The NEW Warlock Issues and Concerns Thread

Discussion in 'Warlock' started by ARCHIVED-Windowlicker, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. ARCHIVED-CoLD MeTaL Guest

    So no response for over 2 months, I guess i should just reroll to a melee class and forget this crap. At 67% crit self buffed can't get to half an assassin's dps when the assassin is wearing treasured only gear. SOE needs to fix this TOTAL BS.

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  2. ARCHIVED-Nadr Guest

    This thread scares me.
    I came back to the game and thought instead of picking up my 53 bruiser I would reroll new.
    I looked around at the choices and asked myself... what do you want to do this time around, tank? heal? support?
    Nah I said.. I want to blow S*** up. I dont want to look at the mob and have it quake in fear that it will die. I want his frends to quake with him. Sounds like a Warlock to me.
    My tank side screamed out nooooo... you will be squishy and die in two hits.
    My newfound mage side responded with not a problem... cause the the mobs should only get one hit on me before they fall over dead.
    Currently I duo with a Mystic. She tosses a ward on me and I go to town blowing up the everything in range. It works rather well and I am happish with him, but lately I have started to get concerned that his damage was not exactly at the top of the food chain. I hit some giants for 1700 each (1700x4) and was very proud of myself. Until that mystic friend, who has a ranger, yawned and said her ranger has been doing that for awhile.
    Thats the event that sent me into the forums to see if it was true.. could the warlock not be king of the dps? Tell me its not so!
    I also like to raid, and it sounds like the higher end content is not even going to need me!
  3. ARCHIVED-maddawg138 Guest

    stick with the lvl 50 you get your special which is an AE dot that does massive damage on each tick.
  4. ARCHIVED-attila Guest

    1. tso aa reduse dot duration. it should work on disease dot too. we have only 2 solo dot and why dot duration didt work on vacuum chamber?
    2. mythic clicky should work only on apocalypse. other spell didnt use on solo target and on most named i cant hit add because mythic clicky nerf absolution.
    3. Fix swarm pet. On swarm pet didnt work base, cri,t critbonus its horible. And on most fight swarm pet live only few second. it work good for kos expansion but now it make 3 spell useless.
    4. nerf wizard mythic!!! its overpower.
  5. ARCHIVED-Korvac Xavier Guest

    Don't ever ask for a nerf to someone else. Instead ask that we get upgrades as well to bring us in line. As for the rest of your post.......
  6. ARCHIVED-attila Guest

    Korrupt@Najena wrote:
    now there is no reason to keep others dps classes except wizards
  7. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    1. Debuff stripping needs to stop stripping dots.
    2. Dark Aggravation needs to be altered. As it is, it is too unreliable due to the random proc rate, and it can also be stripped from mobs who remove debuffs. It also fails to always hit in an aoe and resist issues cause you to switch encounter targets even if one encounter member was hit, if the others resist it you have to directly target the affected member.
    3. Swarm pets need to either be removed or made useful. The Warlock's Acid Storm is nowhere near the Wizard's Rays of Disintegration and is simply another worthless dumbfire pet.
    4. Resist rate of Warlock spells seems much higher than a wizard's.
    5. As Curse of the Void now has a buff portion due to aa's, it should be made until canceled or have a much longer duration. I don't see the real value in it having a short 10s or less reuse and a 1 minute duration. Or alternately it should have the buff portion to the warlock persist even if it is stripped.
    6. Same issue with volativity. It has a 3 or so second reuse and lasts roughly a minute. No reason for it to not be until canceled as it is just more busywork.
    7. Aura of Void's range is not consistent with other warlock spells and you have to be closer than normal.

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