The Illusionist and You. Maximizing your DPS

Discussion in 'Mages' started by Revel, May 18, 2017.

  1. Bhayar Active Member

    Excellent information, Revel. I plan on using this to get my illy up to speed. BM'd this puppy to have a reference to look at. You just don't see players posting this kind of relevant information anymore on forums.
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  2. Udonn Member

    That is what I thought, being as we do mental damage. We used to do mental crowd control, before they made all the raid mobs immune.
  3. Naneeje Active Member

    I'm glad you mention this because as a support class, I try to be as "supportive" as possible, if that means my role will be to debuff the everliving crap out of the mob, so be it.
    By the way, I missed the whole you can obtain 4 ascension, thought it was pick one and done.
  4. Tajar Active Member

    Fantastic write up Revel.
  5. Skiasss Member

    This is kinda misinforming illys
  6. Revel Well-Known Member

    Feel free to explain what you disagree with.
  7. Skiasss Member

    Illys need to convince their guild leaders to go farm KP raid zone and get illy cloak.... And then rotation and everything changes....
  8. Skiasss Member

    If not a raider and just casual this is fine but as far as anyone wanting to play an illy at end game get illy cloak
  9. Skiasss Member

    Ascension should not be a raiding illys highest parsing ability...
    Fights that last 30 secs sure. But anyone can top a parse in 30 secs
    Fights with length like most t3 and t4 fights now...
    I sit in top 5 on parse consistently....
    And that's with ascension getting out parsed by Prismatic Chaos and Unda by a lot
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  10. Revel Well-Known Member

    I agree on some longer fights knowing how to use unda and joust a bit for max effect helps a lot. If you don't have the non relic Illy cloak its unlikely at this point anyone is going to farm for it. I don't have the non relic. New BiS class cloaks are apparently coming next month.

    If you have the non relic Chromatic cloak I'd definitely recommend sticking Prismatic Chaos into your opening buff line.
  11. Jrox Well-Known Member

    I agree with everything you laid out for Illy's Rev. However, I also agree with Skiass on raiding with an Illy. The cloak is king, even with the "New BIS Cloaks" coming, if the don't have the effect the non relic has, it will take some convincing to get me to swap cloaks again.PShock just does way too much to let go of.

    Great write up though! :)
  12. Revel Well-Known Member

    How many triggers does the class cloak actually give you?
  13. Skiasss Member

    A lot Lol

    It's 9 per person in group casted including pets such as illy pet and summoner/BL primary pet
    I can cast on 1 separate grp before needing to cast on mine again so I guess minimum would be 54 triggers per cast per grp?

    This is not including any pets .. Just the 6 group members
  14. Skiasss Member

    A good long fight it will hit for over 800 times at an average of 100 mil per hit
  15. Revel Well-Known Member

    See, this is good information to have. I've never had anyone tell me an exact amount. As I missed out on the second half of last year due to mostly 12 hour days of work I never got the non-relic Chromatic Cloak. At 54 triggers, plus the conjurer and BL pets I usually have in my group it would be a significant difference. I'd be changing my rotation to maximize that for sure.

    It would be even more than 9 per tick with Time Warp up too I guess, since it does give 3 more triggers and I will assume it stacks with cloak trigger increase although I cannot test it.

    I'd probably forgo ethermancy at the start and instead cast it a second before pull, or find a different way to work it in.

    The other question I'd have is this. Does everyone hit the proc based on your stats, or based on their own stats?
  16. Skiasss Member

    no idea on the 2nd question lol but no on the timewarp increase. the cloak basically is a perma TW increase....
  17. Jrox Well-Known Member

    And I still use ethermancy, it's too OP not to for the group. Besides, I have really needy mages in my group. But they know I luv'em lol...
  18. Skiasss Member

    i usually have 1 mage in my grp lol... and whatever else gets thrown in to fill lol
  19. Skiasss Member

    but u know that Jrox lol
  20. Ilyriel-Jentara Active Member

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