The new vampire lore is a joke

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  1. ARCHIVED-Homeskillet Guest

    Seriously, I am fine with it being a promotion, and SC fluff, but at least have some pride in the game to use the existing lore and come up with something I did, in 10 minutes of boredom at work. At this point Sony can have it for free:

    Origins of the Freeblood
    Like many of the great changes that have come to sweep over Norrath, the origins of the
    Freeblood vampires lie interestingly enough in the actions of a handful of ambitious adventurers. When
    the noble Koada’dal Marcus Thex, a champion of the mysterious Freethinkers was discovered in the
    depths of the Evernight Abbey; he had been made into that which he had sworn to destroy. Cursed with
    the existence he and his Freethinker companions had so valiantly fought, the valiant Koada’dal battled
    with the desperate urge to end his own existence. Such a valiant spark of life cannot easily be stamped
    out though, even when shrouded in darkness. Unlike some thralls of Mistmoore, Marcus still held the
    gift given to all the creations of the Gods; the gift of choice. Thus Marcus became the first vampire
    champion of the Freethinkers, bringing light to the darkness and setting an example of hope and valor
    for those around him.
    Though cursed to carry on his fight in the shadows, Marcus was regarded as the champion he had
    always been by his Freethinker comrades. Though there were those among the Freethinkers who looked
    at the more practical elements of Marcus’ “affliction”; they saw it as an opportunity to use Mayong’s
    very gift against him and his ilk. Despite his acceptance of his own cursed existence, Marcus abhorred
    the idea of allowing anyone to share in his cursed immortality. Nonetheless many of the Freethinkers,
    particularly the more youthful and some would say foolhardy, volunteered to be “turned” by Marcus
    Thex. The enthusiasm and compassion of some touched Marcus’ spirit, yet also touched on some dark
    urge that resided within him. So it was that the sun set on a group of young Freethinkers, and the night
    embraced them. It was within that same group that one young woman jokingly coined the name for the
    newly born vampires; “Freeblood”.
    The Freebloods proved themselves to be worthy of their gift, earning a reputation for bravery and
    ferocity in dealing with the abominations the Freethinkers continued to fight in the shadows of Norrath.
    Vampire fought vampire on a level playing ground and even Marcus began to lose doubt in his decision
    to allow this. Despite this, not all were comfortable to fight side by side with vampires. Though the
    Freethinkers had become more well known and their deeds celebrated by fellow champions of Qeynos
    and Kelethin, even the most tolerant were reluctant to accept the Freebloods. Some worried that they
    would succumb to the urges typical to their kind, while others argued that they were different from the
    unnatural creatures the Freethinkers hunted and their sacrifice was something noble and to be admired.
    Ultimately the Freebloods expanded both within and outside of the Freethinker ranks; becoming a
    powerful presence in the world of Norrath. As with Lord Marcus Thex, the Freeblood vampires were
    beings with the ability to choose their path. As these new vampires spread, many chose to forge their
    own path outside of the Freethinkers; though they continued to identify themselves by the name Freeblood.
    Thus the Norrathian cities were faced with an odd dilemma, as vampires of other factions who had
    rebelled against the designs of their makers flocked to the freedom this new group represented. The
    vampire had stepped out of the shadows and into the cities, taverns, and inns of Norrath.
  2. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    This is your own take on how you think the race should have been introduced, right?
  3. ARCHIVED-Homeskillet Guest

    Yes, an example of if you are wanting a quick write up, its not hard to take an existing loose end and flesh it out creatively. It literally took me 10 minutes. I saw the news update on my phone at work this morning, read the lore, gears turned 1/8th of a turn in my head and a few minutes later I had that in my notepad.
  4. ARCHIVED-BlakkMantis Guest

    Not so much of the lore that bothers me, as the look of the new Vampire race. Looking at the pics they released, they look horrible.
  5. ARCHIVED-Homeskillet Guest

    Lore and visually, it was pure schlock.
  6. ARCHIVED-Faelain Guest

    Better than the "official" lore SoE came up with.
  7. ARCHIVED-Homeskillet Guest

    The thing is, I HATE people that take excessive liberties with or completely ignore in game lore; it's much of what turned me off of roleplay here. EQ and EQ2 has some of the most well designed, deeply fleshed out lore of any game or fantasy setting, there is plenty to play with and work off of. But this...its just nonsense.
  8. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    Actually Marcus never fully became a vampire. The ritual they were trying to perform was not completed. Which is one reason during the boss fight in Evernight Abbey he uses the sun against you since you had become a vampire throughout that story...
  9. ARCHIVED-Iskandar Guest

