The Dead Hills Story

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    ratbast wrote:
    I think Cazic Thule is the only one of those dieties that has an origin story. I believe the best lore refrence is going to come from the book "The fogotten eye" that can be found in Kunark. I think that one is collected in JW near the city there.
    You'll also want to check the books from the Temple of Cazic Thule. The slow and fast thoughts books. The general indication is that Cazic is very likely the first of the Gods of Influence and he isn't directly involved with any of the other gods in his creation.
    Another interesting thing to note is that the Marr Twins were gods without a sphere until after they visited Norrath and traveled around a bit. Only after visiting the Elves did Mithanial take up the sphere of honor and valor. Only after giving birth to the Barbarian race did Erollisi take up the sphere of Love. She may of taken up the Hunter before that.
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    mikegonz wrote:
    The speculation weather or not the Last Home was the tomb of the Xulous king is... improbable.
    The lore of the Last Home was actually in EQoA only a VERY short time before being removed. It was barely introduced and only good alligned characters who completed the "spell" lead-in quest before SOE added the Plane of Disease entrance quest (the one most people were aware of) were ever able to read it AND on top of that it was very inconspicuous and easy pass.
    The story.. (as I remember as I being an evil rogue that built enough faction with Surefall glade to do both good and evil sides of the spell quests) was told by the and Unkempt Druid Elder...who in eqoa was an NPC Barbarian Druid.. which was a race/class combo not available to players which i guess was the reason for folks to be interested to talk to him, though many skipped passed him (no feathers for quests in that game you had to hail everything) and returned home.
    So.. as my old rogue memory recalls the Unkempt Druid Elders story...
    *turns the old tomes page*
    Long ago in ancient times when Tunaria was young, a great plague errupted throughout the land. It tore through man and beast alike. The races of Tunaria went to their healers and shamans for cures but even the greatest of druid magics were unable to best this blight.
    As the races tried to combat this plague great facilities were errected to house the dying and infected. These Sanitariums were created across the mid-continent to help those races beguiled by the spreading disease. However these great houses of healing fought a loosing battle. One by one each home fighting the blight fell to the plague and were themselves no longer safe to travel to. All fell but one, one home of healing remained the Springview Sanitarium.
    Survivors of the plague and those still seeking shelter for their infection in it's walls called the Springview Sanitarium the Last Home. As it was the last of the great Sanitariums that had fought so hard against the plague. In its desperate struggle the Last Home saw it's physician's fight the disease with all the healers and medicines they had but it was not enough. Soon the end was near for the Springview Sanitarium. Then in a twist of irony the doctors and healers of the Last Home would turn to the one god they could to stop the disease the master of disease himself Bertoxxulous.
    He offered them salvation from the "mysterious" blight across Tunaria. But the cost would be a heavy one. He would halt the disease in exchange for the Last Home's lives. The lives of the sick and dying would be his, the lives of the doctors and healers would bequeath all for him and become his dark followers. The surgeons and doctors, druids and shamans of the Last home after a hard contemplation agreed and Bertoxxulous unleashed a mist that covered the Springview Sanitarium and the surrounding countryside. In this last penance to pay Bertoxxulous would take not only the souls of the Springview Sanitariums lives but take the Last Home itself as he translocated the entire sanitarium itself to the plane of disease.
    Now when the hooded men in dark robes appear from time to time across Norrath, weary and dread follow. As once in ancient times they were held in high regard as healers they are rumored to be minions of the god of disease.
    *Closes the tome*
    some fan-fic-ish melo-drama was added for emphasis... but very little to the above.
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    Rezikai wrote:
    I didn't mean Last Home was the tomb of the Xulous kings, but that location of the portals to Last Home from the Dead Hills was most likely one of them. If I remember correctly, there was a group of three tombs, with the center one having the portal the led directly to Last Home.
    I remember those prelude quests, specifically the one for the PoD spells. I wish I remember the connection to Toxxulia as well, as I remember having to raid down the dungeon to kill one specific mob for a drop. I was an dark elf necromancer, so I never saw the good version of the spell quest.

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