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    My apologies for any spelling and/or grammatical errors. I'm not the best when it comes to such things. Herein lies all the gods I've found so far, and some (in some cases all) lore regarding who they are. If you have any questions/corrections regarding the lore presented, I'll state the sources I've found the information from. Obviously, there are a few gaps, but I hope that they are few and far between. Of course, elaborations on the lore of some gods are more than welcome, just make sure they are from in game, or lore developer sources. I don't take much stock in theories. The Forward, if you will was written from the perspective of my Erudite Coercer, Demono Darkstar (I really wish I could change his name, but ah well, too late now).Enjoy!
    There are many, many deities and demi-deities, and I was thinking a compilation of them might be useful! I realize that in this age of silence from those we had always been in touch with might seem a little odd, but I feel that if we forget the past, we are bound to repeat it. Furthermore, even now, there are utterances of a few of the gods returning to the lands, and once again strengthening their influence upon the lands of Norrath. Without further delay, I will list the ones I know of:

    First and foremost I feel it is important to name the Nameless. An entity of infinite knowledge and power, it is through he that all that has been made has come to be made. It has no personality to be associated with it, nor even forms, for it is life and power itself. Some say that the mana that is drawn by arcane masters and priests alike are in fact channeling the essence of the Nameless. This can be neither proved nor disproved.

    Elemental: Fenin Ro: Known as the Tyrant of Fire, and is ruler of the greater elemental plane of fire. He is known, pardon the pun, for being hot-headed, and very brash. He is perhaps best known for being the father of Solusek Ro, the Prince of Flame. Like the element of Fire, Fenin is powerful, and often times bordering on chaotic. His concerns, however, are with his element, and he is Nuetral, as are the other elemental deities, for the most part.

    The Rathe: A council of 12 beings who rule the elemental plane of Earth. Their essence makes up the plane, and the plane itself makes up the Rathe. Some have said that they are the only ones who have looked down onto the material realm with interest, and remain neutral in their dealings with it.

    The Triumvirate: Three equally powerful deities that rule over the
    plane of water, one for each of its forms.
    Tarew Marr: The Fathom Lord, and ruler of the Triumvirate, is ruler of it's most abundant property, water in it's liquid form. Tarew has given birth to the essences of two of the other deities, who have become deities of influence, and will be discussed there.
    E'ci: The Wintry Guardian is a zealous ruler over the hydro-plane's solid form, ice. She is rumored to hold tyrannical control over her portion of the elemental balance, and fights fiercely for it's position. In the past, a Siren coven has worshipped her near the lands of Velious. Whether she still has followers or not is not confirmed
    Povar: the Veiled One, possibly the most mysterious and least understood member of the Triumvirate, it (as it is neither male nor female) rules the final and least tangible form of water, vapor.

    Xegony: The Queen of Air, ruler of the plane of Air (not to be confused with the Vapor portion of the Plane of Water, or Veeshan, the Wurm Queen, who at one time had a presence in the plane of Sky) is quite mysterious as she cares little for the dealings or mortals, and has never been known to turn her attention away from the wheel of the true elements
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    Gods of Influence:
    Bertoxxulous: the Plaguebringer. Bertoxxulous' arrival to our world was ushered in by an ancient race that he eventually consumed. Though having no creations, the Plaguebringer's influence has been felt by nearly all of norrath, from the cult of Blood Sabers that have been living in the catacombs under Qeynos, to the ancient rat race who once feasted on the remains of the dragons in Velious, to Ak'Anon's sect known as the Dark Reflection. Bertoxxulous' followers live long, tortured lives, spreading the decay to every corner of Norrath. He has no allies, but is enemies with Rallos Zek, Rodcet Nife, Tunare, Karana, and Mithaniel Marr. His plane is the Plane of Disease. Bertoxxulous is considered a welcome meber to the Dark Pantheon, gods who some say are "evil."

    Brell Serilis: the Duke of Below, friend of Bristlebane, and foe to Veeshan. Bristlebane was the first god to create mortals upon this world. Brell has since created a myriad of creatures, ranging from Dwarves, to gnolls, to Gnomes, to Ratonga, to Kobolds (an old dog-like creature, similar, but less intelligent, and more bulky than gnolls), to these recently seen Roekillik, predecessors to the Ratonga. The only thing Brell's creations seem to have in common is a love for being under the earth, digging tunnels, and creating vast understructures. His plane is the Plane of Underfoot. Followers of Brell can still be found today among the dwarves, gnomes, and others.

    Cazic-Thule: the Faceless. Cazic-Thule inspires fear in all who know his power. Thule's creations idealize his influence, inspiring fear in almost all who encounter them. Examples of which are trolls, iksar, and the Ew lizardman races of the Feerrott. His followers are not limited to his own creations, however. In ages past, a sect of High Men, driven from Erudin for their exploration of Necromancy accepted Thule as their patron, and through their search of his Dark Truth, became powerful in their own right. Among the Greenblood Shadow Knights of the ogres, many were followers of Cazic-Thule. Today, his followers cross all boundaries of race and lifestyle. His allies among the pantheon are Rallos Zek and Innoruuk. His enemies are Erollisi Marr and Mithaniel Marr, who he had kidnapped at one time, and left with some of his minions in the Feerrott to torture for a time. Cazic-Thule's followers are driven by fear, the fear of what the master will do to them if they cease to cause fear in others. Very few torture worse than a Cazacite, as the future of their soul is determined by the fear inspired in their captives. Lord of the Plane of Fear, Cazic-Thule cannot be confused for anything but a god of evil.

    Druzzil Ro: the Matron of the Art. A tall, ebon skilled, silver haired, graceful goddess, lean, youthful, and beautiful. Druzzil Ro rules the Plane of Magic. Often considered a demi-goddess, Druzzil Ro's influence is inspiration and the arcane. Magic plays such a daily part of our lives, and the power and wisdom, and intelligience she has displayed in the past is has proved so profound, that I think that true scholars cannot deny the power she weilds. Her plane, were it not for her, would be a perfect, white, unblemished sphere, under a gray, empty sky, but you would not see that if you were to visit. No, her domain manifests itself in accordance to her emotion and thought. Everytime a spell is cast, or a magical weapon is wielded, she is there. Druzzil Ro epitomizes objectivity, and is considered by virtually all as nuetral, acting as the balancing force between chaos and order, keeping the universe in harmony.

