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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-krinkled, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-QuestingCrafter Guest

    Presuming your skill is capped for your level, +5% success is far better than +5 skill.
  2. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    krinkled wrote:
    Honestly I don't think the bonuses do anything that huge. I think only one of mine has a racial benefit going on and the others have no more problem than her. I find sage to be boring, and you have absolutely nothing to make but apprentice IVs & Adept 3s untill level 55 when you can get the Moors faction furniture. If you find a sage hard to come by on your server and you have a priest or mage, it may be useful for you. Sage and Alchs are both pretty overloaded with recipes every level so you will level either easily. Sage has AT LEAST 12 per level, some levels 24 because a lot of levels give 2 spells.
  3. ARCHIVED-GothicHeart Guest

    Eveningsong wrote:
    I couldn't agree more with this statement!! To put it quite bluntly, I have all nine crafters, and doubles of some tradeskills, a tinker and transmuter. I craft because I like to craft,, if I make money at it, then thats fine too. However crafting is not the only way I make in game plat. Adventuring is also not my only source of ingame income. Since I too play on a pvp server, even if you kill me,, I would never divulge my secrets. That like asking Bill Gates, "Hey how do I sell as much software as you?"
  4. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Individually they don't do much. You start stacking them and you can really see the difference. If I was only going to pick between those two, I'd do % success.
  5. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    Ya know, to be perfectly honest...
    If I was going all out to be a success at tradeskills as a business, I'd make three crafters. First work up a jeweler. Along the way you can start producing quest items for people to buy. Join a large guild. Make sure everybody knows I take commission work and do spells for material costs. As soon as the jeweler is done (or out of vitality) make an alchemist and repeat. Finally a sage to finish off my collection of crafters-for-profit. This way you'll become known as the go-to guy for your guild when people want spells made. Your collection of dust should expand quite rapidly as people level alts and can afford adept 3 spells thanks to their main. Dust gets turned into poisons and the few high selling potions. You can always sell the common material versions of the freedom potions and cures (rare version = no extra benifit).
    This way your set up to take full advantage of free rare materials for alchemy consumables. The only problem in this scheme is that it eats up your free time which could be used for other things.
    Oh, and consider a provisioner. While I'd never recommend making enough food to sell, being able to craft your own drinks for crafting saves time and coin. While your alts wouldn't really need more than level 9 food, assuming at least one of your characters goes out and adventures you might as well level a provisioner too.
  6. ARCHIVED-Palathas Guest

    Anordil@Lucan DLere wrote:
    Yeah, my Jeweler and Carpenter do ok even at the lower levels. Woodworker goes ok, especially on the harvest tools and some totems. Now that my Alchemist is starting to hit close to the 40's he's starting to do well also.
    The other professions either have too much competition or just don't really seem to have a lot of demand for their gear, well not the lower level stuff. My crafters all range from 35 to 48 and cover all trades but this may not be a great deal of help to you for the higher level gear.
  7. ARCHIVED-Besual Guest

    Currently... I would say making the void-shard-armor is the biggest money maker. And every tradeskill class can do this. But once most people will have the T2 shard armor this will slow down. After that the classes with the consumables will make some coins.
    Another point you might want to consider is that we will see a new expansion in November. I'm quite sure with the expansion will come new a max level (maybe 85, maybe 90). And then people want to / have to replace the current spells / CAs with new ones (adept3). Or want the new MC weapon / armor. At the start of RoK the carpenters in our guild made a good chunk money with the new boxes as well as with the new furniture.
  8. ARCHIVED-Kayriie Guest

    PvP Server: Woodworker, Alchemist, Jeweler / Transmuter
    PvE Server: Sage, Transmuter

    Those are what I would pick just based off of what classes are played and what you would need the most on the two types of servers. I know on PVP there are a lot of scouts and Jewelers / Woodworkers / Alchemist can make a lot of money not only on the A3's but on the consumable arrows, poisons, potions etc.
    Transmuter is also a really good sub to level only b/c you can make nice adornments which are awesome for pvp and or raiding on both servers. They tend to make a lot of money.
  9. ARCHIVED-Tommara Guest

    I've got 3 level 80 crafters (armorer, jeweler, woodworker) and my armorer is by far the most profitable, despite the lack of consumables. My husband has an alchemist, provisioner, and weaponsmith, and his weaponsmith is his "flagship" crafter too. We pretty much only make consumables for our own use, or for guild and friends.
    The reason why is because my armorer can make over 50g-1p per combine. Same with my jeweler and woodworker (woodworker makes weapons and shields only, consumables made only for my own usage or give away to friends and guild). I do have a huge investment in rares, and spend a lot of time shopping for rares (checking broker frequently, and going to peoples homes to buy them). I also have learned my markets, and only make the things that sell well (well, I do make everything, but only once, if it doesn't sell ;)).
    Important things I've learned: Don't undercut the market with many items of the same type - you will force people to undercut you, and then drive the market down, to your eventual detriment. If you undercut with only one at a time, your competition won't feel the need so much to drop their price below yours. With armorers, jewelers, and tailors selling out of your home, make a full set reasonably and consistently priced, and you'll likely sell several pieces to the same buyer (it takes a lot of time to go to people's homes to buy).
  10. ARCHIVED-Breorn Guest

    I would have to agree that my armorer made tons of coin on the pvp server, mostly from harvesting metals or watching broker prices, buying on the cheap and throwing MC chain on the broker because everyone and their brother made scout alts.
    Also when crafting, just watch for those crafting channel requests for workers and set a decent price up front (got burned once by some jackazz that purposely ripped me off).

    Obviously this isn't very helpful to you since as a Clothie you have no need for the armor (i also was able to provide for my small group, all of which were armor-wearers), but perhaps you can create a second toon to make your cash with.
  11. ARCHIVED-Tikva Guest

    I have all 8 epic crafters.
    currently I whould order them as :
    Waeponsmither - 5-20 plat per day
    dont sell any goods of Carpenter and Provisioner.

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