The state of Inquisitors

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  1. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    To put it plainly, it's bad, very bad:

    1) reactives are consumed almost instantly on most fights, making near impossible for us to keep the group alive wihout our main and iconic tool. I know that developers are somewhat aware of it, but so far there are no chanages;
    2) our buffs are useless now. They are melee, auto attack focused and this very auto attack does basically nothing now. We do not enchance our group in any way. Every other healer, except channelers, have better and more usefull buffs;
    3) our debuffs are almost useless. One double cast reduction, two potecny reduction, 37 combat skills reduction, 50 wisdom;
    4) our dps is the worst among other healers, much worse: our combat arts (and spells) still do very little damage. Even the Templar does slightly more damage. Not to mention wardens and defilers, who over dps us by 5-10 times, simply using their class spells and abilities. You had nerfed auto attack, but you gave us nothing to compensate the loss of it;
    5) many inquisitors were geomancers to boost our auto attack, but now this ascension class is useless once again, it is focused around melee buffs and such a playstyle simply does not worth anymore for anyone. The Geomancer has always been the odd one out. Please fix this class. Switching to another ascension is not an option because of the time and cost of leveling every new spell;
    6) our mythic 2.0 became useless (yes, once again this word): autoattack buffs (look above) plus a small combat mitigation debuff (another rather outdate and barely working mechanics). What diffirence does 616 cm debuff make, when bosses have several hundred thousand combat mitigation? The final Sol Ro dragon has 180 000 cm, if I'm not mistaken. My debuff is 0.34%! And it's a last expansion boss. The new ones, probably, have more;
    7) Inquisitoin and Divine Provinance now share the cool down. Why? These were two different spells. Is it a bug? Was it intended? Please fix it, revert it back;
    8) the last, but definetly not least, please finaly remove a threshold from The Interrogation. We've been asking for it for years. With the current state of reactives it is an even more needed change.

    To sum it up, The Inquisitor is the worst calss in the game right now with little heals, even less dps and absoultely useless buff and debuffs. The class is worthless for group play. Our only advantage is a rather convinient solo playstyle. But do I want to solo all the time? Definitely not!
  2. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    So, it's almost two months and nothing has really changed so far. We got a slightests buff to autoattack as a result of weapon damage raiting change, and no class changes at all. Every issue from my list is still here and reactives being somewhat broken is the most troubling and irritating.

    Inquisitor has always been positioned as a mele dps group solo healer and buffer. I can not keep my group alive any longer: reacitves are "broken", I have no reliable wards (for the 186829043 time, please remove threshold of Interrogation!!!), I have no damage reduction abilities. I look at a fury, who easily keeps his group alive under the same incoming damage, and I do not have any positive word or emotion.

    Please fix our class!
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  3. Zylara Well-Known Member

    Not sure how you think Inq's are worst class in game at the moment, Im not even working on my Inq this expac and yet the few times I have run heroics with grps, I have had no probs and yes I have solo healed thru them...I wont go into wats wrong with this, that or wateva cause honestly I dont pay attn to alot of that but I do pay attn to how Im handling the grps and whilst yes there are probs I have noticed and yes it may have affected us, it is not as bad as we are the worst class lol
  4. Agulo Member

    Considering our Inqy is locked to the MT group (cause I don't trust anyone else in that spot), finishes in the top 3 in heals on every fight, has solo healed every heroic this xpac, AND is our 2nd highest dps'ing healer behind the fury .....I'd say the issues are not with the class.

    If you build your toon around melee damage, which is not a substantial source of output atm, you're not going to compete with others that have adjusted to the current state of the game. Yes inquisitors need adjustments to reactives, utility, epic 2s, etc but....

    Just because you can't do it, doesn't mean it can't be done....
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  5. Goezer Master of Crayons

    I can attest to this first hand, I raid with Agulo and said Inq, and the SK MT is squishy too, But rocks that pink armor well. As well as my other guild has an Inq that has locked down her group as well as the other group when their healer died who was solo healing (ST final T3 mob) So inq can do extremely well its about how you spec and play your toon.
  6. Beyoncia Well-Known Member

    I do not speak about heroics,especially after they were tuned down. Heroic bosses, unless there is a script involved, do not live more then 15 seconds. Neither I speak about healing parcer. I speak about the class perfomance and inability to keep the group alive under certain level of pressure, the level at which other priests perfrom much better. Especially Fury, who has been considered a mage counterpart for Inquisitor since the beginning.

    Agulo, I wonder what the numbers are. I'm also "the second highest dps among priest", after one of our wardens left the game. But ranking itself shows nothing. My usual dps is around 40-60 ml (or is it bl? Hard to tell with such long numbers). Defilers and wardens can easily push 100 ml on almost every fight.
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  7. Cviidar New Member

    Let me preface by saying I play on TLE so I don't see all the issues that Beyoncia mentioned but I do see a lot of them.

    1) I've always thought that reactive heals were the worst type of heals in game. The only positive that I can think of them are they are triggering off of AOE damage now. I remember years ago being hit by an AOE and my group reactive would still show all of its triggers. I think things have just gotten so crazy with the huge numbers that are flying around on Live now.

    2) Buffing started out ok on TLE but with the current gear and caps in place, the only buff I'm giving a scout is reuse as they'll already be capped on DPS and Haste. Often times it seems like the only person that I buff is myself. In general, melee isn't quite as useless as it is on Live but its a lot lower percentage of my damage output than I remember 10 or so years ago when TLE's content was on Live. That being said, raiding is completely different than I remember back in the day. It used to be we had main tank group, off tank group, scout group and mage group. Now days, all I see is tank group, off tank group and two mage groups in pretty much every major raid guild on TLE. I especially feel sorry for the assassins. Yes, they can still put out T1 damage but so can a wizard and the wizard has better buffs for others in his group and doesn't have to worry about being in close AOE range of the mob. Even the swashbuckler that I had in my group on my last raid spent too much time dying, even with his AOE blocker proc. Full health to dead, one hit, and not even from an AOE that gets called out by ACT. I don't know what the answer is, we don't have crit bonus, that would help some. Have DPS/haste/multi-attack buffs affect combat arts? I just know that there is no dps rewards for the risks that melee classes take.

    3) De-buffs have certainly changed. When I raided on live we had a Monk off tank. I wasn't a healer in his group but I noticed that the healers in his group really struggled to keep him alive if he was facing a named. This is until I managed to stack Skull Crack and Forced Obedience on the mob he was tanking. Once those de-buffs were applied, they could keeps him alive just as if he had been a plate tank. These days, on TLE, I just don't see a noticeable difference when applying those same de-buffs. Probably why you don't see too many Monks or (any) Bruisers around. I still cast all my de-buffs but sometime you just have to wonder if it really matters.

    4) I do manage to top the dps parse among the healers in my raid force. I think this has more to do with attitude than with the inquisitor class. I'm usually at range due to the above mentioned AOE's so I would think that the Furies in the raid should out perform me. Its actually the mystic in the off tank group that comes closest and even did better than me on a few occasions. It used to be that 40-45 percent of my damage was auto-attack back in the day. Now, its less than 30. On the plus side, my punishment spells seem to be triggering more reliably (I remember them almost never triggering) than I remember and are actually worth casting now.

    5-8) Don't apply to TLE...yet.