    Erollisi Marr: the Queen of Love, Erollisi and her brother created the Barbarians, and later sparked the evolution of the humans. Her followers believe love conquers all. They dream of a world of peace and love, but are not naïve enough to believe that Norrath is this world. Her followers fight and die for the things they love. An order of priests devoted to her and her brother once played a prominent role in the political structure, until driven out by the Overlord, a former member of the Order of Marr. She also was the icon of a coven of who lived on an island in the Ocean of Tears. Her followers have numbered among humans, half elves, high elves, and wood Elves, her allies include her brother, Mithaniel, Rodcet Nife, Tunare, and Quellious. Her core nature is against the ideals of Cazic-Thule, Rallos Zek, and Bertoxxulous. She is the ruler of the plane of Love, and, as one may imagine, is considered a goddess of Light.

    Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane: The king of thieves. This god of influence inspires pranks, trickery, theft, merriment, confusion, and joviality. Bristlebane created the Halflings, and helped shape the Ratonga into what they are now. His only ally among the pantheon is Brell Serilis. Fizzlethorpe, the god of mirth, is ruler of the plane of Mischief. His followers have always included thieves, as well as gypsies, and other vagabonds. He is considered neutral, as he has had followers among both the best natured, and malicious peoples of Norrath.

    Innoruuk: the Prince of Hate. Every action, every creation, every thought of this god is done in pure malice towards all others. Innoruuk is the manifestation of Hate itself. Likewise, his followers live to spread the seeds of hate to every all of Norrath. His creations number among the Teir'Dal, elves he formed by twisting the first Koada'Dal created by Tunare, and the Luggalds, amphibious creatures that some scholars believe to be twisted forms of the Kedge, Prexus' creations, now thought to be extinct. Innoruuk has played a very involved role in shaping Norrath, having followers not only among his own creations, but among the humans and half elves of Freeport, an ancient cult known as the Dismal Rage, that has risen to prominence with the Overlord on his throne, as well as followers among the trolls, one of which creating a Grozmok stone, a source of strife among the troll clans. He has made pacts with mortals, such as Venril Sathir, the Lich king of iksar, and possibly with the Overlord himself, as we all know, Lucan was not always immortal. Innoruuk's influence has sparked many wars, and is an eternal source of corruption for all of Norrath. Though his presence is withdrawn from the world as we know it, his influence spreads out from his plane of Hate to this day. Among the pantheon, his allies are Rallos Zek and Cazic-Thule, though he hates them as much as anyone else, and holds a special hatred for the twins Marr, Quellious, and Tunare. As one might expect, the hatred and destruction born of Innoruuk causes many to call him a god of evil.

    Karana: the Rain Keeper, Lord of the Plain of Storms. Karana is the Lord of Storms, torrential downpours, violent sandstorm, and feirce blizzards, as well as gentle showers and a light powder falling from a grey winter sky. These are the craft of the Rain Keeper. At one time, Karana was trapped in his own plane, in his own meditations but a being known as Agnarr. Legends have it that mortals ventured to his plane, and freed him. Many of his followers are farmers, dependent upon his mercy for their crops, or wildermen, hermits, and others who have made their home in the wilds of Norrath. His followers are reknowned for being generous, humble people, offering mercy, as they are offered it by their god, for they feel that were it not for the mercy of their god, the entire world maywould be consumed in nature's tempests. Karana counts Tunare and Mithaniel Marr as his allies. His only enemy is Bertoxxulous. Karana is called a deity of Light, as his followers are dedicated to mercy.

    Mithaniel Marr: the Truthbringer. Mithaniel is twin of Erollisi, lord of the Plane of Valor, and the god of valor, truth, justice, etc. The ultimate paladin, Mithaniel Marr, with his twin, created the Northman and the Frogloks, and later sparked the transformation that initiated the change from barbarian to human. As was discussed above, he was at one time entrapped by Cazic-Thule. Mithaniel Marr's influence has been widespread, and a crucial factor in many of the events that have shaped the history of our world. At one time, the Overlord was a follower of Mithaniel Marr, one of his paladins, before Lucan's thirt for power (possibly first encountered by feeling the power of command, and the divine conduit through which his power as a paladin came), brought the scorn of Mithaniel Marr, and hiw power was taken from him. Mithaniel's followers have stood in every battle between "good" and "evil," always on the side of "good." Always standing for what is Right and True, the followers of Marr constantly battle against the forces and influences of Mithaniel's enemies, Innoruuk, Cazic-Thule, and Bertoxxulous. He counts his sister, Erollisi, and Karana among his allies. As the valiant hero of Truth, Mithaniel Marr is, as one might assume, a god of Light.

    Prexus: the Ocean Lord. Prexus was one of the first gods to come to Norrath after the Veeshan deposited her brood. He, along with Tunare, Rallos Zek, and Brell Serilis, came to this planet, and deposited their creations on this planet. Prexus' creation was the Kedge. The Kedge were an aquatic race, vast in knowledge, and powerful in the arcane sciences. Their temples and cities dotted the ocean floors. They were eventually wiped out by one of their own, unwittingly killing them all, save himself. No other race was positively created by Prexus. Nonetheless he gained followers. A temple in Erudine was erected in his honor, citing his blessings in the standing of their city, and the safety in which, long ago, the High Man crossed Erud's Crossing, landing upon Odus, as well as his blessing in providing the city with a bounty of seafood. Prexus claims Rodcet Nife as his ally, and Bertoxxulous as his enemy. He is usually considered a god of light, his benevolence similar to that of Karana. I have other hypotheses about his involvement in affairs, but these are unsubstantiated, and so are not present in this essay.

