The New TLE Server should be done like this...

Discussion in 'General TLE Discussion' started by Poopoo, Nov 8, 2021.

  1. Kotter Legendary Member

    lfg To Speak as a Dragon...
    i can't wait!!!!!
  2. Fangrim Active Member

    FF14 has log in issues because it's a massive success and has millions of players. In fact it is so popular they have even stopped all sales of the game for now and suspended all advertising.
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  3. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I know that Fangrim , Iam playing FF14
    The problem is only in one or two of the data centers though
    I play on Diablos and we did not have the later problems that other servers had , besides when the new expansion was released.
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  4. Fangrim Active Member

    Then I wish you luck in logging in! :)
  5. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I got in just like normal throughout the last days I think our Data Center for some reason seams to cope better .
    my last log in had 7 people in queue truth this was at 6am eastern US time .
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  6. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    it's evening now about 12 hours later and the queue had only 352 people waiting to get in , it took me less than 10 minutes .
    They also fixed the bug where you get knocked out of queue and had to start over , and the one where the numbers never went down and you suddenly ended up in game with over a 1000 people still waiting in line ( not really ) the number was just stuck .

    Only 2 hours later it was over 1000 .
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  7. shaunisme Member

    Logged in today to check out how its going, tried the 2 TLE servers, both dead, even worse than I remembered.
    Sad to see it this way.
    Ahh well.
  8. MightyMeaghan Well-Known Member

    Yup, this is why sooo many people are still playing this game.
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  9. Mezzr New Member

    Hi.... some of you might know me, I'm Mezzr. An yes I have a few things to chime in about. But first! I LOVED Kaladim. I enjoyed it a lot. It was a nice blast from the past. I got into some Great guild's that lasted a long time despite the fake lies in Discord. An the guild drama after ( Thank you Dread Army for taking me in, I didnt understand 95% of what you said, but LOVED LOVED LOVED raiding with you all ) and I enjoyed harassing you all even more in /gen chat. But one of the things I did not like was the hidden Gacha system that was put in. You see, you all did rewards after several expansion's in the form of " shinies" or collection quests. People would spend hours and days collecting then, and even spending plat on the broker to obtain them. The dev's would then nerf the item's you would get right afterward's in a week or two. An the first expansion it was fine, but after the second and third. It was clear it was done intentionally. Certain things like this turn me off, especially as someone who would box accounts. I urge you on the new TLE to think about this. Also I agree that some expansions are more favorable than others. Me personally liked a fastest vanilla right up to EOF. I could spend 6 months in eof, and 6 months in Kunark. No joke, those were my two favorite Expac's prolly cause that's when I got into raiding. The content was amazing, its difficult, yet still has great scripts on the raid mobs, VP was a blast ( once again thanks Dread Army <3 ) Anyways thats my 3 cents. Much <3
    Hopefully Ill annoy you all later <3<3<3

  10. Kotter Legendary Member

    sup Mezzr.
    general chat just isn't the same without you.
  11. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    I agree about VP I think we did not have enough time with that expansion , never got a chance to kill Trakanon :( .
    did anybody try to pull the raid in , even not all people had the access ?
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  12. Jovie Well-Known Member

    Were the class subquests still in game? If not, i can see your point.

    But more on point to the purpose of TLE servers, it is to somewhat relive the experience that comes with the game being new.
    Be honest, even through new halas and neriak and the others are good, they don't bring people together, just a nicely done cycle of quests to get you from 1-20.

    Yes, the neighborhood zones were horribly optimized, but the combination of actually grouping and people tradeskilling to get outfitted made it doable and much fun.

    But i know my suggestion is a pipe dream. Too much work and effort to make it doable. Sad, because anything worthwhile is worth the effort.
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  13. Rosyposy Well-Known Member

    FFXIV's connectivity issues are temporary (and improving), caused by a huge influx of folks from the MMO-that-shall-not-be-named and the Endwalker xpac that dropped on Dec. 3, coupled with the inability to receive hardware ordered many months ago, but back ordered due to the pandemic's affect on that industry. I play both EQ2 and FFXIV, and enjoy both for different reasons.
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  14. Schmetterling Well-Known Member

    lol yea , they handed out free trials and all those people coming in overwhelmed the system ,not all data centers were affected equally .
    I play on Crystal / Diabolos and we had far less problems when the other 2 Data centers .

    I took over my sons second account and he began playing from the very beginning , so I always get the latest expansion too ( he buys it ) .
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  15. Tetley New Member

    My thoughts for a new TLE server (thoughts = hope, Prayers even...) I do understand that tweaking and massaging encounters and items will forever be ongoing but this is just what I would personally love to see.

    - I thought 4 months was good for expansion time. A few fixes could eliminate the boredom we experienced in DoF (thoughts on this listed below)
    - I really thought you guys were on to something when you were trying to make it so that completing all shiny quests in an expac yielded a nice item, but the item wasn't nice and it stopped after DoF or KoS.
    - Slow down leveling speed,
    - Make Heritage and Signature quests yield near best in slot items for the intended level. (remove the Heritage broker so people actually have to quest. Make Quests great again!)
    - Bring back access requirements (quests, levels and other flags).
    - No familiars and no mercs.
    - Make master spell drops and expert spell rares more rare.
    - Make all Hunters quest updates come from instanced zone kills.
    - Add a ranged wand and a bow to Hunters Merchant item list.
    - In a lot of Heroic zones and Raid zones trash mobs need a hitpoint nerf.
    - Most people I played with, and myself, remember battlegounds as really fun. It maybe worth while to bring it back in some form.
    -With the increase of overall dps from all classes since when content was originally released the damage from procs from both items and adornments should be increased to make some items great again. Throughout this TLE people were genuinely saddened after looting an item which used to be so great in the original game and now a waste of time/dkp/plat.
    - Itemization, Itemization, Itemization! Not all expacs had bad itemization but some sure did. Progression for items is really important too. There has been much discussion on this in official discord. My opinion is of the difficulty of the mob reflects gear progression.
    *Solo kill, solo quested, common crafted = Tier 1
    *Heroic kill, heroic quested = Tier 2
    *Heroic zone boss, rare crafted = Tier 3
    * x2 contested kill, signature/heritage quested, raid zone named kill = Tier 4
    * x4 contested kill, epic quested, final raid zone boss = Tier 5
    *Hunters quested reward, Mythical, Expac storyline quested(Qeynos Claymore, Prismatic, Peacock etc.) = Best in Slot

