The Pyres of the Scorched Sky Celebration Are Reigniting!

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  1. Accendo Guest

    Get ready to feel the heat!


    The Scorched Sky Celebration is back and within the flames, all mettle is tempered—that which is weak, distracting, and fleeting is burned away leaving only the strong, pure, and resilient! Join us in lifting up the Tyrant of Fire and the Burning Prince, and you too will know the cleansing intensity of Fire.

    The devotees of Flame, worshipers of Fennin Ro and his son, Solusek Ro, can once again be found across Norrath celebrating their gods during the celebration. They offer a chance for all to rejoice in the primal power of Fire and Flame, with no grudge towards those who have embraced other deities.

    If you wish to perform a task as part of the festival, speak with Limora Roamhill in Darklight Wood, or Estmund Vynaan in Lavastorm. They would be thankful for any assistance. The festivities begin Friday, June 25, 2021 at 12:01 a.m. PDT, and end Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. PDT.


    Check out what's new and returning for this year's celebration:

    New Features for 2021
    TLE servers
    • Kaladim- The entire event is active!
    • Tarinax- "Festive Fireworks” city quests and special event merchant are available in the cities.
    New Quest
    • Feats of Burning Devotion
    Ember Merchants have 34 new items available including new building blocks and a new flying mount!
    A Sparkler Merchant, found in any player city, is now also exclusively selling a Wyrmscale Armwrap.
    Keep a sharp lookout for Limited Time Mercenary and Mount Training drops.
    All throughout the celebration, enjoy double Ethereal rewards as well as double experience gains.


    Returning Features
    In-game mail to announce the event.
    Ro worshipers can be found fire dancing, summoning fire elementals, and praising Fennin and Solusek Ro.
    • Antonica
    • The Commonlands
    • Darklight Wood
    • Lavastorm
    • The Pillars of Flame
    • The Sinking Sands
    • Butcherblock Mountains
    • Great Divide
    • Tranquil Sea
    Tempered by Flame: Defeat fire elementals (level scaling) found in areas of the world where followers of Ro are located. Defeat fire elementals to earn Coins of Ember.


    Overseer Quests and Agents
    • Offered: Estmund Vynaan near Dragons Breath Tunnel in Lavastorm
      • Conflagrant Rites: Crozier Quest
      • Conflagrant Rites: Bringing Flame Bearers
        • Agent: Dirron Emberblood
      • Conflagrant Rites – Cinderstone Heist

    • The Heat Is On
    • "Festive Fireworks" city quests

    Complete the event collection and you will be handsomely rewarded.
    • Corilac Gem Stones

    Face the fire elementals to become tempered by the flames and earn a title.
    • "the Scorched"


    New Scorched Sky Merchant Buyables for 2021
    • Pyrebringer’s Shield
    • Pyrebringer’s Dagger
    • Pyrebringer’s Whip
    • Sableflame Centurion’s Helmet
    • Obsidian Tile
    • Arched Door Frame of Obsidian
    • Block of Obsidian
    • Half Block of Obsidian
    • Horizontal Window Frame in Tall Divider of Obsidian
    • Narrow Divider of Obsidian
    • Railing of Obsidian
    • Rectangular Door Frame of Obsidian
    • Rounded Tile of Obsidian
    • Short Column of Obsidian
    • Square Window Frame in Narrow Divider of Obsidian
    • Square Window Frame in Tall Divider of Obsidian
    • Stair of Obsidian
    • Tall Column of Obsidian
    • Tall Divider of Obsidian
    • Tall Window Frame in Narrow Divider of Obsidian
    • Tall Window Frame in Tall Divider of Obsidian
    • Triangle Tile of Obsidian
    • Vertical Window Frame in Tall Divider of Obsidian
    • Infernal Gem
    • Scorch Storm Flinger
    • Pyrelord Grand Bed
    • Pyrelord Stool
    • Smooth Lava Boulder
    • Charred Doomfire Tree Stump
    • Inferno Ent Plushie
    • Pyre Elemental Plushie
    • Petamorph Wand: Scorch Storm
    • Magma Weevil
    • Blazeshade Trotter


    If you're looking to dive deeper into event details and furniture items, we highly encourage you to hit up EQ2 Traders Corner and EQ2 Furniture for more information.
    Time to light the flames and feel the heat during this year's Scorched Sky Celebration!
  2. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    thanks you for the tombs up Accendo , and the nice detailed thread here on the forum .
  3. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Amen! :)

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  4. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    I love Scorched Sky! Is it that time of year already again? And so fitting for Florida months of June-July when it begins that you can't even venture outside due to the heat & humidity not to mention the thunderstorms since summer is our rainy season also. But what I love about Florida is that 45 minutes ago it was a sky drenching pouring down rain, wind booming thunderclap storm and now the puddles are already drying in the hot sun that's come out to play again! No extended rainy days around here; what a drag that would be ~ so depressing!

