Fixed Internally The Final Assault quest didn't reward weapon

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    TLDR: Monk, Templar, Illusionist, and Ranger don't receive the weapon reward from The Final Assault

    I completed The Final Assault quest in Outpost of the Overlord on a level 8 Sarnak Templar (Skyfire server) and didn't receive the weapon reward, the Freeportian Cleric's Hammer. I did get a commemorative Freeport Coin, but I can't throw it at enemies <joke>, so... My inventory is not full and was not full at the time of completion, and I have no items in overflow. The item does not show up in the chat log either.

    I tried talking to Tayil afterward to see if I'd get it, but no luck.

    I completed the following quests prior to doing The Final Assault:
    - Welcome to Norrath
    - Seaside Stew
    - The Art of Combat
    - In the Name of Prestige
    - Preventative Maintenance
    - Disruption for Distraction
    - In the Name of Honor
    - The Tunarian Plot
    - Checking on Charles

    I had not yet picked up or completed the following quests:
    - The Secret Ship
    - Xaliea's Request
    - Aquatic Research Notebook

    I tried completing these quests and checking with Tayil again, but still nothing.

    I was curious, so here's some test data for you. Fun fact, my current any% speed run time for The Final Assault stands at 20 minutes 58.79 seconds. If I test more later, I'll come back and update this

    Updated details:

    The Final Assault Quest

    Class (Race) - Weapon - Receives?
    Troubador (Ratonga) - Freeportian Bard's Dagger - Yes
    Dirge (Erudite) - Freeportian Bard's Dagger - Yes
    Monk (Sarnak) - Freeportian Brawler's Wraps - No
    Bruiser (Arasai) - Freeportian Brawler's Wraps - Yes
    Templar (Sarnak) - Freeportian Cleric's Hammer - No
    Inquisitor (Sarnak) - Freeportian Cleric's Hammer - Yes
    Paladin - can't be evil, can't do quest as this class
    Shadowknight (Dark Elf) - Freeportian Crusader's Greatsword - Yes
    Warden (Kerra) - Freeportian Druid's Scimitar - Yes
    Fury (Troll) - Freeportian Druid's Scimitar - Yes
    Channeler - Freeportian Druid's Scimitar - can't test, don't have channeler on the account I'm testing on
    Illusionist (Troll) - Freeportian Enchanter's Wand - No
    Coercer (Arasai) - Freeportian Enchanter's Wand - Yes
    Ranger (Ratonga) - Freeportian Predator's Dagger - No
    Assassin (Half Elf) - Freeportian Predator's Dagger - Yes
    Beastlord (Dark Elf) - Freeportian Predator's Dagger - Yes
    Swashbuckler - can't be evil, can't do quest as this class
    Brigand (Gnome) - Freeportian Rogue's Dagger - Yes
    Mystic - can't be evil, can't do quest as this class
    Defiler (Gnome) - Freeportian Shaman's Spear - Yes
    Wizard (Barbarian) - Freeportian Sorcerer's Staff - Yes
    Warlock (Sarnak) - Freeportian Sorcerer's Staff - Yes
    Conjuror - can't be evil, can't do quest as this class
    Necromancer (Iksar) - Freeportian Summoner's Dagger - Yes
    Guardian (Ogre) - Freeportian Warrior's Axe - Yes
    Berserker (Human) - Freeportian Warrior's Axe - Yes

    - If a class is going to receive the weapon reward, it will show up in the quest reward list when accepting the quest. If they are not going to get it, only the commemorative coin will show up.
    - A commemorative Freeport coin is received by all characters.
    - Completion/non-completion of side quests is irrelevant, still happens when just doing the main quest chain to get to The Final Assault.
    - Race doesn't seem to affect the results, but I didn't specifically test this.
    - Does not happen with the good aligned equivalent quest The Source of Evil (Tested with Templar, Inquisitor, Monk, Bruiser, Coercer, Assassin).
    - Each class was tested on 2/24/23, 2/25/23, and 2/26/23.

    Edit 2: Tested more classes.
    Edit 3 & 4: Spot checked more classes on the good version of the quest (listed above).
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  2. Priority Well-Known Member

    iirc, the 2h weapons are drops from the 3 nameds in the cave and doesn't drop every time.
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  3. Kaegrolexi New Member

    I just did the same quest on an Inquisitor and was rewarded the Freeportian Cleric's Hammer. The drops from the named in the cave are different weapons. The Freeportian Cleric's Hammer does not show up as a quest reward before the quest completes either... shows up before and after for Inquisitor.
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  4. Daryx Well-Known Member

    I had a character that did that quest a couple years back (Oct 2020) and got the summoner's dagger fine. Since it's a quest reward, not a drop, you should have gotten it.

    I would check your log and make sure it didn't get to you. Search for The Final Assault and a few lines down from that Tayil goes into a spiel about the treasures she got from the enemies and if you got anything it should show it right after that.

    But since you did this on a templar, that used to be a good-only class, and it's very possible the quest rewards weren't updated for all classes to cover that situation.
  5. Kaegrolexi New Member

    That would be odd since the hammer does say that Templars can use it... but I could see that happening.
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  6. Kaegrolexi New Member

    Just checked, and can confirm same problem happens for monk. And no, it doesn't show up in the log either.

    Can also confirm this does NOT happen for inquisitors doing the source of evil quest on good, just made one and received the Qeynosian Cleric's Hammer. Also does not happen for templars doing the source of evil quest on good, just made one to see.

    Looks like good ol' Freeportian prejudice, they just can't stand those former good classes. (Only tested monk and templar, can't confirm the others and it's too late tonight to check.)
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  7. Daryx Well-Known Member

    Hmm, that's so unfair LOL. I have a templar that hasn't done either version; he's way over the level but I may have to run him through and see what happens for me. Since a templar was originally good-only, I'm not surprised yours did get the hammer when you ran them through that version.
  8. Kaitheel Developer

    That was definitely not an intentional slight!

    Good catch, Kaegrolexi! I really appreciate your thorough testing and concise information on the issue!

    Be on the look out for the following change listed in the update notes:
    • The Final Assault - Monks, Templars, Illusionists, and Rangers now properly receive the intended weapon rewards upon defeat of the Tunarian Circle of Elders.
    ~ Kaitheel
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  9. Kaegrolexi New Member

    Awesome! Do you all want stuff like misspellings, missing words, and inaccurate information in quests and NPC dialogue reported as well, and if so what's the best way to do so? It seems a bit minor for reporting each individual instance in a separate bug report, especially since many of them don't affect gameplay, but it can affect new players' impression of the game, especially if an inaccurate direction gets them lost. I suppose by quest or by NPC might make sense.
  10. Kaitheel Developer

    Oh, the best way to report typos, misspellings, or grammar issues is from in game. Use the /typo command and fill it out. There's usually very little ambiguity when it comes to those issues, so no need to have a forum post about them.


    ~ Kaitheel
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