The New Server: questions please

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  1. Sabertooth Member

    Is the new server a PVP server?

    I read the Developers announcement but do not understand what is different about this server ??

    If i make a character on this new server does that mean i cannot share things in my bank with my main character on Antonia server?

    So i did join the new server and thought it was fun jumping all around with fellow newbies...but my first character is on Antonia server. i dont know if i should play both servers untill i learn what is different about the new one?
  2. Baxna New Member

    Nagafen will be a VERY different experience than the normal servers in that most of your time will be hunting other people, if you weren't murdering and being murdered by people, you may have been on Kaladim, which is more like a normal server with a slower experience closer to what it was like at the launch of the game. Eventually all toons on naga will be wiped as well, it's not going to be around too terribly long. As for the bank question, you won't be able to share with characters between any servers, the shared bank only shares per server.
  3. Sabertooth Member

    ok, thanks, so i wont continue playing Kaladim because i have no need to have the experience slower :)
  4. Carynn Well-Known Member

    Though you don't need to have the experience slower, if you want to play where there are people at the same low levels as you, come over to Kaladim. A bunch of the people who have been talking to you on these forums are even in the same guild and would love to have you join us. We have cookies. And bloodwine.
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