    Anyway I'd like to get my Human Paladin Fyrelilly Wynde the title of The Scorched .. she already has a fiery glow around her that I somehow found. I think her mount of a flaming griffon will remain better than the fiery mount I see pictured here but my Ogre Fury Gorralok Grymm would probably like to ride that mount. Can't wait for the 2 days until Scorched Sky begins!
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  5. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    I in southern California, it's Fire Season in RL... X-P

    And frankly, I could go the rest of my life without humidity (I know, I know, but you don't get a lot of fires in a cactus desert ;->), but a nice, dry, baking heat, now... :D

    who's also testing Tinkerfest right now,'s exhausting sometimes, being on Public Test ;->
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    ehehe we hade to turn the heat back on here we have weather like in April and the beginning of April at that
    low temperature of 49 F. at night or 9 C.
    Whysper , you got to get that new horse , it is all black and has a glowing fiery aura around it's body , and I belief
    it fly's .
  7. Marae Well-Known Member

    Yes, thank you, Accendo! It's extra nice to get the write-up a couple of days ahead of time - that gives me more time to get my ducks in a row and my event trackers, shopping lists, etc. updated and ready to roll before the event starts. Thank you!

    And thanks as always to DenMum and Ocarinah for their information and presentation, respectively. Very much appreciated!
  8. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Ducks ???? hmmmmmm I love roasted duck .
    I think last year we got some kebabs for Scorched Sky .
    Argh now I am really hungry.
  9. Doobius40504 Active Member

    Sounds like a cool, wait, hot? event! I've never participated in one since I had a long hiatus from the game. It'll be good to see this one! Thanks!
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  10. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Well, Scorched Sky itself is a relatively new holiday; it's based loosely on the old Summer Fireworks thing, but since I think only the U.S. and France light off a ton of fireworks during the summer (July 4th for us, July 14th for France), it wasn't terribly "international." Grounding it more as a thing for Norrathians helps make it a better "local" holiday, I think, and they expanded the theme considerably by tying it into our pantheon (more house items! :D). :)

  11. Stylish Active Member

    Is it 100% bonus to adventure only or is TS xp included?
  12. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    Why is the entrance to the instance required for " Feats of Burning Devotion " in Sinking Sands is blocked on Kaladim ?
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  13. Bludd Well-Known Member

    we did overland heroic after midnight with new quests picked up after midnight and we are members and got 24 coins
    base is 12- we should have got 36 at least or 48 but not 24

    please grant the missing coins retroactively and beware that the double ethereal event may not be active yet until dev interaction when they are back at work in san diego
  14. Rondo New Member

    I did a Weekly Solo and got 12 coins (6 and 6 for being a member) doesn't look like i got the "All throughout the celebration, enjoy double Ethereal rewards as well as double experience gains."
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  15. Dusano Matron of Lore and Innovation

    Why druzzil and zerani dont have their own day? More zerani she isnt the goddess of hearth?
  16. WhysperWynde Well-Known Member

    Wow Schmetterling, thanx for the heads up! I SHALL get the fiery mount then in addition to the Title of "The Scorched!" I didn't realize it had a fiery glow around it or could fly. Yes that will match nicely the warm, cackley glow fires that Fyrelilly has when I have her standing alone not mounted on her fiery griffon mount.

    And now I've got to find her a fiery disguise, because on Sundays is my Visiting Day to others' decorated houses to rate as well as my day that all of my 20 gals don disguises .. so does anyone know of a fire gollum or otherwise flaming disguise a character can put on and wear when the Hide My Illusion Form box in Character Options is unchecked?
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  17. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Well, Solusek Ro is a confirmed deity...on the other hand, Prexus (much as I would love him to be) isn't, so hopefully he'll be the next one to "return" to be worshiped? At least he's a major deity... ;)

    Maybe they should've based Oceansfull on Karana; that way, it'd make sense that all the holidays are for returned deities so far.

    (And the folks on Public Test are exhausted anyway with the holidays piling up; we have Erollisi Day for January, then Brewday for February, then Bristlebane's starting for us in March and going on through part of April for our Live server toons -- hmm, nothing really for May, but who would be for then? -- then Oceansfull for June, Scorched Sky for July, Tinkerfest for August, then -- hmm, nothing really for September, then Nights of the Dead for October, then Heroes' Fest for November, then Frostfell for December? Dang it, Dusano, give us a break! :p)

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  18. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I belief you can get one at the festival , but nor sure ,
    and you can get yourself a lava slug as a pet
  19. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    For Whysper? Maybe something from Nights of the Dead, disguise-wise? :)

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  20. dariusthegreat New Member

    thank you for this very detailed announcement / respect :)