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    It's Duvessa! Alas, my account was hacked, and I cannot post this under my proper name. However, I'm still pleased to announce the first update of the new year! Thanks to everyone who helped get this topic stickied on the official forums!

    Community Sites:

    EverQuest I and II Roleplayers was removed. It appears the sit has either been hacked, or just abandoned. As probably the first site dedicated to RP in EQ2 way back when, this is a sad one to see gone.

    Search Engines:

    Torrent searches were updated to be a little bit more useful, one old torrenting site was pulled, and a new one added.

    The SongMeanings lyrics search was updated to work better.

    The DarkLyrics search was added for people looking for more obscure metal lyrics.
    I've added lots of new guilds into the toolbar. If you want yours added, please contact me in some way to get listed. There's no special requirement other than you actually take the time to let me know you want to be added!

    Disciples of Erollisi

    Green Council

    Legion of Kithicor

    Outriders of Kelethin;TabID=2598776




    Children of the Quiet Storm;TabID=2591272

    Clan Silverpaws

    Exile of the Wicked;TabID=2946917

    Eyes of the Moon

    Five Points Trading Company

    Maiden's Fancy;TabID=2633428


    The Steel Rose;TabID=1842494

    The Stormhammer Brigade


    Carpe Noctem

    Coterie of Thorns;PageName=Home


    House Gevaudan


    Knights of Freeport;TabID=806795
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    09/06/11 Update Notes:

    Changes this week were mostly cosmetic and corrective:
    • Added the SOE server status page like, it's directly accessible via the "EQ2 Links" button, second from the top.

    • Fixed a link to the "Dream Avatars" page to use their new interface.

    • MMO News was folded into the "EQ2 Game and News" category.

    • The streaming radio player was updated to be more compatible with various browser mods.

    • Icons have been added to the main categories of the "EQ2 Links" button to make it easier to navigate.

    Please remember, as always, if you want your guild added, have a link suggestion, see a bug, whatever, just contact me. Send me a PM via this site, or contact me in-game by sending a mail to "Duvessa" on the Antonia Bayle server.
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    It's been a while since I posted any major updates to the toolbar, but we're still going strong, with over 1,500 installs now. Today I updated some of the main FAQ text, made some graphical tweaks to the toolbar itself, and did some other minor maintenance. Those of you who already have the toolbar should update automatically.

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