The server is unable to find your char???!?!?! WTH!!!

Discussion in 'General Tech Support Questions' started by ARCHIVED-Iceband, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-Iceband Guest

    AB is telling me it cant my chars, on multiple accounts, tried on two different computers....
  2. ARCHIVED-ravenkitty Guest

  3. ARCHIVED-Juravael Guest

    Same message here....
    The Server is unable to find your characters.
    Please exit and rerun the patcher.
  4. ARCHIVED-TSR-KenC Guest

    There may be a few issues caused by the recent patch that need to be ironed out, which I'm sure won't take long (likely a hotfix) - or the fact that there has been a load of folks logging in and patching today may be slowing things a bit down. I'm not positive on the details currently!
    Chiyoiche: I see your characters came back though you reported some other issues with zoning as well. Is that still occuring?
  5. ARCHIVED-Amnerys Guest

    I just talked to the dev team. They're aware of the problem and are looking into it. Sorry for the inconvenience!!
  6. ARCHIVED-ravenkitty Guest

    yes, for the initial load in from character select. took 5 mins to zone into nek forest. now attempting to zone into thundering steps and currently around if not over the 4 min mark so far. i am on my alt, sunisai. my fury and the same is happening with my boyfreind, ulekae.
  7. ARCHIVED-TheGamingFreek Guest

    I have also been having this issue, I have attempted to get back into the game after it locked up during zoning via one of the portals that are all over the place for the event. I closed out the game and when I logged back in I could not go strait to my charecter, it insteed re routed me to the charecter select window while telling me that the server was down for AB. After a few moments the messages went a way and I tried to log in only to get the message "The server is unable to find your charecter, ect ect ect"
    I have tried mulitple times to log back in but have had the same problem each time.
  8. ARCHIVED-Houligan Guest

    Same here, after crashing while zoning -- Server can't find your character.
  9. ARCHIVED-Amnerys Guest

    Please see my post above. :)
  10. ARCHIVED-kelesia Guest

    It's raid time and I can't login to try out the new zone. Having the message 'THe server can't find your character' is incredibly frightening as this is a new error. And now it just tells me AB is down and ony showing 4 characters :-(

    This is why updates need to bake on Test for a while before pushing to Live. To iron out these kinks.
  11. ARCHIVED-carpe_caminus Guest

    More than likely just heavy server load. Raid time + patch day = rough road.
  12. ARCHIVED-TSR-KenC Guest

    Lillya@Antonia Bayle wrote:
    Regrettably, there are some issues that will never reveal themselves as issues until 800+ people are running the content at once. I don't believe the test server ever gets that high, generally!
    The graphics issue being reported is certainly on all servers, but the connection problems seem to be mainly occurring on AB and Crushbone.
  13. ARCHIVED-Aktad Guest

    I'm also receiving this same error message. Was able to log in successfully one time with main character "Fitzwilliams" on AB... logged off to character select, picked another toon "Venklor" and clicked "Play".... I got this same error message about character not being found - repatch.
    I exited and re-launched EQ - only saw 4 characters in the pick list, attempted to re-log in again and received "Unable to find your character" message.
  14. ARCHIVED-Tehom Guest

    AB appears to be down entirely now. At least everyone I know of was booted.
  15. ARCHIVED-Qinwena Guest

    Don't know if this will help as well.
    Was on AB and everything was going fine, and then I called to guild hall and that was when I hung. I exited and relaunched EQ2, and noticed a couple of my toons were missing. I get the error about not being able to find my toon and I must exit and rerun the patcher.
    However the second time I log in, I see Server Down on all my toons that were available, but then what looked like a refresh occured and the 'Server Down' message was gone. However, when I attempted to log in again, I got the error message from above.
    But that was my experience and now if I try at this point the Server Down message shows up and stays up. Hopefully my lil' toons are all safe and sound :(
  16. ARCHIVED-carpe_caminus Guest

    Aye characters will go randomly missing when the login servers go down. Perfectly normal nothin' to be worried about... even if it is a tad disconcerting to see.

    Was playing since this morning on AB, then logged for a couple hours before raid time, logged in fine then got stuck zoning to EF, and now server locked. I'd say it's gotta be because of the time of day. Too many people patching and logging in at the same time.
  17. ARCHIVED-Benandanti Guest

    Yeah I crashed while zoning 20 minutes ago and after multiple attempts of re-logging my AB characters are still MIA. I guess I'll sit patiently and monitor the forums until the problem is fixed
  18. ARCHIVED-Viron_X Guest

    TSR-KenC wrote:
    AB always has issues due to the high load. Are we getting free x-fers off before the entire thing melts?
  19. ARCHIVED-Shesfatale Guest

    Whew, glad it's not just me!
  20. ARCHIVED-makmega Guest

    This happens all the time on AB.... I have lost many hours of game time that I PAY for! I feel SOE should reimburse all of us for this lost time! Your arch rival does that SOE!

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