The Latest plea for the repeal of Grunderwear and the addition of choosable undergarments

Discussion in 'Look and Feel' started by ARCHIVED-Zabjade, Oct 30, 2010.

  1. ARCHIVED-Zabjade Guest

    Basically what the title says, I mean we are not being pulled from the ocean anymore and even those who remember that far back have long since upgrade their outer wardrobe.
    could we please get rid of the grunderwear in favor of something else? Bikini's, leotards, boxers, bike shorts, kilts are all possibilities!

    Something to make the perceptible beauty items worth using?
  2. ARCHIVED-kelvmor Guest

    I'd even take choosing the color of the grunderwear back.
  3. ARCHIVED-Morghus Guest

    Agreed. I miss how in the original everquest every race had a different underwear or 'naked' look that reflected their races' uniqeness and culture/design somewhat.
  4. ARCHIVED-Finora Guest

    I'd love to see this too! Long past time for something different there. I know no one ever HAS to look at it anymore but it would be very nice to have something better looking that rags there.
  5. ARCHIVED-DrkVsr Guest

    Yeah, mah little bug turned into a training dummy the other day, and he was wearing the tattered trousers, even though bugs were never plucked from the sea and dumped on the IoR in rags
  6. ARCHIVED-Sphiriah Guest

    Agreed. Being able to show some leg would be nice.
  7. ARCHIVED-Kamimura Guest

    Agree. It's way past time for this to be changed. I also agree with Morghus - it would be neat for each race to have different 'underwear' like in EQL.
  8. ARCHIVED-Drekkus Guest

    I personally agree with this. We are not asking for full frontal nudity here. Most of us aren't even asking for skimpy bikinis, thongs or mankini's. We are asking that a hidious pair of pants that looks as though they were made from woven straw be removed in favor of something that is a little more appealing to the eyes. One can cover oneself tastefully without looking like they are a religious monk from 1025 C.E. that is desperately wearing a hair suit to stay chaste. Everyquest 1 had tasteful underwear that was unique for every race and captured the cultural differences of each of the races perfectly. Why can't we see the same thing for EQ2?
  9. ARCHIVED-Jaremai Guest

    Feel free to change the undergarment from its current burlap pants (please) just don't make it painted on like EQ1.. and as long as I can still be barefoot.. I'm happy.
  10. ARCHIVED-Zabjade Guest

    It's worse for the female characters. why would they even wear the perceptible beauty items on the chest or show a ratty top and skirt?
  11. ARCHIVED-Zabjade Guest

    I even included Kilts as an option for those who like them :) (not so subtle bump ;) )
  12. ARCHIVED-illaria Guest

    +1 for new unmentionables
  13. ARCHIVED-Iskandar Guest

    A "Bare Necessities" store in Qeynos and Freeport would be a great way to give everyone multiple options for a new look, especially with all the "imperceptible" gear... they could even give it functionality like the "Shave and a Haircut" item so we can customize some of the colors like we used to be able to do with the current undies.
  14. ARCHIVED-Zabjade Guest

    Hmm I wonder if fan-art of the idea is in order.... <_< >_>

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