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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Venser Active Member

    considering that is not how you are supposed to fight gozak, i csn see why you died
  2. Venser Active Member

    i hope we get fabled Peat Bog
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  3. Kurzan Well-Known Member

    Fabled Pet Bog is far beyond the capabilities of players on TLE. My understanding is that it will be coming out later this summer, and require at least 25,000 potency, 30,000 mitigation and 900 resolve to even think about taking on the first boss (rumored to be a giant myconid named "Xyzzlgaxyx The Spore King" who will permanently reduce a player's level to 5 and port them to standard Peat Bog if a curse is not cured in time...)
  4. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    the item only lasts for 30 seconds or so and a 3 minute timer, so yes, we went KNOWING we would not succeed, but it was fun to try. Later, being 100 with Zek gear, we went in with one group, lost 3 or more people but our procs killed it, so we were able to reach the end boss and kill him also and collect the trophy. We are proud of that, even if we didn't do it the correct way. Still a head many have not collected, after all.
  5. Venser Active Member

    you're supposed to rotate who becomez the avatar. :p, but yeah i just 1 shot everything in there at 100
  6. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Yeah, several of us got the item but now we don't need it, but it was one of the guild goals to beat that encounter however we could do it. Even now, we can barely field 2 groups for a x2 raid (and even then some are likely boxed toons) so to us, a win is a win!
  7. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    wow I been playing eq2 and I never heard of those places your talking about , just another example for why I like Stormhold ,
    This server gives me a chance to see stuff I did not get to see on any regular server because nobody bothers to go there anymore.
    And even on Stormhold I managed to never see the real Trakanon only got to kill his likeness as a puppet during hero
    So yea for me this turn over of zones it to fast , always have hurry always have to rush to keep up.
    Who needs a live if you got to keep up or be left out.
  8. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    I need live, cant afford kronos and RL money problems (at this time) means no extra money for EQ (but thanks to guildies and friends I am krono'ed for 2 months now!). So I can play on Stormhold if I want, but she is only lvl 21 :(
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  9. Kurzan Well-Known Member

    To be fair, Trakanon was first killed in September of last year, and by mid-October most of the active raiding guilds at the time had killed him. If your guild couldn't kill him by that point, then it's very unlikely that another few months in RoK would have changed anything.

    When it comes to raid content, at a certain point, spending more time in the expansion does not always mean you'll be able to experience more of it -- particularly for more casual players and guilds. There are some fights that are less about just having "gear" and more about individual skill playing your character, situational awareness and raid coordination.

    In other words, if you have people in your raid that can't recognize when they're cursed, or can't manage to cleanse a detrimental by moving in and out of a portal, or click something when they have an effect on them -- it really doesn't matter how much time you've had to gear up; you're not going to win that fight and you won't progress.

    Edit: In some cases, moving forward to another expansion can make that (now older) content more accessible. Higher levels and easier to obtain gear can trivialize some fights because you'll be able to manage the DPS required to sidestep some of the mechanics. But even in that case, there are some bosses with scripted fail conditions that any amount of DPS really won't help unless you can kill them within a few seconds.
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  10. Greene Active Member

    Well you guys have me in raid, and despite that we manage to progress pretty well! /ducks
  11. Kurzan Well-Known Member

    You know what the cardinal points are on a compass, so you're ahead right there!
  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Kurzan that's not what I meant I don't think I ever see that dragon , it just takes to much time to go through all those steps to get to him, it was just another place I will probably never get to and anyway it's my own fault , I spend to much time on RtT
    All I meant to say about that is, I saw a lot of cool places on Race to Trakanon , because to do all quests you could get your hands on gave you rewards so I did . I don't ask others to do the same just take your time people , and help those along that kind of lag behind because they stop to smell the roses ;):).
  13. Greene Active Member

    Later on they remove the requirements to flag for Trakanon, no idea if/when that would happen on TLE though.

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