    Quellious: The Tranquil. The goddess of peace. Though having no creations of her own, her traditional followers have been found among the Ashen Order in Freeport, and among the Temple of the Tranquil in Erudin. As one might assume, followers of the Tranquil seek peace, however the peace the seek is not in the form of pacifism, but an inner peace. They dream of a peaceful world, but realize that this is not that world. Quellious put forth power to create two demigods, Terris and Morell Thule. The details of which will be discussed under Morell. Quellious created an avatar in the wake of the Silencing of the gods. This avatar defeated the Avatar of War on the field of battle, after which Lucan D'Lere took the weapon of Rallos Zek's chosen for his own, Soulfire. When the planes were opened up to mortals, Quellious' plane was designed to be a gateway to the others. By her very nature, she is at odds with Rallos Zek and Innoruuk. Obviously, a goddess of light, her allies are Erollisi Marr and Rodcet Nife.
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    Rallos Zek: the Warlord. Rallos Zek has been invlolved with Norrath since the first pact among the gods was made. Although not committing himself to any alliance, Zek deposited his own creation. Along with Brell Serelis's dwarves, Tunare's elves, and Prexus's Kedge, stood Rallos Zek's giants. Behemoth's consumed with conquest, and the defense of their lands. As Brell continued to seed Norrath with creations, Zek continued to create his army. Next came the orcs, battle grunts who were bless by the twins Zek, Rallos' sons, Tallon and Vallon, with an innate sense of tactics, possibly in an attempt to make up for their lack of intellect. Also, Zek created the goblins, wiry, wily creatures, who were possibly designed to be the creators and mechanics of his army, or maybe food. And last, but certainly not least, were the ogres, massive beings whose intelligience and strength were only matched by their savagery and military discipline. The creations of Zek, led by the Ogres began to conquer Norrath, much to the pride of their creator. The Rallosian Empire covered most of what was once Tunaria, and even began to bleed into the continent of Faydwer. The ogre mages' research revealed to them the Planes of Power, the home of the gods. In their pride, they plotted to begin invading the homes of the gods themselves, and Rallos Zek, swelling with pride, came to lead them into the planes himself. Legends tell of their invasion of the Plane of Earth, and the death of the Rathe Council, are told elsewhere, but the gods rallied together, and struck down the Rallosians, cursing Zek's creations, and binding Rallos Zek to his home plane, the Plane of Tactics. In the plane of Tactics, those who Zek has warranted as worthy constantly are put onto sides, are trained, drilled, and pit against eachother. Battle rages eternal eternal outside the fortress of Drunder, as Tallon commands one side, and Vallon the other. But even in the confines of his plane, Rallos still plotted the conquering of his fellow deities, and made progress to create a War Machine that supposedly bent time itself. Of the consequences of that, my research has not yet turned up valid results. It was at this time that mortals once again began to tread the planes of the gods. Rallos Zek sent an avatar right before the gods silenced themselves, and it was this avatar that led the Rallosians once more against the nations during the Age of War. Once again, the Rallosians were deafeated by their insolence towards the gods. Followers of Rallos are not limited to his creations, though most of them practice dedicated, unswerving faith towards their creator, despite the hardships they've endured by doing so. Followers of Zek can be found among every race, for wherever there is a thirst for victory, there is a following for Rallos. Rallos Zek has made alliances with Innoruuk and Cazic-Thule. His enemies are Quellious and Bertoxxulous. Despite the good in some of his followers, his personal thirst for conquest and victory at all costs, as well as the viciousness and merciless tactics he has instilled in his creations, no doubt a reflection of himself, where failure, is not tolerated. For these reasons, Rallos Zek is considered a dark god.
    Rodcet Nife: the Prime Healer. The Prime Healer and his followers fight valiantly to combat both disease and death. Followers of Nife are commonly priests and paladins, but are not limited to those proffesions. Commonly gentle, humble people, asking nothing for their service, except that someday, the people they help return the favor to someone in need. Despite this pleasant, and generous demeanor, the disciples of Rodcet Nife are ruthless in the pursuit to exterminate not only the symptoms of death and disease, but their sources, as well. Some cultures tell stories of the origins of the Prime Healer. They speak of an intelligient race of beings who lived in the southwest corner of the ancient continent Tunaria. This race, called the Jalraeth, were consumed with aquiring knowledge, and understanding all they could. These beings were immortal, and being so, were obsessed with death, something they could not experience first hand. In their studies, they would kill anything that ventured near their Castle of Envar in the Dead Hills in an effort to study it. Legends tell of one who rebelled against his peers, and instead creating means of death strove to heal the plagues developed by the Jalraeth, and purge disease from the lives of mortal beings. Thus Rodcet became a hero to these mortals, and the Temple of Life was erected in Qeynos in his honor, and some say, by his guidance. These stories are difficult to substantiate, but I have documented them, as it is one story of his origin. Another such story tells of the Prime Healer descending upon North Qeynos in an odd flying disc. The tales told, however, mentioned he was not alone, and that he and his companions had come to combat something they called the Xulous force. Though first met with fear, the stories of their abilities to revive and rehabilitate nigh any malady quickly spread, and soon Rodcet Nife was recognized as a god. Rodcet Nife is also said to rule his own plane, the Plane of Health, a place of large, white marble buildings, and iron and flesh golems doing his bidding. His allies are said to be Quellious, Karana, Erollisi Marr, and Prexus. His only enemy is Bertoxxulous. By his very nature, Rodcet Nife is a god of Light, with his desire to help improve life by eradicating disease.
