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Discussion in 'Items and Equipment' started by Lament, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. Lament Active Member

    To be completely neutral in any bun fight; I am going out in the overland zones to see the drop rate.. Thus far, 12 writs, 6 obols. which is by no means candy rate, but on the margins of acceptable.... more updates as they happen!
  2. Lament Active Member

    so; I have gone at it with the writs..... about 1 obol / 3 writs.... now that is not terribad, but I still think a swapshop would appease most people....
  3. CoLD MeTaL Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure the drop has been upped a time or two. And yes it's still terribad. But so are the required spirits etc.
  4. Erszebeth Active Member

    I think the best problem for the spirit/obol disparity some or many people have would be 10 obol:1 spirit swap rate, so if you have ludicrously numerous obol, or excessive spirits you can exchange them at an even rate across the board.
  5. Geothe Active Member

    No, not at all. You can get piles of Obol just killing solo mobs. You should not be able to convert that Obol into Spirits to buy that gear. Converting Spirits to Obol would be ok.. you actually have to partake in Heroic Content to aquire spirits in the first place. So you deserve heroic rewards.
  6. Kalmaraa Active Member

    I hate to point this out but this is NOT a guarantee. I did some experimenting, doing any left over quests as well as the writs DOES pay out more in Obols then just going around and killing at random. So far I managed to earn 1 to 2 Obol for every 3 writs I do. So lets look at it like this.

    3 writs available for Obol Plains for one run.
    That means 2 Obols in total for one run.
    If I do 3 runs a day that could mean 6 Obols for that day.

    I say could as it's not a guaranteeing but it is what I been getting constantly, as such I can count on it for the Obols.

    Besides it's better then just running around like crazy.

    On a side note running around in a group, while makes the killing faster, DOES NOT mean you will get Obol's faster. From what I been learning from asking around on my server, is that the drop rate is the same if you do it in a group or solo. All a group does is make sure you kill things faster, not necessarly earn Obol faster.
  7. Kalmaraa Active Member

    I just noted this statement and wanted to point out, that a few of us, incudling myself log on at weird hours. As such we maybe get the chance to run a heroic zone once every month or so. As such the option to convert Obol in to Spirits might be a good idea to help support the part of the community that has this problem.

    The reason I am saying this is that raiders and a good amount that do the heroics still have the mentality of turnning down folks that DO NOT have said gear you can only get if you do the heroics, or plane of war zones. Which for me, and I'll be frank, is idiotic as you need to do those zones just to get that gear.

    Saddly that is about 90% of all raiders out there, so finding ones that can help or willing to group with you is very rare and far between. It's also the problem SOE has been noted as trying to correct by giving the non-raider access to better gear.
  8. Erszebeth Active Member

    I can understand not wanting obol to convert to spirits, as per the heroic requirement for spirits, but atleast letting us convert our spirits into obol would be a decent compromise.
  9. Kuulei Well-Known Member

    Bite your tongue! They have a conversion on the DOV adornment merchant.. for 10 Pure Primal Velium Shards (Blue / Raid) you can get 1 (that's ONE) Primal Velium Shard (White / Heroic):confused:

    If implemented it would be something more like 10 Greater Spirit to buy 1 Obol! Or worse, 10 Obol to buy 1 Greater Spirit:rolleyes:
  10. Kander Developer

    We're thinking about this and a good/fair way to do it. More soon.
  11. Lament Active Member

    Thanks Kander... appreciate you stopping by. Just FYI; I saw HM Venekor drop an obol today; always part of the loot table or new to the patch?
  12. Kander Developer

    I believe we just added them with yesterday's patch.

    Also from a previous post:

    We are going to add the new base stat yellow and red adornments to a CoE merchant. You'll be able to purchase them for Greater Spirits.

    Greater Spirits will get added to CoE raid zone end boss (Drinal,Baroddas, Warders) to drop for the entire raid.

    Obol to Greater Spirit and Greater Spirit to Obol conversion will also go in.

    I am shooting to have this in for the February 26th update.
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  13. Lament Active Member

    I just replied over there... thx for your consideration... I thing you just made a whole bunch of players very, very happy. Also, grats on the level ding ^_^
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  14. Foretold Well-Known Member

    Wow. That's like the whole burrito, chips, salsa, and a side of rice and beans... damn...

    I'm feeling its a bit overmuch but *shrugs*...
  15. Wurm Well-Known Member

    I get obols overland all the time from all types of mobs.

    Since CoE came out I've gotten a total of 2 spirits though.
  16. Wurm Well-Known Member

    Not overmuch at all, but seriously needed.
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  17. Prrasha Well-Known Member

    Awesome. Thanks for listening!
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  18. Lament Active Member

    5:1 actually...accuracy or not at all. And it was a totally different system. Group shards & Raid shards. The reason they added the 5:1 raid to heroic downconvert was that raiders has a surfait of blues and wanted yellows for their new gear. With this new system of global obols and heroic spirits, it needs a different tact. Lets not forget, that in DoV you could run the weekly 3 set mission for 20 - 24 whites (ie 4 -5 yellows). This required a 2 hour commitment in a good group. Defined commitment, defined reward.

    The new system adds the RNG into the equation, and I know people sat on hundreds of obols. Myself, I am sat on 20+ essences and spirits. 27 obols atm, mainly cos I am saving for the port item. I do like the new system, but my main gripe is there is no way bypass the RNG atm. I am not asking for a perfect conversion. Far from it, luck still needs to play a part.

    Seeing as they are making base stat runes available for spirits, I think the best idea is:

    Steward Armour / Weapons - 2 x Spirits
    Steward Jewellery - 1 x Spirit + relevent essense
    Yellow CoE adorns - 2 x Spirits
    Red CoE adorns - 3 x Spirits
    1 x Spirit - 12 x Obols.
    HE Key - 1 x Spirit
    Port item - 5 x Spirits

    Thus making the Spirit the defacto currency and the Obol a fractional version of the spirit.

    But to be honest I'll take whatever Kander and his team comeup with... "Kander phun back in Ev-phun-quest" since 2013!
  19. Darkholis Member

    Kinda off topic but I think they might want to implement a way to trade DoV white shards for blue ones because let's face it, nobody want to run DoV for blue shards anymore. Even filling a PUG for ToFS/Drunder is a pain.
  20. Lament Active Member

    It only worked the other way; 5 blue = 1 white....

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