The Prison Server Experiment -- Drunder

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Yeah this is pretty transparent in that its basically a 'premium' server that allows botting/hacking etc.
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  2. Kittybock Well-Known Member

    For those saying to disable Kronos and public channels, I disagree. They still may want to buy & sell Kronos, it's part of game economy and I'd think the game still wants to generate income off of them. As for the channels, some folks may request to transfer because their game partner was sent there.

    IMHO, placing all their gear in their bags and gearing them in orange "county issue" jumpsuits when they first arrive--that would be super sweet.
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  3. Crastinal Active Member

    So... You killed the PVP server for "lack of players to sustain the server" and come up with this great idea of creating a whole new server for miscreants, believing that they will feel compelled to keep paying to play in a subpar environment because reasons. But keeping a PVP server? That's haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaard!

    It tells a lot about Daybreak's corporate politics that this came to public before someone in the studio could say "let's not do this". Seems like the layoffs left only the yes-men on the team.
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  4. Jinni New Member

    Sounds like a great idea. Let all the sociopaths fight with each other. One thing I know from working in an institution for years is that if you put a homogeneous population together all with the same issues it's going to get bloody. I wish I could be a fly on the wall over there. Perhaps you can release some videos/transcripts of the most epic or amusing feuds for the entertainment of the "normals" ?
  5. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Not if it actually meant to be a punishment. But like I said, seems like its just a premium server that allows cheating.
  6. Csipi Active Member

    Hmm, is it April 1st already?

    Really what a waste of time this project is. Why not fix in game issues rather then doing junk like this? I would love to see some dungeons added to LAD's, for example. It has been a couple years and we just get the same 5. :(

    Maybe work on a real expansion. One of the devs said the next campaign will have more mobs then the last two, but come on, its full expansions that make my wallet open.

    Ah well....
  7. Dwargo Evilsbane New Member

    Did anyone actually read this before screaming "Waste of Resources?" They will have to PAY to play this way. It's like Coventry. Put all the bad eggs in one basket and then leave them there. I LOVE IT! I just want to be able to peek in from time to time. Any way to do that?
  8. Tonsott New Member

    Make sure to grab all the Gold Sellers and dump them there too! ;) Us "well-behaved" players should have a way to watch some of the shenanigans going on in Drunder! <-Grabs one of Eles' Margaritas - thanks Hun! :)
  9. Neiloch Well-Known Member

    Different people work on different things. People making premium prison server are different from the people workong on LAD stuff or the expansion.

    The campansion will have more mobs than the last EXPANSION of 'Altar of Malice' as well. Campaign, expansion, campansion, its all just semantics. The next content thing is gonna be bigger than the last big content thing.
  10. Givin Active Member

    Can you please rename the server "Sam Deathwalker" instead since it's going to be a dumping ground for people who are dumb enough to bot 24 accounts right out in the open?
  11. Yajirushi52 New Member

    So, how much are you letting people get away with on the prison server? Just bugs in the game that are considered against the spirit of the game on live servers? Are you going to allow people to run various third party programs that affect gameplay?
  12. Luzionist Active Member

    How can this be a bad thing, they do not lose people that they "ban" and they can continue to play the way they wish
  13. Cythemia Member

    nice so there will be a bot server basically, since the only troubles i have ever had with anyone is Bot groups kill stealing entire dungeons.
  14. Tajar Well-Known Member

    What is deemed worthy of being sent there? Breaking actual rules and mechanics yes, I understand. But griefers, how would those be handled? Do you get a chance to defend yourself and offer proof that you are not causing an issue? Because I can think of a few people who would gang up on certain players to get rid of them, even though that person is not actually doing anything wrong except not take other peoples crap. There are a lot of spiteful, childish people out there so I really hope there is some system in place before you are just lobbed onto a no return server.

    Aside from that, I actually like the idea. Once the server is made, it's not being policed or anything but still getting paid for by those on it, so more money that can be put into the live servers. It's not going to cost anything more than the cost of keeping the server up.
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  15. Yajirushi52 New Member

    Oh no, a bot group stole a dungeon? Almost any level 100 can solo KS a dungeon.
  16. Ecno Well-Known Member

    If its a PVP server... then yes, sounds like a great idea....

    Although I think people from Nagafen should be given the option to transfer to this new server... but only ONE character not their entire account. This option would of course only be for those who havent been banned/forced to the server. I just want to go and kill all the baddies....
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  17. Heinzy Active Member

    love this idea =)
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  18. Yajirushi52 New Member

    Move one character to a new account and request that account get sent to the jail.
  19. Cythemia Member

    i can totally see that happening as well. Glad you brought that up ...i have seen guilds gang up on people before.
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  20. Karsa Active Member

    Great if your sending all botters and pvP speed hackers there.
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