The Haunting of Norrath Begins Tomorrow! Nights of the Dead 2020 is here!

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    From Thursday, October 8 at 12:01 AM PT until Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT Nights of the Dead is here to remind you that not every ghost, goblin or ghoul is out for blood.

    Nights of the Dead once again brings goblins and ghoulies out from the shadows. Those inclined to celebrate the holiday through crafting will find a new book of recipes full of new house items being sold by official event merchants. And those feeling more adventurous can dig up some fun in Antonica, and The Commonlands, or investigate the multiple haunted locations! Grab a shovel and dig up a ghoulish good time in any of the decorated cities! As always, tricks and treats are the name of the game!


    Curious as to what hauntingly fun, new features will be a part of this year's event?

    A Terrifyingly tantilizing New Public Quest:
    The Headless Horseman has grown in power and might, it's time to take him on together! Lower than level 120? Don't worry, there are spirits willing to offer their strength to defeat the monster!


    NEW Holiday Overseer Questline for 2020!
    Find Crinn Bryggin in Nektulos Forest to begin your quests there!


    TLE Server:
    • Kaladim: The entire event is active except for the new PQ, go forth and celebrate!
    Merchant Items for 2020:
    As it was last year so shall it be this one! Returning merchant items and recipes are now being sold by Haint, a Nights of the Dead merchant, available in all player cities.
    New house items, equipment, and illusions will be sold by Lil’ Boo, a new Nights of the Dead Merchant
    • Macabre Witchcraft Ensemble Crate
    • Disturbed Grave Soil
    • Phantasmal Tombstone
    • Diaku Corral Empty Gallows
    • Noble Qeynosian Sarcophagus
    • Cadaverous Dais
    • Vile Lich Plushie
    • Skeletal Candelabra Plushie
    • Fettered Wraith Plushie
    • Petamorph Wand: Skeletal Prowler
    New Illusions
    • Nights of the Dead Maj'Dul Guard Costume
    • Nights of the Dead Brokenskull Shaman Costume

    New for Crafters:
    Do you prefer to work with your hands, and build the spookiness for your friends and guild mates?
    Tradeskillers can buy recipe books from the Nights of the Dead merchants in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, Darklight Woods, Kelethin, Maj'Dul, Gorowyn, New Halas and Haven:


    A huge thanks to:

    EQ2 Furniture


    EQ2 Traders Corner

    So join us if you dare to celebrate this year's Nights of the Dead! But beware Norrathians, there are darker things in the deeper woods. From Thursday, October 8 at 12:01 AM PT until Sunday, November 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM PT!
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  2. Jaxyn Member

    Thank you for the update. The new craftables look really great, as do the buyables :)

    My thanks ALWAYS go out to EQ2 Traders & EQ2 Furniture! Awesome.

    If you are less than level 120 ADV how do you get the assistance of the spirits so you can participate in the PQ?
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  3. SolarFaire Member

    Goal for my NotD...Witch's ensemble, and a couple more occupied broom sets for some more alts. Oh, and hitting the Fundraising goals for the Children's Miracle hospitals.
  4. Baphmistra Active Member

    Yes it is that time again :). That time when I realize I've been here 10 years now :cool: , and just found out that instead of a house:( I get a pair of mercenaries, which as a habitual crafter I have no use for. I know I should probably ignore that voice saying "If you build it they will come...";) , but I haven't so far. Also could point out that 10 years ago we had the same emojis on here. :eek: During that time facebook actually changed from just a like button:D to several other buttons:rolleyes: , and we didn't . Sigh, then again I miss people coming to my dungeons, :confused: no point once someone turned off the XP. I could also dig up the LON card game :oops: that's been tossed away. o_O Furthermore I could keep griping that I'm not switching to gold:mad: . Or I could just say Thank you all for keeping this game going, and for reading my rants. :p Just something to think about
  5. Louly Well-Known Member

    I love the witch's costume! And that hat it's the best! And on one character so far I got a spider familiar. Creepy little thing lol
    And I so love the dragon skeleton plushie from the swinging wake collections.
    Thank you again for the work to keep the special days going :D
    Old quests and new love them and having a great time!
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