    Solusek Ro: the Burning Prince. Solusek Ro owes his existence to Fenin Ro, and is much like his father in many ways. Solusek rules over the Plane of Sun. Though he has no known creations, he has maintained a fairly active involvement in the history of Norrath, even continuing his influence after the silencing of the gods through his Avatar, and is believed to have played a part in the destruction of the moon of Luclin. His presence was felt millennia before, as his wrath was raised against the children of Tunare, the Elves and of the Elddar forest. As his jealousy was stirred, flares from his plane were sent down, the rivers began to dry up, and the rains fell less and less. The elven druids fought against the Prince of Flame, but were not powerful enough. Solusek raised the Sperpent Spine mountains, cutting off the Elddar Forest from the Rains of the plains of Karana. The once great Elddar Forest become a sea of sand, a maddening wasteland...the desert of Ro. A temple once existed in the fire blasted region known to this day as the Lavastorm Mountains. The Temple of Ro held disciples of all races, all devoted to the Burning Prince, and his father, Fenin. There are stories of an ancient cult of necromancers dedicated to Solusek, and lead by one Marnek Jaull, a powerful mage who crafted many artifacts, and wrote of his research on the power of fire in arcane spells. Marnek Jaull rose an army of undead, called the Burning Dead and used the power of his creations to expand his influence in ancient Antonica. The only power that threatened Marnek's expansion were the Knights of Prexus, from Odus. Ultimately, the Knights defeated Marnek, and liberated Antonica, but not before Marnek killed the leader of the Knights of Prexus, Toran Neshal in a fiery maelstrom befitting of a disciple or Solusek Ro. Solusek Ro's discipleship still exists today, stronger than ever, primarily in the land that still feels his touch, the Desert of Flame. Today, on the streets of Maj'Dul, heat crazed prophets still preach of the might of Ro's flame. It is said that Solusek Ro has a "friendly rivalry" with Mithaniel Marr, but otherwise has no allies, no enemies.
    The Tribunal: the Council of Justice. Divine judicators, that judge the particularly heinous crimes of mortals and, when the case may occur, even some immortals. Six hooded and cloaked beings sit upon the council, also known as the Six Hammers. Their plane, as cosmic penitentiary where sit every conceivable race, serving their punishment, or awaiting their trial. There is also a seventh member of the Tribunal, the Seventh Hammer. Where the primary six weigh the evidence, and decide the fate of an individual, the Seventh Hammer exacts their edict as their executioner. He also plays the role of Baliff, and, when the rare case occurs, bounty hunter. The Tribunal is impartial, and neutral, judging each individual on the laws of their own societies. In keep with their impartiality, the Tribunal has no enemies, nor allies.
    Tunare: the Mother of All. The goddess Tunare might be called the goddess of life, or of nature. Her plane of Growth is home to all manner of magical creatures, many of which were at one time at home in Norrath. Fairies, sprites, treants, unicorns, and stranger creatures, such as things that are half goat, half men all call her plane their home, and make merry their. All manner of elven folk also reside with their creator, for it was Tunare who created elves, both Koada'Dal and their woodland cousins, many millennia ago, when the gods first came to Norrath. Through her creations, and even at times chosen avatars, such as one Firiona Vie, a paladin in the age of Turmoil, she has always strove to maintain an influence in our world. The elves have been a moving force in Norrath throughtout it's history. Their advancements and studies into both arcane and spiritual have effected us today. The expansions of their kingdoms range from the Eastern coasts of Antonica, in what is now Qeynos, and what is now Zek, but at one time was a forest beyond compare. Equally majestic was their contrasting kingdom of marble towers, and treetop platforms amidst the majestic, and awesome Elddar forest, in what is now the wastelands of Ro. They had territories on the Lost continent of Kunark, and were with the combine forces when they traveled to the moon to escape their pursuers. Tunare's children have always played an important part in Norrath's destiny. Throughout history, Tunare seems in constant strife against the forces of Innoruuk and Bertoxxulous, who continuously seek to twist and destroy her creations. Innoruuk's own race of elves, for example, are twisted visages of the first elven king and queen, whom he kidnapped and twisted for 300 years. Her allies those who seek also to rid the world of hate and disease, they are Erollisi Marr, Karana, and Rodcet Nife. As one can see by her actions, and her creations, she is a goddess, and champion for the side of light.
    Veeshan: the Wurm Queen. Veeshan has traveled the universe, depositing creations on worlds she sees fit. According to all available lore, dragons were the first beings any god placed upon the planet of Norrath, placed here by Veeshan. Veeshan is said to lay claim to the worlds she populates by scratching the surface, leaving her mark, each place she lays her brood, bears her scar. History tells of us that the scar she left on Norrath was found in Velious, a lost, ice covered continent. Some say that it is because of the jealousy of the other gods, and their desire to keep her children in check, that they, too left races on this planet. To this day, the dragons manipulate and lure mortals with promises of power and treasure, controlling the races of Norrath, in any way they can. Rumors now exist of an overrealm, the remnants of the plane devoted to Veeshan, where dragon's now battle, to decide who will decide Norrath's fate. Such has been the way since the dawn of time. The wurms, in their vast, arcane knowledge, immortal life, and unequaled power combat the greedy ambitions of Norrath. And the more they draw their claws around us, the more we slip through, so they never quite have their domination, and we are never totally free of their influence. Ages ago, to factions rose between the dragons. Those who wished to flaunt their supposed superiority, and enslave the world, bending mortals to their will, and those who wished to use us as necessary, but for the most part ignore are existence. And so they were divided, the Ring of Scale, those who would dominate, took up residence on the continent of Kunark, where the Claws of Veeshan stayed where she first placed her children, in the frozen wastes of Velious. In time, neither side could ignore the threat mortals posed. In the frozen wastes, Rallos Zek's giants, somehow untouched by the curse of the Rathe, encountered the Wurm Queen's brood, and their feud went on through ages beyond count. In the wilds of Kunark, it was the iksar, created by Cazic-Thule, who grew through their faith to the point where their power rivaled that of the Ring of Scale, and open war resulted in a collapse of the Sathir Dynasty, and the empire forged by him and his offspring crumbled around them. To this day, Drakota, and dragons can be found, as always, manipulating mortals, trying to control them, and to this day, mortals combat the Wurm Queen's children. And so her mark, though she may never return, may forever scar Norrath.