    -During Classic (1-50 content) I know most of the raiding guilds on Kaladim avoided half the raids because of poor itemization and the encounter tuning but realistically if itemization gets corrected and encounters are turned properly classic has quite a lot of content.

    -DoF was just too easy. Guilds cleared the expansion within days of the release, I actually didn't mind the itemization so much for DoF. Without much added for mid content (Mounts and Hunters) better Heritage and Signature quest items and more difficult raid progression probably would have helped. And if it takes us longer to level and expert/master our spells than maybe there wouldn't be so much malcontent when it comes to DoF.

    -KoS/FD was pretty good once a few fixes went in. Still a few fixes needed but I thought it went well

    -EoF was solid but again without much added for mid content it is important to have signature and heroic questlines yield good items so people will actually do them.

    -RoK I thought, was going well until the itemization pass that made half the server lose their minds and the other half quit... After a few tweaks to encounters I really liked RoK content but honestly starting out in an expansion without items having proper stats is much better than halfway through an expansion losing stats on items you've spent hours on attaining. Horrible decision.

    -TSO was good but the lag was horrendous besides some itemization changes I liked it. I do remember having to completely ignore some raid encounter strats/scripts, In both Stronghold and Munzoks, and kinda just power through so I guess some tweaks to encounters are needed.

    -SF was fun. Like every expac a little more tweaking is needed along with itemization but if I remember correctly the only thing that really pissed people off was when fervor was removed from items. Again, if we had started the expac without the stat and didn't waste hours attaining items for the particular stat than nothing would have been said but removing stats from items that people had already worked hard to get is bad.

    -DoV was ok. The biggest thing that held our guild back for raid progression was only have 12 people log in to raid. By other guilds folding, we were able to pickup some recruits, is the only thing that kept us going until not long after Drunder when recruiting became a waste of time. Not sure what happens here at DoV but most people seem to not like the content much.

    Just my thoughts
  16. Starlifter New Member

    Come Join the PvP server. You have to PvE to get gear to PvP. Why not try it? Our population is growing and if TLE is your thing - come give us a whirl!!
  17. Golconde New Member

    Make the server "1st person view" only
  18. Uguv Member

    Few ideas I've seen thrown out on discord, and some of my own:

    New expansion every 4 months, and plan for it around the live release schedule so we don't have another 7 month DoV completely killing the server.

    Thoroughly plan out itemization before hand, so you don't have to do things like nerf every item from wings 2 and 3 in underfoot again and upset your playerbase. Have a slightly bigger gap between easy loot and hard loot. (example, icy keep loot was best in slot for many pieces over wing 2 and 3 underfoot loot)

    Make DoF mid-content for vanilla, which would make each one tolerable.

    Make travel easier. Nobody wants to have to run through antonica or CL, or roll a druid/sorcerer alt to be able to get around. During original release, there was an npc in the harbors that sold tickets to Nek and TS docks, so travel this TLE was even worse that original release. If it were up to me I'd say enable the world bell from the start.

    Personally I'd want guild halls from the start, just for transportation and guild flag, but I know a lot of people don't necessarily like them.

    Fix raid add HP before releasing the content

    Change hunters items. Either give them all the power overwhelming buff or delete the ones that don't have it, as they are useless. Ideally change them so they are adornments instead.

    Whatever you do with hunters, make the rewards heirloom. Personally I'd run it more often if this were the case.

    Kaladim has been a really good experience for me. I think a few tweaks would make the next TLE even better.
  19. Zenji Well-Known Member

    We don't need to keep following the same pattern as the last TLEs.
    Make Prismatic and Prismatic 2.0 both added to the HQ items vendor with level 70 versions that are purchasable with the tokens. A small bonus for those wanting to do it.

    Launch game starting at EoF. - 16 weeks
    Normalize level 70 KoS and EoF dungeon gear.
    Make KoS raids first tier of raids (including contested)
    Unlock EoF raids and Fallen Dynasty along with Avatarsat mid content. (8 weeks)
    RoK - 12 weeks
    TSO - 12 weeks
    SF - 12 weeks
    DoV - 12 weeks

    Give each account 1 free character boost token at the end of each expansion that has a level increase.
  20. Uguv Member

    First, while I have very little interest in vanilla or DoF, I think there are a lot of people that come to a TLE just to experience those, so I think business-wise it would unfortunately make sense to start with vanilla.

    12 weeks is too fast IMO. Most guilds raid 2 or 3 times a week, so that's 12 - 18 raids to be able to clear everything, and you also might have to waste the first raid night or two leveling or questing or whatever to get ready for the raid zones. Might be possible for some top end guilds if things are tuned correctly when the content is launched. Unfortunately most of the content does not get tuned correctly until weeks/months later. Heck, HM statue still hasn't been killed and DoV has been out for over 6 months.