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Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by RadarX, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. RadarX Community Manager

    The vote is complete and 64% of the server voted to unlock the next expansion, The Shadow Odyssey. This content is scheduled to unlock on January 12th.
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  2. Galdenya/Sigon Active Member

    WoE/Munzok/Kurns/Miraguls/Deep Forge?

    And any plans on a new Race to X server?
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  3. Ashe Member

    Really wish we could vote for a longer time gap between the yes votes and when it gets released,these expansions are coming out too fast
  4. Venser Active Member

    Are you planning on disabling the shard merchant in Moors that has 150 shard gear, the rare drops from zones? This would help lengthen the life of the xpack.
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  5. Dude Well-Known Member

    For 64% of the people, they are not coming out too fast.
  6. Maplewood New Member

    Not 2/3's............ ok im happy but is the xpac ready? Nothing has been updated in game yet.... no beta....people have 100's of void shards... 150 shard merchant is a thing now.... im worried

    People want content, yes but not if the content is flawed and over in less than a month. Please give us some kind of confidence in you guys. Like giving us more information than just 1 sentence stating that its coming out next week......
  7. Adevil Well-Known Member

  8. Galdenya/Sigon Active Member

    i help
  9. Adevil Well-Known Member

    No, you didn't, because that wasn't a typo. For the vote to pass with a 2/3 majority vote 64% would have to be greater than 66.66667%.
  10. Galdenya/Sigon Active Member

  11. Adevil Well-Known Member

    According to Gninja (on Discord), 60% is what they've been using all along :rolleyes:
  12. Maplewood New Member

    I'm glad they told us all that through you.... are you the new community manager?

    Can you tell us anything about Stormholds TSO other than the sentence we got?
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  13. Arandar Well-Known Member

    I would expect Deep Forge to be in, but I believe Kander already mentioned in Discord a few weeks back that Kurns Tower, Ward of Elements, Munzok's and Miragul's would not be part of the initial unlock of TSO. Those will come later, similar to how Shard of Hate, Runnyeye 2 and Veksar were opened for RoK.
  14. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Let's not pick nits and go all rules lawyering. There's plenty of stuff that has changed since the original FAQ was posted. Clearly they intended it to be a general guideline for what they planned, not holy writ chiseled in stone blocks. Otherwise we wouldn't have leaping and gliding mounts, guild levels fast approaching 100 and a whole host of other things.

    Don't worry, be happy. Let the good times roll.
  15. Venser Active Member

  16. Tagg New Member

    Were Emperor's Anathenum and Kurn's Tower released during TSO?
  17. Rotherian Well-Known Member

    My memory isn't that great, but given that the initial date for the wikia page for The Shadow Odyssey Timeline was 10/31/2008, while the initial dates for the Emperor's Athenaeum and Kurn's Tower were 06/17/2009 and 06/24/2009, respectively, I don't believe that they came out at the same time. However, since the next expansion didn't drop until after those dates (February of 2010), they might include it when they open TSO on the TLE.

    So, I guess that the short answer is that they were released when TSO was current content, but didn't launch with the expansion.
  18. Arandar Well-Known Member

    Rotherian is correct, those zones weren't opened up until we were roughly in the "middle" of TSO. I would expect that they're going to handle them in the same way they did Shard of Hate, Runnyeye 2 and Veksar zones in RoK. Which, if you think about it, isn't a bad thing. It will prolong the "lifespan" of TSO (which already has a ton of instanced content) and give us something to look forward to down the road; particularly Kurn's, WoE and Munzok's.
  19. Meneltel Well-Known Member

    Oh Lanys, Munzok's was fun... several expansions later, even then... We had a paladin tank who was nicely geared and overconfident... Gozak took him down. We are lvl 95 and a single group. Killed our tank in 3 hits, my draconic monk in 2 hits. I think our necro died (for real) from an ugly stare. Our tank could NOT believe what happened. He had to try it three more times (and we went with him) to see that it wasn't a fluke.

    So, in other words, "Lanys, those who are about to die, maliciously hate you!"

    *giggles as I slip off into the shadows, hoping they are successful...*
  20. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    Well considering Deep Forge was an expansion launch zone, I'd imagine it'll be there. WoE, Munzok, Kurns, Miragul's Planar Shard, and Emperor's Athenaeum were the later editions.

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