    I like it Your alternate lore would have also been a great opportunity for them to have done something else that many players have asked for since it was introduced: make New Tunaria a player city.
    Simply add a second entrance across the way from the entrance to the current New Tunaria. This would be the side of the city controlled by the Freebloods, as led by Marcus Thex. In essence, he would have initiated a civil war in New Tunaria to wrest control of the city away from Mayong's influence.
    It could have been pretty decent -- we would have gotten a new race, a New Tunarian starter city, and some cool Tunarian style player housing... even if ya don't dig the race, Tunarian housing woulda been a blast to have access to. But instead we get the holiday event that never ends....
  10. ARCHIVED-Cratoh Guest

    I think you will find the 'lore' surrounding vampires introduction to EQ2 goes something more like this:

    As the smoke cleared around the jumping marketplace, the developers realised they had really upset most of the player community, and in a slight panic about the imminent release of other games and expansions they decided to try and jump on a bandwagon which some of their younger relations had expressed some ridiculous interest in - namely Twilight/Trueblood etc blah blah blah.
    In the true cynical spirit of people intent on wrecking a game they lazily mashed up some shoddy graphics, and some shoddy lore which was full of holes, and then tried to make people subscribe for 3 months to get somne total crap they hadn;t even thought of yet, making it appear to be shrouded in mystery rather than just admitting there wasn't anything.
    Then they realised they could sell it to people on the market place and that was that.
  11. ARCHIVED-Homeskillet Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Don't argue with me.

  12. ARCHIVED-Iskandar Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    Fallen Marcus Thex is classified as undead and a vampire. And if the procedure was incomplete, perhaps that could explain why he "has a soul" (to borrow a gimmick from Buffy/Angel ) and can forge a Freeblood clan.
  13. ARCHIVED-Gninja Guest

    That is one of the outcomes the players can choose to persue but the story which is canon to lore is that the players interupted the ritual which they were trying to perform to turn him into a vampire and they did not succeed.
    This is a very good example of how stories can be told within game that are complete one offs to the actual story being told. It was one of those "Hey wouldn't it be cool if the players could let him turn into a vampire then get some sort of different reward from it?"
  14. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Gninja wrote:
    That's actually been a bit of an issue. Currently there seems to be quite a few quests/story arcs/raid mob killings like that, yet there typically is no indication really as to whether what you did is canon or not most of the time, nor is there usually in-game confirmation or deconfirmation which leaves things incredibly vague.
  15. ARCHIVED-Homeskillet Guest

    Sure I'll bite. In EA Marcus sees you as vampires and does not realize he has become one, as even after you defeat him from frolicking in sunlight and tossing around holy water he goes through his dilologue as Fallen Marcus Thex, saying he is feeling cold blah blah blah as parting words. It is also part of the ENTIRE progression quest from Evernight Abbey, to Mistmyr Manor, to Ravenscale Repository. You find that Lenya Thex was afflicted with vampirism too, and then finally go into the final zone to recover the Crown of TEARIS MUMPING THEX to return to Oronar Camthalion in New Tunaria.
    So if you want to stick with this line of "Oh but that wasn't actually canon.", to that I say backpeddle faster please.
  16. ARCHIVED-Homeskillet Guest

    And regardless, even if you want to disprove it; it doesn't change the fact that it was more innovative, well thought out, and even more well received than what was actually put out (Nights of the Dead versus one of the larger lore loose ends put in game? Really?)
  17. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    There are a LOT of apparent loose ends out there. I know that I myself made a large thread complaining about it quite some time ago. Would it really kill the encounter designers to make a raid boss/npc run away if they aren't really dead, or show some appropriate scene and dialogue?
    I mean I can understand if the proper scripting wasn't there before (killing Venekor in Temple of Cazic Thule/Spirits of the Lost and then him re-appearing in Halls of Seeing for no apparent reason, where we finally kill him...but then again his trophy says he might show up again so who knows?) but nowdays I don't think there is much an excuse.
  18. ARCHIVED-Wilin Guest

    Morghus wrote:
    Similar to the Delahnus fight in conservatory...
  19. ARCHIVED-Homeskillet Guest

    Wilin wrote:
    No, she clearly flies away before you slay her, to come back and help you in Cella.
  20. ARCHIVED-Cusashorn Guest

    Homeskillet wrote:
    Yeah, just making sure, because your write-up would fit much better in the game than what SoE provided with the NOTD thing.

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