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    Zebuxoruk: the Forsaken. Zebuxoruk is a mysterious entity who in some ways seems to embody the mortal spirit. His endless search for knowledge has resulted in an unsettling revelation of the nature of the Pantheon. An action that has cost him dearly. Several times, now, the Disgraced has become mortal, though we know not whether this was an action he wished for, or if such a thing was thrust upon him. He has studied under the Matron, Druzzil Ro, and it was under her that he gained the knowledge that has made him the distain of many the gods. In the past, the gods put forth energy to put him into stasis, so that he would not share his knowledge with the mortals, for upon doing so, this knowledge would alter the balance of power between us, the created, and them, the creators. It is believed by some that he has now since returned, and was, for a time, on the Isle of Mara, with the monks of the Whistling Fist Clan. While there, his essence was restored by mortals, and he issued a series of prophecies of the days to come, some of which foretold the search for the twin blades of Destiny, and the rise of Kunark, and of Mayong, though much of it still remains a mystery. It was Zebuxoruk who somehow managed to leave not of the Time Split, though what he is refering to, none are quite certain. There is said to be a city dedicated to the honor of the Ungod, for he does not care for worship. Whether this city still remains after the Rending is unknown. In this city is said to be knowledge of the Forsaken One's past, both true and fictional, as well as knowledge of most, if not all of the Pantheon. It is said that the city is peopled by fallen Knights, Priests, and others abandoned by their patron gods. Zebuxoruk himself is truly an enigma. It seems he was not always a god, though through knowledge gained, has ascended to the planes. Perhaps it is this knowledge that the Pantheon fears he will share with us. Perhaps it is something deeper, something that may cause the vast dimensions and realms to unfold if we were to act on folly with such knowledge. Whatever the truth is, the Ungod's lips seem to be sealed...for now..
    Ayonae Ro: the Maestra. The Matron of Music, Ayonae Ro was created by Druzzil Ro to make music that would soothe the soul, and inspire her imagination. Ayonae grew to develop her own personality, and as she became an independent being, Druzzil gave a portion of her own plane so that Ayonae could create the Demi-Plane of Music. Like her mothers plane, Ayonae shapes and molds her plane at whim with her music. The music of Ayonae Ro has the power to captures the mortals who hear it, taking them on an emotional journey that flows with the music. Like her mother, Ayonae is neutral, and works to balance the forces of Discord and Order.
    Bolgin Serilis: Father of Goblins: Bolgin is the deformed and demented brother of Brell Serilis. He hides in the darkest trenches of the bowels of the Underfoot. His features are dark and he is nearly hairless. Bolgin Serilis is a partial creator of the greater goblinoid races of Norrath. During the ages when Norrathians trod upon the planar realms a band of adventurers uncovered the hidden realm of Bolgin Serilis, the twisted tunnels of Golm. Golm was the name of the vast isolated lair where Bolgin hid from sight. Within the dark twisting labyrinth that is Golm the adventurers discovered many dangers and many secrets. One of these secrets was the role Bolgin played in the creation of the goblinoids.
    This secret was taken from Golm and deposited upon Norrath during the final days of the Age of Turmoil. It would not be till the Age of Cataclysms that the goblins of Runnyeye would unearth the totem that held the secret origins of their race.
    Luclin: Maiden of Shadows. Luclin watched the other gods create their people on Norrath, and she watched as they squabbled with eachother. Luclin didn't like watching the races compete against eachother, nor the influence that the other gods would have on the others' children, and she looked to the stars around Norrath, and then she saw it, Norrath's moon. She saw it was barren, nothing more than a huge rock, really, but it was untouched! The Maiden of Shadows shaped and formed the moon to fit her creations. She then cast her veil about her world, concealing it from the eyes of the others. There she sprinkled inhabitants on her world, culminating in a race known as the Akheva. The Akheva were a powerful race, who's command over the arcane is rivaled by few. They were able to live in solitude, free to study that which they wished, and worship their beloved goddess. Then...they were interrupted. Every few centuries, the moon of Luclin became visible to the rest of Norrath. This only lasted a short time before retreating again. It was at one of these times that the Shissar fled Norrath to escape the Greenmist, judgment of Cazic-Thule. They created for themselves a great temple-fortress on the Maiden's world, and encompassed it with with a barrier devoid of atmosphere, protection from the mist that crushed their empire in the past. Similarly, several centuries later, when the Combine Empire was factioned, refugees fleeing they militant forces of Seru fled to Luclin, only to be pursued be Seru and his forces, discovering upon their arrival, that it was a one way trip. Then the strongest of the Kerra were exiled to the planet, casualties of the war between the Heretics and the Erudites. The influence of these races upon the planet was drastic. The Kerra, renamed Vah Shir began to get into territory battles with the native Grimlings. A few brilliant minds of the Combine Empire somehow got ahold of some blood of the Akheva, blending it with their, created a race of vampyres. The genius of a man who's name was Greig created a maddening labyrinth, reflecting the state of mind granted him by Luclin, punishment for bringing the Combine to her planet. Perhaps one of the most damaging effects of the newcomers was created by the Akheva themselves. With the arrival of these people, the Akhevan empire became torn in two, one lead by the High Priest of Luclin, who wanted to learn the Common tongue, that they might be able to befriend the new arrivals. The other faction, led by a new High Priestess said that the will of Luclin was not to share the planet, but to rid Luclin's world of these invaders. A civil war broke out, culminating in a most violent storm, conjured by the High Priestess Atan Ha Ra decimated the forces opposing her. The chaotic maelstrom was supposedly summoned from the Plane of Shadows itself. Luclin cares not for the peoples of Norrath, and one can only begin to imagine her anger at those responsible for the invasion of her world, not to mention the destruction of her planet. She never wished any part of Norrath, yet there were those who worshipped her. She is generally believed to be neutral, with perhaps a slight bend towards evil.
    Morell Thule: The Lord of Dreams. Morell Thule is one of two sub deities created by two diametrically opposed gods of influence. Legends say that the deities of Fear and Tranquility battled over the dream world, and after neither of them gained any ground, they each put forth a portion of their power, creating the twin deities Morell and Terris Thule. Morell Thule's physical form is that of a tall centaur, his silver hair trailing down his back and resting upon his pure white body. Out of his forehead is a horn made of pure light. Morell Thule governs his plane of dreams, making sure that his sister does not take over. The two of them balance out the dream realm. Morell Thule also played a part in the history of Mithaniel Marr, as it was because of Morell that Erollisi was made known that her brother was captive. It was also Morell who rescued Mithaniel's gift of life from his sister, scattering a part of it on the swamps, creating the frogloks, and, through a dream, used the other part of her brother's life force to impregnate Erollisi, giving birth to the Northmen. It is very possible that, were it not for Morell Thule, neither of these races would be on Norrath today. Morell is the Lord of the Dream Realm, and as such, holds more sway over the night time visions of Norrathians than his evil sister. Morell is more like his mother, Quellious, and is believed to be a gentle, benevolent god.
  5. ARCHIVED-Nocturnal Abyss Guest

