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Discussion in 'Tradeskill Discussion' started by ARCHIVED-krinkled, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. ARCHIVED-krinkled Guest

    I am back after a long absence, and see after using search that it has been awhile since this has really been hashed out on this forum (pre-TSO, over 7 months ago).
    So I am re-rolling erudite warlock and want to know what are now the most profitable tradeskills?

    Please do not say Harvester - we all know Harvesting is a good way to make plats.

    What I want to know is - what are the most profitable "real" tradeskills?

    Should I take Sage and Alchemist due to my racial bonuses? Do Sage or Alchemy make any money?

    Where are the big PLATINUMS made in 2009?

    Thanks for your help and discussion!
  2. ARCHIVED-Ohiv Guest

    THERE are tons of crafters of every kind so there is no corner of the market per se. Crafting consumables IMO is a good idea because they get used over time. Generally speaking food/drink go for not much over the price of fuel because everyone and their uncle has a provisioner (same problem with all tradeskills main exception faction recipies). The best way to make money is to find a nitch (reguardless of tradeskill) that folks aren't filling in and then to fill in that market. You will find from time to time that follks will move into your nitch either stick it out, or move to another nitch. Simple ecomonics 101. Since leveling a tradeskill to 80 takes some time I must say do something that you enjoy, while I do have 5 level 80 ts'ers and do enjoy TS'ing not everyone is like me.
    Another way to look at tradeskills is providing something that saves you coin, like since you're rolling a new caster you might benifit being a sage since you can make your own spells and in turn save your self coin for having to buy AD3's off the broker or finding a crafter to make them for you. Maybe being a provisioner might be your thing to always have the best food and not have long break times inbetween killing stuff.
    Also I am sure your aware of this but just to be clear each character can only have 1 primary tradeskill and 1 secondary tradeskill (2ndaries are tinkering OR transmuting).
  3. ARCHIVED-Meirril Guest

    If your looking to make plat fast...go adventure. In TSO running instances you can make 1p and 2 void shards per day by completing the daily double quest. Each TSO instance has another quest that gives 15g and 1 void shard per day. That is 1p 15g and 3 void shards for running a single instance!
    Now take your level 50+ crafter to a TSO crafting instance and get yourself 15g and a far seas token each time you complete the mission. The cash isn't much, the token is kinda nice but not really worth much. The big benifit here is getting the recipes to craft items with the void shards. If you can make the armor, people will commission and generally tip 50g per peice for shard armor combines. Also you can offer to "sell" your void shards and people are willing to pay decent money for them. Once you get your many never look back at the tradeskill instances again. Well, they are a cheap way to level to 80. Also people are willing to buy the books from the tradeskill instances the same way they are willing to buy no-trade items from adventuring instances. For about the same money too.
    Other than that, spells are the expensive items from TSO. Its hard being in the spell market. It requires knowing the market very well and hoping that nobody tries to drive you out of business when you find something you can make a profit on. Other than that, consumable materials sell well. Level 80 adventurers are raking in plenty of coin, they don't mind spending it on stuff that makes life easier for them!
  4. ARCHIVED-Calthine Guest

    There's still no "right answer" to this one. I've forgotten who I am quoting when I say "If one was the hands-down money maker, we'd all be that class".
    It's more about knowing your market than what class you roll.
  5. ARCHIVED-QuestingCrafter Guest

