The EQ2 Time-Locked Server Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Gameplay Discussion' started by Vinyard, Jun 4, 2015.

  1. Sheliah New Member

    You remember a lot! I guess I don't because I didn't play so long, I wasn't here from the start, but later, from some point when these were in game though. I think my SK and my paladin both needed Str and Int for damage, that is damage of physical abilities and respectively spell damage. Agi and wisdom were less of a priority but they mattered for defense, I guess it's how you say, avoidance for Agi and resistance for Wis... Unless I'm confusing Wis with what it became after the over-simplification.

    "Str = fighter mana pool" <- I don't remember this. I think it was Int for Paladin/SK. Unless it wasn't :D

    What I remember so well, was that I was trying to empower my spells and count on them more than an orthodoxly played SK would. Or so I thought! It was fun. I would try it again. :) /noobieshly yours
  2. KhaineUK Active Member

    And then you'd move over to the ones near the TS gates for the late teens until 20. :D Then out to TS and start killing the corpses in the ruins and the gnolls in the crater.
  3. Wulfhammer Active Member

    Anyone seen a comment on if addons such as EQ2Maps and DrumsUI will be ok to use still... I imagine these will break until the maintainers curve lumps out of the code, if they bother at all....

  4. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    I cannot think of any reason why they would not work. It might be weird with EQ2Maps showing stuff that doesn't exist (quest mobs for later expacs, dungeons that aren't open yet, etc.), but functionally they should work just fine.
  5. Wulfhammer Active Member

    Please read this devs... This guy gets it !!
  6. Wabit Active Member

    You are correct. Crusaders were more of a hybrid class. Not too sure about SK's but Paly could Tank, heal, kinda dps. Jack of all trades, masters of none. In t5 raids Pally were for 2 things LoH and their rez (for a brief time they had the most HP, so tanking was option).

    I've been zoning into the old t5 raid zones, it's helped me remember quite a bit. lol
  7. Rhodris EQ2Wire Ninja

    SKs needed INT as well as STR. Took me ages to rebalance gear etc to the STR/STA stats after the change.
  8. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Int for damage, Wis for heals and resists, Str to carry bags and smash stuff, Sta for health, Agi for ... agility.
    Omg are we getting real stats back? Are we? Are we?

    Was actually fun balancing all your stats before they were dumbed down. That was the change I hated most. Was cool that my Inquis could use boxes, and my mages had to farm for weeks to get the weightless bag (whatever it's called) in Seb.
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  9. Mountbatten Well-Known Member

    Kander has already answered that:
  10. Charlice Well-Known Member

    I am saddened. But thank you for the answer. I guess I didn't keep up with the thread. :oops:
  11. Mizgamer62 Feldon Fan Club Member

    From what I have read every thing will be as it is now with a couple of minor exceptions. Therefore, I don't see the point in doing it at all. Right now we can achieve the same thing by chrono mentoring down or just level locking our characters. Also, adding two new servers before doing a merge is only going to dilute the populations on the already existing servers as it is.
  12. Charlice Well-Known Member

    I think the new server is the only thing that's going to save EQ2 PvP. Naggie is a ghost town, and they have no one to merge with.

    For PvE there really isn't enough of what I'd like to see in it, to want to start again and make it my only server.
    The only thing that interests me about it now is, leveling up with a full group in low level content, and the low level zones being populated. I just don't know yet if that outweighs the thought of starting in one of the two zones I probably hate most in the game.
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  13. Katz Well-Known Member

    It's probably been said many times but I don't want to go through all 28 pages.

    I love my guild hall on Everfrost BUT .....

    Please don't have guild halls on the new PvE server for two reasons:

    1) status grind is doable but its still one more grind,
    2) people are in guildhalls instead of out and about.

    Next thing: I still want the starter isles and the boat ride to them. I still want the old suburbs.
  14. Gnaeus New Member

    I remember when they considered the progression servers for EQ Live and the thing they said was they didn't even have those files anymore. Well they also said with EQ2 they learned from their mistakes and made backups of everything in case they decided to this again. So in theory they should have all this content archived somewhere.
  15. Gnaeus New Member

    Right having had this account since 2000 and I remember playing (or attempting to play) the beta on my poor graphics card at the time. I remember the glory days if you were (although the true glory days are P1999 I think) and how EQ2 actually improved some of the pain in the but systems like corps runs. Now I thought the shards were an excellent way to encourage players to act smart and not make death a travel mechanic.

    Yeah it was hardcore, but let's me honest even WoW makes you return to your corps. The shard system did mean it would reward things like rezzing but not punish players who had to log or whatever.

    Secondly I remember crafting being super meaningful all through the leveling process. You had the different quality of stuff depending how much time you spent. It meant crafting wasn't a by the numbers pump out stuff and sell it to vendors. People couldn't use it from level 5 to level 50.

    I used to love how important status items were, they were essentially the appearance items and cool discounts you could show your accomplishments. It really meant that if you wanted to afford that swank in town house or that ubber house near the mage tower in Qeynos you needed the discounts items offered.

    The trouble with appearance items is you used to be able to see the accomplishments and to some degree a level of a player just by seeing their armor and weapons. Those bragging rights of showing off your legendary items was something that got lost with shiny store stuff.

    The biggest reason a fresh server rules is it removes all of the MUDflation and the server populations skew towards the lower levels again (for awhile) making so much you do in the early game meaningful again.

    Getting a basic brown horse was EXPENSIVE and extremely awesome! Getting a super rare flaming horse or the light horses was a real status.
  16. Wabit Active Member

    Those horses sure did hate water though... Ran away every time you went got your toes wet. =/
  17. Gnaeus New Member

    I am bummed about the lack of the Isle of Refuge. I think the hovel system really made you feel like you were unlocking Qeynos/Freeport. But then again when I saw EQ2 for the first time I didn't like it because I liked my starter city in Everquest.

    One thing I would love to see is things tuned more for group content and not just dungeons.

    Lastly I think it would be awesome if the old promotional videos or websites for the game could be available somewhere on the site to ramp up hype for the new servers. I will be the first to admit even though I have had the game and played it for years I never accomplished much (got married, moved to England from Oregon and used to get wrist pain) and so I never got to kill Vinicor the dragon or go to the real end game vanilla content. And now I want to!

    At launched I was pumped for this game, heck I even bought that Desert of Flames monkey stuffed animal. I used to have the collector's edition tin and everything!

    I know there is vet rewards, but I think everyone who makes a toon should have the pre-order J-boots!


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  18. Lejoni New Member

    I would want a mix, ex. When all solo+heroic+raid content has been cleared. A timer starts let's say 30-60 days to let others finish it as well and then it opens the vote to unlock next expac. If it goes through it unlocks in another 30-60 days. If not a revote in a sertain amount of time. So essentially: Content_cleared+timer+N(vote+timer) = unlock
  19. Crabcakes New Member

    I was all for 6 months between expansions in EQ TLP, but Ragefire is pretty contentious now. All targets killed by mage/sk armies within 3 days of launch...non-instanced boss zones...ick.

    3 months *tops* between any expansion release, imo.
  20. Filnydar Member

    There are two reasons why I hope the EQ2 TLP servers won't have the issues met on Ragefire :

    -zones have always duplicated when they're overloaded. So there are going to be several instances of Runnyeye (that's just an example) when needed

    -there isn't any shortage of content after level 40

    So I'd like to see a community-driven progression, with frequent votes requiring a 2/3 majority, starting the second the goals to unlock an expansion are reached. The first votes will likely fail, but the unlocking will happen at some point.