    Tallon Zek: the Beholder of Battle. Tallon Zek, also called the god of tactics, is one of two lesser gods created by Rallos Zek. It was from Tallon Zek that Rallos pulled the seeds that gave birth to the first orcs of Norrath, thereby making Tallon their father. It is no wonder, then, that the crude, uncouth, uncivilized orc has what can only be called an innate gift for tactics and design, the remnant of the gift imbued in them from the source of their creation. Tallon Zek resides in Drunder, the great Fortress of Rallos, where he is in constant battle against his brother, Vallon Zek. Rallos' two foremost generals eternally pitted against each other, each one commanding giant forces of what seem to be ogres, called the Diaku, as well as other minions of Rallos, eternally engrossed in combat. When not in battle, they are training their warriors, drilling them, and hardening them for the inevitable warfare that they live for. The only time they cease direct warfare is perhaps when they unite under the banner of their father, and make war with the other gods. As I'm sure you can tell, like his father, Tallon Zek is cold, calculated, and ruthless. He is a tactical marvel, and will stop at nothing to obtain victory, thus making him a dark god.
    Terris Thule: the Dream Scorcher. Terris Thule, sister of Morell, takes after their father, Cazic-Thule. It was Terris that stole the life essence of Mithaniel Marr while he slept, torturing him with manical nightmares. Terris Thule exists to interrupt the peacefulness of sleep, instead casting the sleeper into a fearful fit of unconsciousness. She balances out her brother in the control of the dream state, she provides fearful chaos, where one is plagued by their worst fears, and in many cases, forced to face them. Her realm is the demi-plane of Nightmares. Like her father, she is a dark god, relishing in the torment of mortals and gods alike in their unconscious slumber.
    Torvonnilous: Lord of Greed. Torvonnilous personifies the essence of greed. He sits in his Demi-Plane of Greed, plotting new ways to expand his already vast expanse of wealth. His person is embodied as a human man, decorated in resplendent jewels, rings, amulets, fine silks, and an obsidian cane, topped with a platinum dragon's head. Torvonnilous borders between neutral and evil. It is somewhat hard to tell, as he truly cares about none but himself.
    Varig Ro: the God of Blacksmiths. Varig is a son of Solusek Ro. He is the greatest craftsman in the known universe. He manifests as an immense, brawny muscular man. He has a crooked "brawler" nose and is bearded. He is made of living black iron. Everything about him is made of this iron, including his clothes, yet his movements are as smooth as they would be were he made of normal flesh. He is typically garbed in a short Egyptian-style kilt and an H-shaped chest harness. Stories depicted in the mortal worlds would include such things as Varig crafting great works of armor, weapons, and art, or Varig teaching his craft to beings throughout Norrath.
    Vallon Zek: the Governor of War. Also called the god of strategy, together with his brother Tallon, bring order and discipline to the Plane of War. When not openly fighting against each other, these two brothers are drilling, training, improving, and sharpening the soldiers under their respective commands. The soldiers of the Plane of War are undoubtedly the strongest and most disciplined minions found anywhere in the cosmos. Their entire existence is devoted to becoming a better soldier. Vallon and his brother are the Drill Sergeants that make this possible. As gods, they have no need for sleep, and are eternally developing new ways to train their troops, and new tactics to use against each other, as well as the other intellectual part of battle, such as resource management, planning, coordination, and strategy. Vallon looks almost exactly like his brother, in fact, some believe them to be alter egos of each other. On the mortal plane, tribute is paid to both by most Rallosians, including, ogres, orcs, and giants. Vallon, like his brother and father, is considered an evil deity, who will stop at nothing to gain the upper hand in battle. Victory, at whatever cost, is still victory.
    Xev Bristlebane: the Prince of Fortune. He is known as the younger twin brother of the much more notorious Fizzlethorpe Bristlebane, the god of mischief, usually just known as Bristlebane. Well... that may not be true because no one knows for sure if Xev was a twin, or a personality of Fizzlethorpe, or just a character that Fizzlethorpe liked to play.
  6. ARCHIVED-Nocturnal Abyss Guest