    Meirril wrote:
    Not exactly.
    Not every instance has an associated regular, daily mission.
    Many Daily Doubles are in pretty tough zones -- don't expect to roll in first time and clear it like it was Deep Forge.
    On the upside, if you don't mentor, there's a chest with an extra void shard in it, in each instance.
    Many zones can be mentored, to make it easier to complete.
    Many people I know run 2-4 of the easy instances, unmentored, to get chest shard + mission shard in a relatively short time. If one of the DDs happens to be there, nice bonus. Still, 1-2 hours for 4x15 gold is horrid. You do it for shards and loot drops. Some people do mentored zones and finish in 5 mins, but don't get the chest shard. *shrug* Whatever works.
    With one of my L80 adventuring toons, I can reasonably grind out 2-5 plat per hour on a regular basis, if that's what I really want to do. Sometimes, I can score big, but 2-5/hr is pretty close to a sure thing.
    Back to the original point -- making money with crafting. As pointed out, saving yourself money is a valid way to 'make' money as well.
    I have nine L80 crafters (and toons at 400 'muting/tink'ing). Weekly, my biggest income is making void shard items, from the four recipe books. No idea what that market will look like when you're high enough to enter it though.
    My next biggest money is from MC T8 potions/poisons. After that, probably RoK-faction recipe food/drink and chicken feet. I can make occasional good money from the Far Seas 5-shot recipes, but that's pretty irregular.
  6. ARCHIVED-krinkled Guest

    QuestingCrafter wrote:
    I would like to know if potions/poisons sell well only on PvP servers or are they big money makers on PvE servers as well?
    I have basically narrowed it down to Alchemist to sell pots or Sage to make my own spells and try to sell a few as well.
  7. ARCHIVED-Kulssin Guest

    krinkled wrote:
    Can't answer ya on the PvE server.. but on PvP server.. I can barely keep poisons in stock. Specifically Caustic and Fettering. Healing and Regeneration sell pretty well but not quite as quickly as poisons.
    The problem is the overhead. You got to get the dusts. And, they are expensive no matter which way you acquire them. Whether you shell out the plat up front for them or buy cheap lower tier dusts and distill them up to higher level dusts using tons of fuel.. its gonna cost you bank to get started.
    In hindsight, I would have concentrated more on my woodworker and provisioner because they produce consumable items that do not require rares or imbues in order to make money. However, there's more work involved. The provisioner basically has to spend all his/her gametime in front of the tradeskill station just to stock for one night.
    Contract work is always profitable.. people will usually tip you.. and my tips have ranged from a single silver piece (appreciated very much btw.. cause it was from an enthusiastic level 9 player) to 20 plat.
    As Cal said and wisely quoted a certain handsome rodent.. If there were one class that was the best.. we'd all be playing it. :)
  8. ARCHIVED-QuestingCrafter Guest

    I only play on PvE. Raiders demand MC poisons -- my biggest sellers go for 4-7g per each (bearing in mind, each combine is a stack of 10).
    A fair number of solo/duo folk want the MC regen/clarity pots. Group and raiders want the +crit% ones.
    Across my crafters, I've made piles of T8 Ad3s, so I have stacks and stacks of dusts. For someone without this option, I could see it being pretty pricey.
  9. ARCHIVED-darasaild Guest

    i would recomend tradeskill writs. i have a full set of tradeskill gear from TSO, my Tradeskill epic earring and few other goodies. in the guildhall with a guildhall writgiver and a full harvesting container im doing T8 tradeskill wits in about 3 minutes. thats 12 gold every 3 minutes. not a bad take in my opinion.
    yeah it's boaring as hell but if you put the game in windowed mode and run I-tunes in the background, the mindless clicking is less mind numbing.
  10. ARCHIVED-Elorah Guest

    I would say alchemist to be honest... Potions and poisons sell well on my PvE server, mostly the T8 ones. However to keep a stock of them up, you need the dusts as well. Silicates are going back up on my servers to between 4pp and up on most days... I think that SOE may have snuck in something to stop people harvesting under the world... lol
    But to make money, you have to be wiling to stick and and restock the ones that sell. That can take time...
  11. ARCHIVED-Anordil Guest

    Spyderbite@Venekor wrote:
    I just have to say that's probably one of the cutest things ever - especially since a silver piece can be a lot of money at that level. ;-)
    Anyway, I'm surprised no one has mentioned this but, provisioners make good money too. The materials are generally dirt cheap and readily available for harvest. I routinely spend 50g+ per stack of food and another 50g+ for drink.
  12. ARCHIVED-Kulssin Guest

