The Prison Server Experiment -- Drunder

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Windstalker, Aug 19, 2015.

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  1. Laqutis New Member

    Aeh, I say go for it. Kind of like a skit that the late George Carlin did where the USA should move all the people out of the 4 corners states, and relocate them for a nominal price, put up massive electric, and razor-wired fenced walls, and plop ALL of the violent crime prisoners from all the prisons in the country in. All the murderer's, rapists, child molesters, etc etc, and let them fend for themselves with each other, lol
  2. Adevil Well-Known Member

    Movie's already been done and it was a huge hit:

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  3. Solence New Member

    I love it,. all these people who are outraged by this are just pasting a sign on their forehead thats says "Im worried im going to get sent there because I know I did bad things that were against the ToS"

    I REALLY doubt this will be a one strike you are out kinda thing, the people who get sent there are going to be well documented as cheaters, hackers or disruptive trolls, like the ones who love to scream racist and sexist comments for the shock value constantly.

    As for a waste of resources? I especially love the comment about it being wasted effort that could be spent on fixing bug. Cause Daybreak totally has like 2 guys doing all of this, its not like they have separate teams with separate skillsets working on these things, and since it receives no customer service and will be patched like every other server, its literally NO extra resources except the extra space it will take up on their network. Thats the whole point of NO CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    And the one about people being forced to play on the server and having to deal with hackers, there are only two ways you are on that server, BY CHOICE or because YOU ARE A CHEATER. The only people who will be forced to play on that server are cheaters, and now you will have to deal with other cheaters and you will have to pay to do so, seems fair to me since the only reason you would be there is becuase you are a disruptive influence on people who are trying to enjoy the game.

    Its funny reading all the "what if" comments. you guys should just sign up already for the server and be done with it.

    I dearly wish Trion had something like this to deal with the absolute disaster Archeage is thanks to bots, Land hackers and cheaters.
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  4. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Since suspensions/bans have happened before to innocent players due to "mistakes" or blatant arbitrary you just cant claim that everyone who is worried about Drunder is a cheater or deserves to end up there.

    If you are picked wrongly there is no way back, so it is absolutely rightwise to say Drunder is a bad idea.
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  5. Caith Developer

    Your incorrect premise means your conclusion is also flawed.
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  6. Raenius Well-Known Member

    Might be, but among us two I was the one who had to deal with a supbar raid due to a 3-day suspension of our troub who was a bystander in some chat-quarrel.

    Hands down, Drunder has been poorly announced, providing links to Terms of Service, playing nicely section etc. is not enough and there have been quite a few questions which needs to be answered.

    Please provide, we can`t read minds.
  7. Tsurupettan Active Member

    Can you explain what you mean by 'no way back' if you are 'picked wrongly'? Because there are posts (by Caith, even) that state the opposite. Perhaps you should investigate the Staff Post Tracker. It is a wonderful tool.
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  8. Caith Developer

    How would your guildmate being suspended have anything at all to do with Drunder? I have highligted the pertinent portion of it that you must have missed from Holly's original announcement post.

    "Drunder is where some accounts found to be in violation of our existing Rules of Conduct, Naming Policy, AFK Policy, Terms of Service, and/or EULA are selected to be sent in lieu of account termination."
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  9. Raenius Well-Known Member

    I apologize,

    I re-read, understood and don`t have any more questions.

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  10. Almee Well-Known Member

    I want to thank all the players who made reading through this 35-page thread so much fun. I can pretty well guess who some of the players are who are worried about getting sent to prison by the tenor of their posts.

    I think a server for cheaters is a great idea. I just started a new set of characters, on a UK server, and found it isn't that hard to start again from scratch. If players find playing on a prison server is too rough they can always make a new account, on a regular server, and play by the rules.

    I am looking forward to the day when players can no longer park their toons, next to a named NPC, and go off and do something else while their merc repeatedly slays the NPC. Another pet peeve is the player who parks a mammoth mount where it will be very inconvenient for other players unless they stop to turn off mounts.

    It is hard for me to read the chat window so I haven't really been bothered with anything but spam about buying gold. That was annoying the few times when I had to keep checking chat for some reason. Letting people know they have to be civil, in non-private chat channels, should straighten out the few players who abuse chat.

    I hope this experiment works well for DBGs and those of us who love the game. Civility is becoming a lost social skill on many Internet sites. I'm glad DBGs is taking steps to ensure its games encourage people to learn how to play nicely with others.
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  11. Nakitar New Member

    i have a few concerns.

    1. will there be a warning system for this, like will you get warned to behave before getting sent there or will you just get sent there after one person reports you once without investigating the incident?
    for example what if you said something that isn't bad at all and those report happy people report you for doing nothing wrong and you get sent there for no reason. would that really be fair for the player who got sent there and did not do anything wrong? and will there be an appeal system if you think you were sent there wrongfully?