    Lanys T'Vyl: The Daughter of Hate. Also called the goddess of envy, it is believed that Lanys was raised to Demi-God status by Innoruuk following a number events that occurred after he snatched her up during the Batlle of Bloody Kithicor. Lanys has had a hard time of it, as her soul has been pulled between Norrath and the Plane of Hate a number of times. On one occasion, she sought out a powerful artifact that would seal Innoruuk from the mortal realm. In this endeavor, she was ultimately thwarted, though the cult that followed her, Primordial Malice, remained for some time, and was known to be at odds with Neriak. Lanys was born to a Priestess of Innoruuk, fathered by Innoruuk, and strengthened her father's influence upon Norrath in all that she did. Lanys has been responsible for many events in Norrath's history, including the Battle of Bloody Kithicor, and the taking over of the High Elf outpost in Kunark, which bore the name of her most hated enemy, Firiona Vie. She has always been cold, calculated, and very, very evil. As such, she is a dark goddess, though some question if she is still truly a goddess at all, or if she has fallen from the favor of her Father.
    Rolfron Zek: Lord of Despair. Also called the Forlorn, Rolfron's tale begins long ago, before Brell Serilis had made any pacts with other gods. Deep in the bowels of Norrath, Brell created the Kobolds. As the other gods came to Norrath, he entered into a pact with Tunare, and Prexus, Rallos Zek was there, too, but he would not pledge allegiance to anyone. In this pact, Brell created the Dwarves. Not wanting to anger the other gods, if they found his previous creations, he abandoned the Kobolds, leaving their shamans powerless, and their clans without spiritual guidance, the Kobold clans fell into bickering with one another, leading to great wars between them. The conflict caught the attention of Rallos Zek. As he walked about the Underworld, he was impressed with the ferocity and viciousness of the dogmen, and took note of the gaping hole created by the absence of spiritual guidance in their lives. Rallos sought out the most enraged kobold, and came upon a very old, albino shaman who's anger at Brell Serilis, and despair from his abandonment, knew no bounds. Snatching up this shaman, Rallos took him to his plane, and stripped him of what was left of his soul, replacing it with a shard of his own being. Rallos then took the kobolds embittered spirit, and fashioned it into a blade which he gave to Rolfron, Lord of Despair. Rolfron is said to dwell in the shadows of Rallos, inflicting hopelessness and despair on the victims and enemies of wars. Most consider him an evil deity, his influence is a dark omen in any battle.
    Saryrn: the Mistress of Torment. Saryrn, in her mortal life, was a priestess of Erollisi Marr, the Goddess of Love. Love fueled Saryrn's existence, and she gave the full of her being into love. She learned to love everything, art, food, drink, music, friends, and eventually, she fell in love with another, whom she thought to be her soulmate. Saryrn thought this to be the true meaning of love, and the fulfillment of her existence. Just as her husband was her soulmate, so, too, was she to be her husbands, at least to Saryrn. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Saryrn's husband fell in love with another woman, and this new love slowly drew him away from Saryrn. When she found out about this new love, she was destroyed. Her entire world fell down around her, as the realization of her soulmate's betrayal festered in her. The malice and envy that grew in Saryrn twisted her psyche, eventually causing her to go mad, and kill her husband and his mistress, but she didn't stop there. She set out to show all what a lie love was, and to show them the twisted truth of pain and torment, destroying all that was sacred to Erollisi, breaking the lies of love, and replicating the cruel, unending pain that twisted her soul, in the hearts of others. Saryrn is now the cruel goddess of the Plane of Torment, where her victims stay shackled. At random and whim, she chooses one of these poor souls to torture, for her amusement, for any amount of time she sees fits. The denizens of her plane live in perpetual fear that they might be next to satisfy Saryrn's bloodlust. It is no wonder why she is an evil, dark goddess.
    Sullon Zek: the Maiden of Rage. Long ago, Sullon McKlerren was a barbarian warrior who's only desire was to defend her family's home from enemies. Her battle prowess grew as over and over again, she was tested by the foes that sought to ravage the barbarians, and wipe them from existence. Soon, her skills with axes and swords were unmatched. Sullon had found that by channeling her anger and rage, no enemy could stand before her. The more she would channel this rage, the powerful she would become. Her friends and family grew more wary of her, though, for when she was in this blood rage, nothing could reach her. Even her two wolves began to shrink away from her, afraid that one day, she might turn on them without realizing it. Each time she went into a fit of rage, she grew stronger, eventually drawing the attention of Rallos Zek himself. Rallos Zek plucked Sullon from the mortal realm, and placed her in his arena in the Plane of War, where she was pit against Rallos's most powerful champions, none of which could stand before her enraged state of being. Finally, Rallos himself climbed down into the pit, where she immediately bowed, and began to lower her axes in fealty to the God of War. He yelled at her, telling her to never set her axes down again. He then told her to prepare for battle. The dual that ensued was one of epic tales, each blow parried, by the other, each swing as hard as the first, neither tired, neither gaining ground. Sullon let her rage consume her, growing more and more frustrated as she'd limberly dodge a blow, just to have her attack parried. Their axes locked together, Sullon shook with ferocious anger, prepared to drop the weapons and continue the battle with her fists, when suddenly the mighty fortress of Drunder shook with Rallos's laugh, snapping her from her trance. She again dropped to her knees, preparing to feel the taste of steel for daring to fight a god. Instead, she felt a gently touch of metal as Rallos anointed her his Maiden of Rage. None but Rallos ever stood before her, though the twins of Zek said they would be able to, neither has ever tried. Sullon was given her own demi-plane, the center of which is her home, the Razorthorn Tower. Around the edges of the plane swirls the Seething Wall, a thing that absorbs warriors agitating them into fits of uncontrolled rage, rage that cannot be released until Sullon allows them to once again be released onto the battlefield of the plane, the Devastation. Here war is eternal as loose factions are formed purely to fight against other factions, all denizens consumed with rage induced bloodlust, hoping that one day, they might prove themselves worthy to join their Mistress in her tower. As a soldier falls upon the Devastation, his soul is put once again into the Seething Wall, until he will again come out onto the Devastation. Sullon Zek is chaotic and evil, her influence being that of pure rage.
    Tholuxe Paells: God of Lust. Unfortunately, very little else is known of this deity. Gypsies, and other vagabond tricksters occasionally create charms supposedly able to grant "Paells' Blessing," causing the wearer to be desirable. There are, of course, others who pay tribute to Tholuxe Paells, they are those who sell themselves, and profit from the power of Tholuxe. Within his demi plane of debauchery he rules supreme. Unlike many planars, he prefers frequent interaction with mortal worlds and delights in tempting the weak of virtue with offers of eternal pleasure. This is how he populates his world. Every being that has been tempted by Tholuxe Paells is brought here to his world of eternal pleasure and debauchery. Too many, entry into his world begins as a pleasurable dream, but for all, this dream turns into an inescapable torment. This veiled torture often drives mortals insane or, in the least, loss of all former thought, as they are consumed with their lustful desires. All of this is done for the pleasure of Tholuxe Paells, demigod of debauchery. He is a tall slight of built man with feminine attributes that suggest androgyny. For this, he is more evil, than neutral.
    Vazaelle Kaleine: the Mad. Once a Heretic (Erudite who was ousted from Erudin for following Cazic-Thule/practicing necromancy) priestess, her religious zeal and prophetic visions stripped her mind of any semblance of sanity. Lifted up by Cazic-Thule and made a demi god, she was given her own plane, where her twisted mind shaped the realm into a the image of Old Paineel after its destruction. From her domain, she occasionally received a vision in the future of some Norrathian of an event that will drastically change his/her life when it occurs. This she shares with the individual...however, depending upon the severity of Vazaelle's mental state during such a vision, the individual will know some degree of madness for the rest of their lives, having been touched by Vazaelle the Mad.
  7. ARCHIVED-Nocturnal Abyss Guest

