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    I can confirm at least now that Talvus was Teir'Dal, there is in Lower Faydark a female Teir'Dal High Priest Y'Lask who has as subtitle "Conselor of Talvus". And there is a Medron Y'Lask Teir'Dal Shopkeeper in Neriak. Extremely unlikely that Talvus would be a Koa'Dal if he had Teir'Dal advisors.
    Ah with the keyword of Y'Lask I finally found the lore confirmation for the Talvus story: Y'Lask talvus&cd=2&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=opera
    So he is a Thex on the Teir'Dal side. Why is that Priestess still called "Counselor to Talvus" if he was killed so many years ago?
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    Btw: That EQ2 producer letter back then confused me (and is wrong, isn't it?).
    Why would Talvus Thex gain the empire if Tearis died? Only if Tearis was the father of Talvus. But Tearis is the son of the original Cristianos. And with Talvus being the son of Cristianos ...
    So the producer screwed up and the above is about Naythox Thex or that is another Cristianos (why should the Teir'Dal Cristianos have a child with the Koa'Dal Tearis anyway?) or there is some quite nasty thing going on there.
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    OK must jsut be one of those cases where a model was used without taking the full lore into account. Marcus uses the Renda'Dal model both before and after the turning.
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    Isn't Renda'Dal the name of the Koa'Dal after they recaptured Felwithe, tore down the buildings and rebuild it as New Tunaria?
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    The Renda'dal are a Koada'dal experiement in breeding racial purity.
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    Ah, this is stuff that was kicking around during EQ1's beta. The answer is officially no. As in, since none of it is mentioned in games (and probably mostly unknown to the current devs) its inclusion in EQ1 or EQ2 is highly unlikely. There is a lot of background material that was written for EQ that was never explicidly added to the game. As such, it had influence (at least for a time) and may help you understand certain things, but it isn't official.

    Kind of like the EQ books. :p
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    Tearis is Christanos and Naythox' son from the time they were all still Elddar/Koada'Dal. Innoruuk was actually after Tearis, but Christanos and Naythox offered themselves to Him instead to save their son. Innoruuk took them and tortured them for 300 years, Tearis remained with the Elves and became their king.

    Talvus is Christanos and Naythox's from much later, when they were already Dark Elf. Tearis and Talvus are in effect full brothers, though because of what happened, are different races.

    Tearis is the older 'brother', so if he had no heirs, Talvus in theory would be next in line if it were all one empire. However, it's two completely different empires now and they won't have claim to each others thrones I would think.
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    the destructive heat of the sun called upon by Solusek Ro brought the Elddar Forest to its end. As the trees withered and became petrified and the soil lost all of its nourishment, sands began to close in on Takish-Hiz. King and Queen Tak'Yaliz, who replaced the first King and Queen Tak'Hiz that were stolen by Innoruuk, commanded all of the elves to protect their city from the encroaching sands