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    IrishWonder wrote:
    If I remember correctly zeb's imprisonment was because he planned to share his knowledge of how you become a god. I think he mentioned that he has learned that it is unwise to do such right before EoF came out. Though this is all from memory.
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    Caertex is just a Roekillik. He's the leader of the Serilian Horde that has taken over Kaladim. Atleast, there is a King Caertex you fight in the Cathedral of Kaladim during the Avatar Ring.
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    Ordate wrote:
    Yeah, that's what I thought the case was... they locked him up specifically because he was actively trying to share the information he knew. It's right after you beat Chel'drak and restore his essence and memory that he says he realizes the mistakes he has made in the past, and hopes to rectify those (meaning his attempt to share forbidden knowledge.)
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    Fair enough, and yes I would be very interested in the information on Caertex. Always wondered who he really was.

    One thing I don't understand, though. Why would you need a more official source for Lasydia? I mean, as you said, she's mentioned in a quest in the game. Isn't in-game lore about as official as it gets?
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    It's been a while, so I could be mistaken, but the quest in which you get the Boon of Lasydria by touching her statue tells you absolutely nothing about her as an entity. You touch the statue, and you have the urge to make the lagoon safer by killing the sharks. This could be wrong, is someone wants to get text from the quest, than by all means, but from what I remember of it from the Isle of Refuge, you touch it, get the buff, and are tasked with killing sharks. The only thing that even references Lasydria is the name of the boon and the statue.
    As for Caertex, it looks like I misspoke! Though it still doesn't look like he's a deity. Just a very, very powerful Roekillik. You can see what Vhalen said about him here,, or, you can read my cut and paste below!
    Vhalen said:
    I cannot comment on EQOA spirit deities, but I can comment on Caertex and the ratonga. Caertex has much lore surrounding him that may or may not be true. Did he have any involvement in creating wererats? Is he even a true deity of any kind? Is he among the horde that has begun to infest the surface world of Norrath? All these and other questions can only be answered by Caertex, if he even exists.

    The ratonga do recognize Brell Serilis as their creator. They know quite well who commissioned the creation of the ratonga and roekillik clay statues that now rest within the Clay Menagerie, the planar depository for all of Brell's creations.

    From what outsiders can decipher, most ratonga and all roekillik worship a deity named Caertex. He is a mad being of supreme mental powers. Along with these powers comes the inability to block the thoughts of other entities within a massive range. This rat-like deity is said to exist deep in the Plane of Underfoot, within a portion called the Endless Tunnels. This is said to be a place not even planars venture. Those who enter the Endless Tunnels are lost forever. Here can be found the only peaceful sanctum for Caertex, who hides from the thoughts of nearly an entire plane.
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    Nocturnal Abyss wrote:
    Hmm, purely from reading the Vhalen quote, I'd be inclined to label him a god by default. Then again, he's apparently been encountered in person now, and from what I understand, he really is just a roekillik in reality, so I guess that's that.
    As for the Lasydia quest, I do believe there was a bit more to it than that, though I'm not sure either. I'll go see if I can find the text.
    EDIT: Okay, created a character and ran over to check out the Lasydia statue. The quest journal text says nothing except that she's a lesser deity, but the inscription on the statue itself pops up in a text window when you accept the quest. It says that she is "divinely merciful as she is beautiful," and also talks about her watching out for castaways. It's not much, true, but I'd say it's enough to include her on the list in some fashion. Your choice, though, of course.
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    I noticed Alliz Onu on the list. There is a book with this title, and it's also mentioned in other places. The references are rather cryptic, but it sounds more like another word for the collective of lizardmen than any sort of one deity.

