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    EQ2Wire Guild Details: https://u.eq2wire.com/soe/guild_detail/3825062905
    Discord Information: https://discord.gg/kEeCwzy
    ( New link for those interested in seeing guild details and asking questions. )

    The goal of the guild is to adventure through content starting at the original level limit of 50 and progress through each expansion when character and guild goals have been achieved. Understandably the game has changed greatly over time so considerations were made to value members time and commitment to the guild for lasting success. Recruiting is open now with the full launch into raids starting 1/1/19 on raid days to be decided.

    Special Events:
    1. Tier Appreciation Night - No limits. A weekend raid as a grand finale before going to the next tier for folks to earn achievements they missed and celebrate the achievements.
    2. Tier Agnostic Night - Only agnostic gear obtained through one run is allowed. The dungeon clear and raid are done the same night.
    3. Tier Awards Night - Guild meeting to announce comments on members achievements received throughout the raids or tier timeline. This will be followed by an open discussion on upcoming tier to determine guild rule changes needed.

    General Rules:
    1. Bring your money and bags then forget the broker exist to buy from and instead look to guild members for their help in crafting new items for you. This includes gear, ammo, adornments, and everything else.
    2. There will be no alts higher than the current level limit allowed in the guild.
    3. Anything crafted by a member of the guild may be used.
    4. Handcrafted armor sets will be made for all members prior to raiding in a new tier for the restricted period.
    5. All levels of spells / combat arts may be used. Look to guild members to create higher levels of spells when possible or any rewarded as loot may be used.
    6. A recruiting channel will be used to ensure announcements by others are seen and not being flooded.

    *Restrictions will be in place for raids unless the raid is full then all restrictions are dropped that raid night as a reward for the guilds focus on recruiting and active participation.

    Rules on raids with less than a full force:
    1. Only handcrafted armor and earned pieces are allowed during the restricted raiding period of two weeks after entering a new tier. All items crafted by members of the guild will be allowed starting the 3rd week of raiding.
    2. Be on time for raids unless prior arrangements are approved. There will be a 12-minute window at the start and end of raid. This time will be used by members to prepare themselves as needed such as getting ammo, food/drink, setting AA, picking up guild item buffs, etc.
    3. Initially a blank AA profile will be used and then adjusted as we advance to allow for the correct amount and proper lines to be used for the tier we are currently on.
    4. Familiars may be used but will need to remain hidden.
    5. Mounts may be used on raids.
    6. Mercenaries are not allowed on raids at any time.
    *Remember to dismiss them prior to requesting or accepting a raid invite.
    7. Deity may be used but will need to remain hidden.
    8. Guild Banner buff will be allowed as it is powered by the efforts put into improving the guild by members.

    Guild Hall:
    It is open to the public for visiting so stop by anytime and take a tour.

    1. The items used in the guild hall for decorations and otherwise should be limited up to the tier we are working at that time. To truly see our progress the guild hall will change over time and not use items from a tier we will not be in until a much later date as a starting point. Any items found to be from a future tier will be removed and returned to the owner.
    2. If there are multiple decorators who would like to change the look of the guild hall we will save and cycle the layouts when possible.

    Additional updates to follow as needed to answer questions asked or provide further information on our progress.

  2. JoinTAN New Member

    A small update on our progress is that things are moving along nicely. We are 3 days into recruiting now with 10 members on 9 accounts working their way to 50 for raids starting just after the new year. Join soon and be there from the beginning!

  3. Intenzive New Member

    Might want to change the settings on your discord so people can message.
  4. JoinTAN New Member

    Thanks. It's been redirected and the right access should be there now. It was just a repeat of the information posted here unless you were a member then the rest would open up.
  5. DeathWaits New Member

    Default permissions don't allow you to view or post comments, fyi.
  6. Kahnquester New Member

    What time zone are you running the raids as?
  7. JoinTAN New Member

    DeathWaits - A public questions and comments channel was added in Discord for those interested in the guild.
    Kahnquester,- We will be raiding in the evening EST.

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