The EQ2 Time-Locked Server Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Vinyard, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Wabit Active Member

    Half your raid zones into TS2, a quarter get into TS1, and the rest in TS3. lol
  2. Wabit Active Member

    I ran around and soloed some of the t5 raids last night and I remembered some of the old headaches that have gotten better with time. These are more convenience type things that shouldn't be removed for the new server.

    Raid leader can drag and drop for groups (Group 4 was always a hodgepodge of classes cause they got sick of drop and this G2 invite these ppl, ect).

    Group invites across zones.

    Mounts that don't disappear when they get wet. But take out the floating thing (Rule #1 of auto follow: don't AF someone with safefall) lol
  3. Hexcentricity Member

    Ignore this, somehow it posted here instead of there. Fixed. ;)
  4. Yuudai Member

    I would much rather prefer the time between expansions be longer than 60 days..90 or even 120
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  5. Diemond New Member

    Is the beta server still running?
  6. Maxxen Member

    Looking forward to starting over on the new server.
  7. Crispin New Member

    Exactly like that. I always regret stopping playing eq2 back in the day when wow released. It was not because I did not enjoy eq2, I absolutely loved the game but all my rl friends wanted to play wow so I couldn't justify paying two subs.

    I've played on nost lately and it's been one of the best mmorpg experiences I've had, so much nostalgia and FUN.

    That is EXACTLY what I want with eq2, to go back to 2004 and relived it once more. Killing the scarecrows, sometimes getting lucky finding some rare spawns and exploring that dungeon outside of antoya bayle that I cannot remember the name of. There was two when I think about.

    I feel that's what the majority wants, the old stuff. You may not think it was the best game but the nostalgia is strong and sometimes the old mechanics and the hassle is exactly what we want. So many years after.

    Please for the love of god bring it back proper!
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  8. Crowder Member

    You should probably throttle the expectations a bit.. It wont' be like 2004. It will be more like 2015 with a lot of features and a few classes locked.
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  9. Droll Active Member

    You guys have to realize what exactly this is...

    It's simply a money grab.

    DBG wants to show profit, so it will sell better. And TLP works (see Fippy and Ragefire) at bringing people back and getting new subs.

    However in order to maximise profits, one must minimize investment. All you people that want "2004" to come back will be sorely disapointed. People who see it for what it is, and are fine with that (which is a consolidation of the player base into a smaller area) will of course have the most fun. There will be no reason to box, or have mercs... as there will be plenty of grouping options available.

    Raiders on the other hand will probably be the most annoyed... as since boxing is now so common, there are going to be a few people who come to the server with full groups (or even raids) who will sit on contested spawns blocking out the regular players.

    Collect your Krono now, because those with krono are going to be the ones who get server firsts on tradeskills and top gear. Dont expect to compete with them playing the game "normally". That being said, if you are privy to easy in game plat, secure that asap, and reap the early benefits of krono for 5p or less at server release. Then use it for live, or later expansion, or RMT sales, whatever your fancy.

    personally I will be playing the game for fun and grouping... Population is what attracts me to TLP. I steer clear of the Krono rush and Powergaming that in my opinion, ruins the whole reason for these servers. The fun.
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  10. Ealthina Member

    While I'd love a true time lock progression this is half baked and smells of mediocrity. Sad. please stop with this immediately, scrap it and get to work on server mergers ASAP.
  11. Meaghan Stormfire Well-Known Member

    LOL I think you're out of luck on this demand.
  12. Xerish New Member

    Well i just came back to good ole EQ2 and subbed starting today for TLE. Last time i have played was back in Desert of Flame expansion. Been rotting on P99 since then lol. The bait worked for me =P Either way any of the new "systems" is all new to me hehe
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