    Anordil@Lucan DLere wrote:
    While I agree 100%. One of the reasons my provie isn't utilized for profit as often as she should be.. 2x stacks.. trying to crank out 100 items.. uggh.. by the 25th combine I want to punch kittens. :(
  13. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    My alch can't keep nox & arcane cures stocked, as well as DA & Crit potions. There are poisons that sell well too.
    My WW sells out of every totem & most of the harvesting tools, especially T8 that I make very fast for a significant profit.
    I'd say those are the fastest money makers, at least on my server, you'll have to do some checking but adornments can be profitable if you really know what's hot, I find that difficult to keep up with though.
    Almost every class has at least 1 (in most cases) consumable item that will sell well:
    provis: fiery magma infusion (prices of smoldering material are crazy, you'll want to harvest a lot)
    alch: quite a few, see above
    tailor: bags, but sales come and go, not steady
    carp: boxes, repair kits
    jeweler: deklium girdle for kunzar jungle quest, palladium bangle for the hert quest
    woodworker: invis totems, wolf & chokidai speed totems, power & health regen totems, water breath totem, arrows, harvest tools
    sage: temporary weapon adornments for priest & mage
    weaponsmith: temporary weapon adornments for fighter/scout
    armorer: ??
  14. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest

    Spyderbite@Venekor wrote:
    QFE! Could nto have said it better. My provi is my fav crafter, however, I have to be in the right mindset to crank out stacks-o-stuff. Takes too long to make a stack of 20. Mostly all she puts on broker now are chicken feet, wishbones and reductions/infusions
  15. ARCHIVED-Celena Guest tinkerer makes great coin in the overclocked tools and divining rods. She sells some other stuff, too, but those two items bring her the most coin.
  16. ARCHIVED-Eveningsong Guest

    I always chuckle when I see questions like this, because really how many people would want to answer honestly and encourage competition? :) but I have to say that my carpenter makes the best cash of my crafters, and I don't even bother with boxes or patch kits anymore. But I'd think that an alchemist probably would have more market available than a sage, as sages are pretty much limited to AD3's and alchemists have all the potions.
  17. ARCHIVED-Tinrae Guest

    Choose a trade that's useful and fun for you, then spend some time finding the holes in the market that you can fill. That is profitable no matter what trade you choose.
    Ex: With my tailor, I check to see what sets are in short supply on the broker. Woven leather sets seem to always be in abundance, but I don't see as many Dexterous sets. For some reason lately I've had lots of scouts commission me for Dexterous sets, so I've been making those for brokering and doing well.
    You can make money in any trade I believe, if you're willing to keep up with the market and adjust your inventory for current trends.
  18. ARCHIVED-Anordil Guest

    I make good money as a jeweler and my carpenter (when I remember to stock her broker) makes a tidy sum, too.
  19. ARCHIVED-Zehl_Ice-Fire Guest

    Eveningsong wrote:
    This shows that you just have to do research, no one is going to give you the answer, and the market fluxuates in every area on every server. Eveningsong is on my server, my carp was my 2nd crafter ever, and was max level before the pre combines went away, but I have not found her to be stedily profitable (though when certain new items were added this last year, I had the rares ready and did cash in a bit when they were new), but then I think EVERY crafter can be but some require more work to see what will and won't sell. And yes, I don't reallllyyyy love to share what sells great (though I do sometimes) because tomorrow there will be 50 people leveling that class on my server and that hot seller will become worthless.
    Sages have the temp adornments that are expensive, they use smoldering materials, so it's one or 2 items with a giant markup (and trickle of spells for people, you'll cash in like mad at level caps) vs a good 10 that alchs can guarantee to sell for a big markup.
  20. ARCHIVED-krinkled Guest

    Zehl_Ice-Fire wrote:
    Well I am basically to the point of flippng a coin over whether to make my Erudite Warlock a Sage or Alchemist.
    Let me ask this, which racial tradition is more beneficial (powerful):

    Chemist - Increases Chemistry of Caster by 5.0
    Scholarly Pursuit - Increases the Success Chance of the Sage by 5%
    So which one of these bonuses is more powerful? Increasing the level by 5.0 or increasing the success chance by 5%?
    Which of the bonuses will make leveling up the tradeskill easier?

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