The defiler prestige Ward's Bane does _nothing_

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Leucippus, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. Leucippus New Member

    I just selected the defiler prestige Ward's Bane that is supposed to put a damage shield on on Ancient Shroud and Carrion Warding, my defiler's single and group wards respectively.

    Ward's Bane does absolutely _nothing_.
    No buff added to the spell descriptions.
    No new icon added to either window
    No damage listed in the log file when I am hit.
    This AA does nothing at the moment.

    To reproduce this siutaiton take a defiler, to to the Withered Lands where the croc's are. Ward yourself up and let a croc pound on you. The croc will take zero damage from Ward's Bane. There will be no sign of Ward's Bane in any window. There will be no description of Ward's Bane added to Ancient Shroud's or Carrion Warding's description.

  2. Erage New Member

    The prestige gives you a buff you cast to enable it. It's so you can toggle it on/off if needed. It works fine for me when toggled on (aside from the fact it drops when you die). Does damage and shows up on my wards.
  3. Leucippus New Member

    Perhaps it did give a buff at one time, but not now. I am calling your bluff.

    What is the name of the buff?
    What is it's icon?
    What tab on the Knowledge window holds this buff?
    When was the last time you used this buff?

  4. Leucippus New Member

    I found it. I respected the presteige tree, and this time it gave me a buff. Maybe you have to take that choice last to get the buff or something.
  5. Arieste Well-Known Member

    I got the buff with no issues and Ward's Bane works great.
  6. BlahBlahBlah New Member

    After taking this feature in the prestige line, I had to try it out. Went with a tank friend and seriously rounded things up in Obol Plains just to see how much damage it would do. It works very well, however, it adds the DAMAGE to whoever has agro of the mob and not just MINE. I am maybe being acting like a spoiled brat, but Its my spell, my prestige, my points spent, therefore it should be MY DAMAGE. If you go through ACT and look under the damage done per person it shows Ward's Bane under them and how much damage it has done. Also, in combat log it states it as being their Ward's Bane did # amount of damage. Shouldnt this be listed as only defiler damage since it procs from my wards?
  7. Cisteros Active Member

    The fact that the person getting hit is getting credit for the damage also means that they are getting credit for the hate. Doesn't really matter running around a solo overland zone, but tell me how upset you are prewarding and the tank generating aggro and not you when he gets hit after a grab the whole room pull in Heroic + content
  8. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Many, many buffs award the dps to the person the buff is on and not the person who cast it on them. Good, bad or ugly, that's the way it's been for as long as I've been playing.
  9. Ambi Member

    What I gleaned from this is that you want to be awarded with dps from purely healing. There's a reason we haven't seen Bane Warding since TSO, please don't lose it for us because of your whining.
  10. BlahBlahBlah New Member

    Not whining so much as inquiring about it. I admitted to coming off as a spoiled brat in my original post. I love playing my defiler and the way she is able to heal virtually anything and still put out a fair amount of dps. I was asking questions that was all.

    Thank you to everyone for your replies, they are very much appreciated.
  11. Arielle Nightshade Well-Known Member

    I didn't see that this could be toggled. I'll check it out.