    Spirit Deities: (ask Vhalen for more info on these)
    Drinal: the Silver Reaper.

    Ehayae: Matron of the Dawn.

    Sahteb Mahini: the Feral Spirit.

    Everquest 2 deities:
    Anashti Sul: goddess of Oblivion? (Need to ask Vhalen for more info)
    Byzola and Dymetreax: the Conjoined twins of Torment. (quote from Vhalen, edit and modify later) Byzola is the conjoined twin of her brother, Dymetreax. Together they are known as the Twins of Torment. They exist upon the Plane of Fear and work as agents to the ruler of that plane- Cazic-Thule. They have ventured far and wide in the name of fear. They bring about pain, both physical and mental, to any creature they see fit. In a time long past, they encountered a champion of mortal worlds who ventured to the Plane of Fear to do battle with the Twins of Torment. During that battle, Byzola was slain by the magical brass weapon being wielded by the mortal. Byzola now lies as a fetid corpse still attached to her still living conjoined brother. They were being bred by the Faceless to seize control of a quasi plane from an agent of the Plane of Hate." Recent rumors have been whispered that a Shard of the Plane of Hate can now be reached, and that it is ruled over by the undead Byzola. As to the fate of her brother, nothing is yet known.
    Derris Zek: The Prince of Plunder. Derris is one of the mighty generals that command an army in the Plane of War. General Derris is renowned for his merciless scare tactics, pillaging and plundering the territories his armies conquer. He is merciless and will raze any and all enemy encampments he comes across, whether it be military or other. On Norrath, he is worshiped by orcish rogues, bandits, and raiders, usually. His followers realize the value of terrorist tactics, and feel the best way to furnish the necessities of their armies is by taking it from those they have conquered.
    Gorynn: Champion of Zek. Gorynn is a member of a tall, very muscular, four armed humanoid race indigenous to the Plane of War. It is here that he has earned and retains the title of Champion of Zek. Gorynn once ruled as a great general in the Army of Zek, but has since moved on to become the champion of the Plane of War's grand arena. He has bested and laid waste to thousand of competitors. Rallos Zek admires his skill and ferocity in combat, and has allowed Gorynn to build one secluded arena of majestic proportions upon each world that the god of war touches. Many believe this is where The Arena that was once found in the Rathe Mountains of old, off the shores of Lake Rathetear, came from. Gorynn's primary followers are, of course, Gladiators. Tributes to him can be found in almost every arena in Norrath, but especially among the Rallosian races, where victory in the Arena, can mean status within society. And to the victor, goes the spoils.
    Syllok: the eternal Soul of the Iksar. "The days after the Shattering have seen the rise of a new religion that pays homage not to a god born in the planes, but a god born on Norrath! This god is called Syllok. Syllok is the deity the present Iksar of have come to worship. They believe it to be a coalescence of the spiritual force of every Iksar that has passed on, an amorphous being with hints of a multitude of Iksar faces that appear and disappear constantly. Syllok is of course a highly intelligent, divine, arrogant and callous deity, quite the epitome of an evil god. Syllok was born of them and they shall all some day be Syllok."
    Ullkoruuk: Lady of Insurrection. Residing in the Plane of Hate, Ullkoruuk was once a paladin of Erollisi. For reasons unknown, she abandoned her station in Erollisi Marr's elite guard, and betratyed her goddess, becoming a minion of hate, forsaking her real name in the process, and taking up the mantle of Ullkoruuk, the Archtraitor. Her followers are mostly traitors who have dissented from the ranks of an organization or nation in order to strike back at those who they now hate for some deep-seated reason. Her armor is similar to that she wore as a paladin of Erollisi, but now is dark, and treacherous to behold, mirroring the vile, traitorous heart in her bosom. As she is allied with Innoruuk, she is, of course, evil, though often her followers, if not traitors, are those seeking vengeance against the organization that has cast them aside.
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    wow. You really put a lot of time writing this up, didn't you? hehe, Bravo! I could use a refresher. I'll read this later when I have time.
  9. ARCHIVED-Vollux Guest

    Fantastic Job! You might want to change the Cazic-Thule section a bit. It states Erollisi and Mithanial are his allies but I believe you meant enemies.
  10. ARCHIVED-Nocturnal Abyss Guest

    Heh, thanks, took me a while to sort it all out. I have more information on many of the better known gods, but would have made their sections even longer, and I think this does a decent job of filling out the type of interaction you get with them. Solusek Ro comes to example, with the conflicts his followers have had.
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    This just proves how much of a geek I am.../sigh...but if you felt like typing up that additional info I'd love it!
  12. ARCHIVED-Pratell Guest

    in your luclin section you state that the vah shir were exiles from Norrath, but I do believe that the Vah Shir are descendents of the Kerrans who were blasted up to the moon during the formation of The Hole on Odus.
  13. ARCHIVED-Zabjade Guest

  14. ARCHIVED-Nocturnal Abyss Guest

    Surish@Venekor wrote:
    Yes! The Vah Shir were indeed those descended from Shir, blasted to Luclin as collateral during the Eruditic civil war. Their capital city was teleported to the surface of the moon, leaving them unable to return to a continent where the two warring parties didn't really want them there in the first place...
    I believe "exiled" is a decent word to describe their predicament.
  15. ARCHIVED-Nocturnal Abyss Guest

    Zabjade wrote:
    Read the paragraph right above the title "Elemental" at almost the very top!
  16. ARCHIVED-Zabjade Guest

    My bad that's what I get for skimming ^_^;;;
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    Nocturnal Abyss wrote:
    I think he's confusing "Exiled" with "Exodus"
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    Do you plan to have a sections on cast-down godlings such as Xeb and Mistmore?
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    You missed one, though I'm not exactly sure where he'd/it'd be put in your categorization. Probably under EverQuest 2 Deities. Syllok.
    Syllok is an ideal that many Iksar now believe as opposed to Cazic Thule. He is supposed to have been a mortal who ascended, or something like that. Here's the info from the Prima's Official Guide on him.
    "But the days after the Shattering have seen the rise of a new religion that pays homage not to a god born in the planes, but a god born on Norrath! This god is called Syllok. Syllok is the deity the present Iksar of have come to worship. They believe it to be a coalescence of the spiritual force of every Iksar that has passed on, an amorphous being with hints of a multitude of Iksar faces that appear and disappear constantly. Syllok is of course a highly intelligent, divine, arrogant and callous deity, quite the epitome of an evil god. Syllok was born of them and they shall all some day be Syllok."
    also, here's a link about him to which Vhalen replied.
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    Syllok hasn't been identified as an actual diety, or just a Cult following though.