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Discussion in 'Norrathian Homeshow' started by Afista, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Allakhazam for EQ2, EQ2 Wikipedia, and EQ2 Traders are also very good sources, though some of the info could stand to be updated here and there (for instance, you don't have to have at least 3 people to start a Hearts A' Flutter race for Erollisi Day any more, you can just "race the clock" solo; Denmum on Traders has more updated info for each holiday)...generally your best bet for current info is the forums, if you're like me and play at odd hours when most of the servers aren't well populated. ;->

    who highly recommends checking the "last updated" dates on 3rd party sites ;->
  2. IZELLIA Member

    On the EQ@DesignGallery link - I loved it as it was up to date! I would like to invite you to Butcherblock server for a visit to our guild hall - Legion of Legends. There are no Butcherblock guild halls on the site and would love to donate some pics for you. Also, we are almost complete with a Wedding Chapel for all to use for ingame weddings and can personalize it with magic mouths, upon request. Please send ingame tell if you are interested. Always supporting fellow designers!! Izellia on Butcherblock Server. Have a great day!
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  3. voodedoo Member

    Hello everyone. I am thinking about hiring a decorator for one of my homes; however I have no idea what the correct method is to do so. I need to know what the going price is for decorating and what it includes. Do I need to purchase all of the stuff to decorate the house with and provide it to the decorator, or is it included in the fee that I pay them etc. If there is a link or another place I need to look for this information please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I tried the looking for a decorator link above and was informed I don’t have permission.
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  4. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Me, too; it'd be interesting to see who, if anyone, does have permission... :-/

    I think it's an error on someone's or something's (server glitch, whatever) part somewhere. :-/

  5. IZELLIA Member

    If you are on Butcherblock server, I can be of help just send an in-game mail or tell. Each decorator has their own way to handle payments and materials ,etc.
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  6. IZELLIA Member

    Well said darling, well said!
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  7. Afista Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure what happened with that older link above, but it was a Homeshow forum thread that is now for some reason was removed. The first post has been updated to current links.

    I did start a consolidated List of Decorators here though. I try to grab consolidated list posts and add them to this list as I see them, but if there are more decorators out there with consolidated albums, please let me know and I'll update it asap :) The link to that web page has been added to the first post as well.
  8. Charlice Well-Known Member

    Just a little question, well actually a bit of a derail :rolleyes: ... is Senya still around?
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  9. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm, did I miss something, somewhere? I know there are threads out there that talk about how to post screenshots (I know how, but many don't and would probably appreciate it), but I'm not seeing any referenced here, even in the posts after the first sticky? :-/

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  10. Smallcorners Well-Known Member

    Is there an up to date guide on pass-through paintings, tapestries and carpets?
  11. suka Well-Known Member

    so let's add it. because really, as a sticky, this should have it.

    First - you need a free account on something like photobucket

    make sure that when you make a screenshot, you go to your options and choose jpeg format. then before capturing the shot, you want your display up to max (reset it later for better performance) and make sure your textures and resolutions are all max - as high as your computer will allow. you then press F10 twice to remove the ui from your screen and press PrtScr to take the shot. pressing F10 again will put your screen back to normal.

    On your computer, open a new window of your eq2 launchpad. On the part where the wrench and hammer show, press that button. Then on the next window choose "open game directory". In the game directory is a folder called "screenshots". right-click and choose "send to" and then "desktop: create shortcut". You now have a shortcut to this folder on your desktop. close these windows.

    Now go to your newly created account on photobucket. there are other programs out there, this is the one i use. On your screen you will see a button called "upload". click that and on the next page you will see one that says "choose files for uploading" or something to that effect. click on it, then on the window that opens up, navigate to desktop and click the shortcut to your screenshots. this will open the screenshot window. now press shift and highlight the pics you want to upload. clicking the first one this way and then the last one will upload all selected pics - shift will select all pics between the two, ctrl will select only the ones you click on. press ok

    now your pics will upload. the format is important because most programs only see jpeg files. don't navigate away from the page until the upload is finished. this doesn't mean you can't open other pages, it is only for the program.

    when the upload is finished go to view uploads. on that window there will be little shots of each one you just uploaded. go to the first one you want to use in your forum post and double click it. this opens a preview pane. to the right will be a direct link. click it, and it automatically copies. then on the forum, click the img button on the toolbar. in the window that opens, hit ctrl v - which pastes the link. then hit insert. voila- your pic is posted.

    to see more pics back on photobucket, click the arrows at the top above the picture and it will navigate to each enlarged pic for you to take a good look. the direct link will always be available to the right of the pic.

