I first got in, I wasn't sure if I'd like it; then there were scary periods where I wasn't sure the game would survive; then it was just sort of a force of habit; then I went on hiatus for almost a year; then it finally dawned on me that I'd probably stay here in EQ2 long enough and should actually do something a bit more economical. For $119.88 once a year, it works out to $9.99/mo., which I probably should've done a while back and saved myself about $60/year. In two years, it would've "paid for itself." D'oh! :oops:

    If you're not sure about your joy or lack thereof with EQ2 (I much prefer it to EQ1, but that's just me), it might be better to not delve that deeply until you get more into it, which you can do even with F2P (Free-to-Play). As Cyrrena has pointed out, there are disadvantages, but it's not an impossible way to get to know the game. :)

    As far as the lighting in Kelethin goes, that can also depend on the graphics settings you've got (I noticed that myself), but if it's pretty bright everywhere else, then all I can think is that Kelethin is indeed kind of misty/moisty, being in a big set of trees in the forested lawn (with water features) of Greater Fay. The main thing that worries me in Kelethin is getting too close to an edge, if I don't have a good "parachute" ability cloak on me or a good Leaper or Flyer mount.

    I always get confused between Kelethin and Kaladim, the former capital city (I think?) of the dwarves, which has been taken over by the bad guys and been sealed off to the point where it's an instance now, and yeah, a good bright Personal Torch (or more than one; that's a possibility under Alt+O for Options [possibly under Advanced there, and I'm not sure where it would be under...maybe just Lighting, which would make sense]) is pretty crucial. :eek:

    I don't trust Auto-Attack; never have, since it always seemed to Auto at the worst possible moments. To heck with it, say I. :-/ Others might have better suggestions. ;)

    What server(s) are you on? :)

    EDIT: D'oh! Right...Maj'dul.

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  8. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    If it isn't overly bright in the other zones, I would move my gamma setting up just a little bit at a time until Kelethin is good for you and the other zones are not so bright they are washed out.
  9. Geroblue Active Member

    Qeynos during the day is lit rather well on my computer.

    $120 at once is impossible.

    I just logged out a few minute ago. With 3 to 5 other player characters in the same zone, my computer slowed way down. No effects, and one was on a mount. I might be able to get a graphics card next year. I solo mostly anyway. I may have to decrease my video settings to see what owrks better.

    Mounts in EQ can be lots of plat, but the expansions do have mounts. That would have to be the way I go for a mount. In EQ there are merc for hire NPCs I can go to all over. I haven't noticed any so far in EQ 2. I haven't really needed any for now.

    I'm probably forgetting something... but I guess that will do for now.
  10. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    There are quests to get you a mount (in your teens) in a few zones and you can get a FUN leaping mount at 30 by questing for it in Butcherblock mts. Just so you know.
  11. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Also a flying mount in Heroes' Festival! We USED to be able to fly at level 10 on that one; they kicked it up to 30 (35? not sure), adventurer or crafter, without telling us or changing the text of the item, but it is cool, and it is "free" (just have to do 6 quests). And it's in November, so it's a bit of a wait. :-/

  12. Sogapa Active Member

    Gero, I bet you have a mount you can claim, especially if you are playing on the EQ account. Try typing /claim to see what you have waiting for you. You most likely have several you can choose from.

    When the monthly city festivals happen 1-7 of each month, or any other time races are available, you can get a ground mount that has an appearance of a hovering, upside down uss enterprise (sort of).

    If your highest level character is around 21, then there is no need for you to buy anything. You can play completely free to play up to level 100. If you get to 100, then you can decide on whether to buy an expansion, but based on your stated preferences, you may never get to end game, and you can still have plenty of fun in the old content.

    The requirements for EQ2 have increased over the years. A new GPU may not help as much as a new CPU. Try adjusting your settings. If you go to the Advanced tab, you have a ton of things you can play with to try to get better performance, and I'm sure you can find something online telling you which settings to lower to get the best performance boosts. The main thing I can think of at this time is Shadows- turn them off entirely if you are having trouble running the game.
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  13. Geroblue Active Member

    I don't think I have shadows on... wandering around at night in game is a bit dark already.

    My main concern was if there was something you all would know about the 'All access' accounts in the way of zones, etc. not mentioned elsewhere.

    I do have claims on this account for a topiary mount in EQ. Along with some other stuff I can use like a 16 slot backback, one per character. I'll check and see what the equivalent is over here.

    I think I'll just wait to get the discounted price for the current expansion in the fall.

    Where can I find mercs ? Still haven't found any in Qeynos.
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  14. Breanna Well-Known Member

    Turn your gamma up it worked for me. If I had a memory I would be able to tell you exactly where it is but it's been a few years. It's under options someplace I think maybe possibly lighting but don't quote me on that.

    Also you have to have the correct expansion for mercs, or I think you can buy it in the marketplace. They are in Qeynos Harbor near the door to South Qeynos.
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  15. Cyrrena Well-Known Member

    You have to have purchased KA or PoP to get mercenaries, otherwise you need to purchase the mercenary feature separately.
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  16. Sigrdrifa Well-Known Member

    If you use the ProfitCE UI, it has a little Nightvision button you can click on and off.

    You can also help this by clicking the EQ2 Button, then Options >> Advanced >> Display >> Lighting and set:
    • Light Quality: Very High
    • Personal Torch: yes
    • Torch Intensity: Full
    I find that if I mess with the gamma in-game it messes with my monitor's gamma out of game, YMMV.
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  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Isn't there also an option in there for Secondary Torch and a different brightness level for that?

  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    There isn't really any limitation on zones, whether one is a Member or F2P; that's just for things like the TLE servers, which are sort of "blasts from EQ2's past" and get voted on as to which expansion they get caught up with (and which zones are available for everyone there). Given that limitation and the (imho) atrocious XP grind, I tend to stay clear of those and just make characters on the regular servers. ;->

    Topiary mount? Cool! :D

    With our /claim on EQ2, I think the most basic backpack here starts at 24 slots; there's another at 30 slots. :)

    And yeah, mercs are a separate thing. I finally got that, but haven't actually hired any yet. ;->

  19. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    There are a few zones for members only, but most of them require groups or raids anyways.
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  20. Geroblue Active Member

    Yeah, the topiary mount looks, and I have heard roars, like a male lion. Kinda strange coming from a plant.

    I stay away from time locked servers. I tried one in EQ, and it had all the things I didn't like about EQ back in 2004.

    My /claim here has mostly a potion of adventure XP, lasting I think 30 minutes. One has a pirate flag and the potion. Some house items. Ah, and a name 'of'. No backpacks, no mounts. Mine says 1 week, 1 month, 1 year and 4 years. There might be others, but those are the ones I remember.
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