The Year of Darkpaw Crafter!

Discussion in 'Tradeskills' started by Denmum, Jan 1, 2024.

  1. Denmum Developer

    There is also the Ballads of Zimara tradeskill daily, so if you run a couple characters through each day, it can add up quickly. It also isn't meant to be rushed through, since you have the full year to earn the currency.

    I also misspoke on the pricing. They have been reduced by almost half.
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  2. Quiarrah Well-Known Member

    Another nice thing would be if the Minted coins werent attached to the questing which most are HEROIC in areas that if you havent opened it you cant do. . . the only things I can do is the purchasing of special items . . . . At that rate I will never get enough Minted coins to buy anything.
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  3. Denmum Developer

    The Minted stuff is totally separate, and not something that comes through my grabby little halfling hands. :D
  4. Sentrasia Well-Known Member

    Most of the herald quests for the minted coins are not heroic. The new frostfang sea has one that goes into Argent Sanctuary H1, and each of the other two camps has a "heroic" chrono dungeon. Other than that all the quests are solo and involve solo mobs/solo instances.

    Not saying you don't need to be 125+ for the quests, just that they are not heroic.
  5. Chikkin Well-Known Member

    I'm wondering what was the decision process in making the simple doubloon glowing book quest a daily. It awards so little that it could be a once every 3 hours like the high level missions.
    And we could do it on our own time, whenever we play.

    /extends and wiggles my wood elf grabby hands
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  6. Denmum Developer

    The original post has been updated with images of the final achievement rewards. These rewards and the achievements for the rest of the year are currently visible on the Test server, and will be visible on the live servers with tomorrow's February 27 patch.
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  7. Evilary Well-Known Member

    OMG, that crafter station is AWESOME!!! I know there have been some stuff that doesn't quite fit what I want for my houses and guild halls but by golly I need that crafter station and 20 more besides!
  8. Geroblue Well-Known Member

    The bed is no longer free in Marketplace. There is now a state that is free.

    Is this a cycle through possibilities ?
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  9. Denmum Developer

    Each month is different free goodies on the marketplace (that's not something I am really involved in). The statue will no longer be free when March hits, so grab it while you can!
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  10. Denmum Developer

    I always love the goodies that Gnobrin comes up with when I make a request (the faucets, the doors, etc., etc.), and he always does a phenomenal job of it, but he really knocked it out of the park with this one, and I've been SO eager to share this with everyone since I first saw it. :D I am very glad to finally be able to share it with everyone.
  11. Evilary Well-Known Member

    And what was this the reward from? The 2000 items crafted or something else coming?
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  12. Denmum Developer

    All 12 of the montly achievements.

    The achievements for the year are now viewable on Test and can be viewed on Live tomorrow.
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  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    And it's a free thing then? :)

    Will it be available for DBC if we haven't been able to? :-/

  14. KingDragon Active Member

    This Apearance item that summons the fuel merchant, does it WORK from the appearance slot? or do we have to remove the dang thing to summon the merchant? Also, for those out of bag space, if I wardrobe the appearance item I lose fuel merchant-i-ness correct?
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  15. Denmum Developer

    No. It is a limited-time achievement reward. This is part of why I am making a big thing of it NOW. You still have just over 10 months to finish everything at this point, and forewarning of what you need to do, so you can do most of it in advance, if you haven't already been a completionist. If you do, you get rewarded. If you don't, you miss out.
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  16. Denmum Developer

    Like the other two fuel summoning items, you will have to swap it to inventory to get it to work - it is still faster than having to port home, then return to where you were. :)

    And correct, if you wardrobe it, you lose the effects on it, which includes the summoning aspect.
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  17. Aull Active Member

    Ok so i just found out this last what if I missed January? Does that mean that I sabotaged my whole potential year?
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  18. Denmum Developer

    No, you have until the end of the year to complete it. They unlock month by month, but then they stick around for the rest of the year.
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  19. Aull Active Member

    Yeah I got February done but didn’t see January. I’ll check tomorrow. Thanks for the reply!!
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  20. Solisnight Member

    Thank you for getting the Achievements in... Now to plan out getting my alts through all the quests.

    Though, I did notice that the Appearance set gloves, haven't yet made an appearance in the list of achievement rewards.
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