    Edit* I suppose they could be referring to who they worship, but it's still not real clear.
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    RaphaNissi wrote:
    Perhaps a concept similar to that Syllok?
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    Thanks to Eiwyn's lore site. Remember, 2nd editions simply mean that this version was put in after they made the book pages able to be found off the ground.
    Can read it from Eiwyn's Arcanya here. Or read it below.
    Alliz Onu - 2nd Edition
    This is a folktale concerning the lizard people of the Feerrott. It looks as if it was translated from another language.
    This is a story made from wind and earth. This is a truth that can become a lie if it is spoken too much, so beware. Listen to the tale and you will know. Listen with your tongue and you shall see. See how we have been one but are now two. Know the Alliz Onu.
    In the land of the five moons, the stars still spoke with us. They taught us the secrets of the marsh. They taught us the secrets of the flies. They taught us the secrets of fire. But the stars did not teach us the secrets of our heart. We could not feed until this secret was known.
    Onu is who we were. Onu was what we felt. And this was how we lived. Many times the wings of the root flies would be used to wipe away our smells. Without the smell of the Onu, we could find the secret of the heart of the Onu. One must always remember this.
    We could not hear the screams, but we knew they were there. We could smell them coming from the great stones that grew with edges. The Onu knew that within the eggshell of these stones held a secret. We had been given three by the stars, but we could not feed until we owned the fourth.
    The Onu with no scent would steal the fourth secret. The egg would be cracked and the mystery revealed. We Onu with the scent would remain to tend to the clutch. During this time, we would not feed until the fourth secret was known.
    We Onu who had opened a hole within the great edged stones would hold our bravery. This is why there was no scent. We Onu who would hold the clutch could feel the hunger and this we held too.
    The horned lizard with four legs and two more above spoke for the stars. The light of the north sky would follow this great lizard and the lizard would follow it. The white lizard was there when the night would come and was not there when the day warmed our skin. The hooved lizard would show us the fourth secret. We now knew the secret of the Onu's heart. The secret was Ew.
    We Onu would return from the inside of the stone egg. We Onu would say that we knew the fourth secret. We Onu knew the secret of the Onu's heart. Now we knew the fourth secret and we knew the fourth secret. There were two that could only be one. And this is why we Onu are now two.
    We Onu knew that the fourth secret could only be known when the day was gone. The secret to our hearts was between our eyes. And if we could open our heart, we Onu could make the world command our bidding. When we were one being within the world that is not, we feed and we are Evol. When we are within the world that is, we are Alliz Evol Ew.
    We Onu knew that the fourth secret was not for us. The fourth secret is Ew. The secret will now be Kaz'zar'aik'Chuel. We are the Alliz Onu. We will now be the Alliz Tae Ew. Now that the secret is known, the secret will be given to and it will give unto us. We can give more if we feed. We feed only on those that do not know Ew and what Ew is now.
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    Since you were mentioning EQ1 gods, you don't want to ignore Khati Sha the Twisted on Luclin. He may not be a true or full god, but he was being worshipped by the Grimlings after the failed ascension performed by the Shissar.
    Some in-game texts relating to Khati Sha:
    "For the ear of the Emperor I write in my own blood, accepting my death as the seal for this testment. The ceremony performed on the Vah Shir captive has failed. Our attempt to leash the divine, to merge mortal flesh with the power of the gods has gone awry. All that is widely known is that both is that the captives and his masters perished in a mistaken spell. The truth is that the captive transcended somehow, consuming many of your loyal servants with his newfound powers. Our agents seek him, but there is little hope that he will be found. He has escaped and we have failed. We bow before you to accept your judgement. We cannot carry out your command, dread Emperor. A god cannot be made."
    "We murmur of our beginnings. We tell children bright tales. But we preach forgetfulness. And this is good, for the truth is heresy. To remember what our god does is not folly. To remind him of his days as an explorer, his fame and place amongst the Vah Shir will only kindle his rage. To show him the secret ledgers and testaments we have recovered from the Shissar would surely call his wrath. To tell him of his torture and rebirth through death at the hands of the Shissar must bring our destruction. And so we must conceal the truth. Our legends must be lies."
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    You do know that the Feerrott lizard men have a funny thing about their tribes, no? Evol Ew - We Love. There are four others. I can not recall at this time what they are but run around and look, it is quite funny.
    Back on topic - I really hope we get to worship at least as many deities as we did in EQ1. I love the lore in this game and every little bit makes me love this game even more.
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    Alliz Evol Ew
    Alliz Tae Ew
    and with DoR expansion, Alliz Raef Ew
    And I suppose, Alliz Onu
    Are read "We love Zilla," "We eat Zilla," "We fear Zilla," and "Uno Zilla" respectively.
    The reason I didn't put Khati Sha, is because, well, I'm not sure how much of a god he is. Just because someone is worshipped, doesn't make them a god. The biggest thing in my mind keeping Khati Sha from being a god, was that no other planar deities recognized him as such, and more importantly, he had no place in the planar realms. One of the biggest defining traits of a greater god is having a plane shaped/manifested/controlled by your will. The demi and subdeities may not have an entire plane, but all have been given authority by a greater god, and have control over a sub-section, or even in some instances, demi-planes granted (maybe stolen or drawn from) other gods.
    Khati Sha was just a twisted, very powerful creation. I'd compare it to the frogloks worship of Trakanon on Faydwer.