    2. about no customer support for players in Drunder. i understand not allowing people to use customer service for in game issues like accidentally deleting an item or if your toon gets stuck somewhere but what about those who have billing issues?

    example. what if your credit card was charged for the monthly subscription and DBG doesn't register it? and you are unable to play even tho you were charged for the service?

    what about those who purchase day break cash and their account was not given the cash they purchased?

    what if they bought kronos and their card got charged but no kronos was ever delivered?

    if i remember correctly there is a federal law out there that requires all companies to deal with issues when it comes to money involved especially if they are not receiving what they payed for. i mean daybreak games can not LEGALLY ignore those issues. regardless if they have a no customer support policy for this server.

    so will customer support be available for billing issues?

    i dont have time to read all 35 pages so if some of these answers were answered already can someone quote them for me?
  12. Strings Well-Known Member

    You aren't any more likely to get Drunderized now than you were to get banned before. Everyone including DBG knows that there are people in this world who report everything that moves. If they banned people for one report there wouldn't be anyone left.
  13. Raff Well-Known Member

    35 pages of repeat criminals (you know who you are) looking for some way around the new consequences for bad behavior.

    This is hilarious.
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  14. Nelurek New Member

    Here's what I am seeing in 35 pages of this thread:
    • Boxers, Program-assisted boxers, botters and other policy-violating players want to play as they wish without getting banned or harassed
    • Most other don't want them playing on the live/TLE servers due to disruption, imbalance, and lack of fairness
    • DBG doesn't want to lose revenue
    I think the Drunder experiment might be more successful and able to hit closer to reaching the above goals with some fundamental changes. Wouldn't it stand a higher chance of success if you entice the appropriate player population to go there rather than having to banish them there forever? Wouldn't doing so also increase the chance of retaining the players as paying customers?

    Here's what I would suggest:
    1. Market it to appeal to the player base you want to move there; something like a "Rules Free" server. I am sure DBG marketing can come up with something good.
    2. Keep all the transfer restrictions in place. You obviously don't want anything coming back from Drunder. That shouldn't change.
    3. Do not make it account-wide, or if that can't change for technical reasons (e.g., Kronos), allow the Player to have accounts on other servers.
    4. Don't banish players or accounts to Drunder. Instead, more aggressively enforce policy on the Live/TLE servers. If players repeatedly violate policy, ban them - period. If they want that play style, they should voluntarily create characters on Drunder.
    With the above strategy (which other games have implemented), I think you're more likely to successfully shift the appropriate player population to Drunder - and keep them paying. At the moment, the only ones you have are the ones that get caught, and many of those may not continue to pay to play there.

    It isn't without its own set of complications, and it won't solve all problems, but I think it might be a more successful strategy.

    Just my 2 coppers.

    Edit: P.S. I know legit boxers are not violating policy, but they have been frequently included in the discussion.
  15. Kalnok New Member

    Sounds like a waste of resources.
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  16. ArgentGarou Member

    Since naming policy is part of it, I guess no more toons named Rhon Jeremy. Didn't help that his dog's name was Jenna. Took about 2 years(I'm guessing) before I got warned. When I got warned I deleted my halfling toon named Bridget The'Midget
  17. Tru of Guk Member

    have to disagree with you nelurek....the reason most people bot in my opinion is to make plat by selling stuff that they can guarantee all drops for themselves...when you have a place where it is cool for everyone to bot they will and then who will they sell to?
  18. Awkk Well-Known Member

    The ones that don't want to pay for 6 accounts?

    Also if a botter gets caught and banished, will all 6 of his accounts get sent to Drunder, or only the account that ran the auction?
  19. Vasciagio Well-Known Member

    The only question I have regarding this is about boxing. I mostly craft and decorate homes. That being said, I will decorate with one account and a second account will be making my building blocks, furniture etc. So in the sense of my game play style; I am boxing. Also, since I mostly just decorate and craft, I am usually out-leveled by others in game and find that when I do want to adventure; there is no-one at that level range in guild or friend list to group up. I can try and find someone 20 levels below cap for a couple of days or the option I have decided is best use of the time I get to play the game that I pay for is to have my second account group up with the first and pull out our mercs with us. So, I box for that. I am not one to box for gear to sell; frankly cause I always seem to say, "Ohh, my monk could use that in 20 levels" and I hurt no-one by this play style. Is this really a bad thing that could get me banished? Just to clarify, I do not use any programs and yes it sucks but I only play the two accounts from the same computer and alt tab to cast a heal, range attacks, etc. Therefore, it isn't that big of an advantage. The buffs from the other class helps and the extra dps since I have never played the adventuring side of the game to the point of having great gear. Most gear is quested, dropped or master-crafted.
  20. Smallcorners Well-Known Member

    Vasciago, boxing, especially in the way you describe your use, is not something that is prohibited. You are at the controls, you are not using a program, and you are not trying to take advantage of the market. This has been repeated several times.
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