    have fun posting. did i leave out any steps?
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  12. suka Well-Known Member

    i haven't seen any and with some of the changes i found that the old one was not accurate sometimes. so now i keep a dungeon with space to set down a carpet or some dividers for mounting a painting or a tapestry so i can check it out easily
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  13. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Nice recap on posting, Suka; I really think either this one or something similar should be included in the Decorator's Resource sticky posting of links. :)

    I will say, though, that many file sharing sites are different in their approaches, though Flickr and others are probably fairly close to the procedure for Photobucket (i.e., trying to make it as painless as possible for their users). The one I use, DeviantArt, is really complex, and I hope I haven't worn out my welcome, space-wise (I usually do .jpg files, too, simply because they take up a lot less room, though you can do other formats on DeviantArt. I just haven't tried out all the fancier ones yet). I'm not sure how to use the Albums on my Facebook account yet, but I'm not happy with the way they insist on people being members in order to see anything, even if it's Publicly posted (and I'm kind of leery of that, for various reasons).

    I haven't had a computer system that could do much as far as Display goes, so most of my screenshots, even nowadays, tend to be a bit drab; I'm not sure even my uber-system now could handle lots of shadows, for instance. But good advice, nonetheless! I'll see about kicking it up a few notches next time. :)

    Brilliant suggestion for the desktop shortcut! I could smack myself in the forehead for not thinking of it earlier, though I've never considered myself a "professional-level decorator" like you and many others. :) Just a reminder, though, folks; if anyone has toons on Public Test, you have to go down one more level to Test Server, and your Screenshot folder (and others, like Saved_Layouts) will be there. ;->

  14. suka Well-Known Member

    lol i don't think of myself as a professional- i'm just having fun with an artistic outlet.

    i usually turn off the shadows on my ui because i don't think they help at all with the quality of the pic. and immediately after i take the screenshots, i go back to balanced or performance. i like photobucket because of its simplicity. i really prefer playing to trying to figure stuff out.

    as for facebook, i had some bad experiences with them and refuse to use them now. among other experiences was their snooping into my privacy by stealing an unpublished cell phone number (government issued for emergencies only) that i had denied them access to. if you tell a company you don't have a cell number and you know it is unpublished, and then they call you on it, that does something negative to trust. if i had wanted them to call me on it, i would have given it to them. as it was, they put my account in jeopardy with the cell phone issuer because it was for emergencies only. I simply don't trust any company who has no respect for my privacy.
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  15. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Amen to that last. :-/

  16. Merriel Well-Known Member

    This is why I absolutely loathe Facebook and other sites like it, and I hate that so many companies today try to shove Facebook into your face. It is also why I try to remain so private with my personal info, because I don't need companies like Facebook to 'sell' or give away my personal info to others that I cannot or do not trust.

    I usually turn off shadows too, as they actually are distracting to me. I don't exactly have the best eyesight and when I see those shadows flicker out of the corner of my eye, I tend to turn my head to see what it was, and I can't tell you how many times that has happened at the most critical times that my full attention needed to remain focused where it was (tradeskilling comes to mind for this). I will sometimes turn my graphics up temporarily, however, for screenshots.

    I do have a Photobucket account, but use it extremely rarely. Generally I just upload images to, which is a subsidiary of Photobucket. It's just easier to go to this site, click upload, occasionally have to enter a security code to prove you are a real person uploading the image, then copy the url from the uploaded image, than it is to use Photobucket.
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  17. Wildpaw New Member

    Hi, probably resurrecting an older thread but something might come out of this that's useful.

    Are there any guides to doing basic buildings, I have just got the 11 year vet reward and would like to build something on the Isle of Refuge for starters, so I guess exterior design rather than interior!
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  18. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    Hmm! Nothing official that I know of, but the Dividers come in a wide range of possibilities these days...I'd suggest start tossing up stuff and seeing how they look, but that's just so-called "building" method. It helps to have an idea ahead of time, or a theme, but seriously, just goof around with some Dividers you can make yourself, and even if it's not exactly the colors/whatever you have in mind, it'll give you a feel for how to do it. ;->

    And if there are any official exterior decorating tips/tricks/etc. I've missed, let Wildpaw (and me!) know! ;->

    who recommends looking up videos and such folks have done here
  19. Merriel Well-Known Member

    Ok now this was a very odd experience, lol. I was replying to another thread (only one window open, so was not on the wrong tab), and my reply popped into this thread, which I haven't even looked at yet today. :/
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  20. Uwkete-of-Crushbone Well-Known Member

    You really didn't mean to add to this particular old sub-thread, right? ;->

    But if I were to add to my old chestnut up there, I'd include the triangle "tiles" (= blocks) nowadays. ;->


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