The Construct of Malice - Ossuary: The Altar of Malice

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  1. Malleria Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, can anyone shed some light on the strat for this fight? I've watched the videos posted online, and get the general idea. Looks like one "bubble" spawns on a random person in groups 1 and 3, and another bubble spawns on a random person in groups 2 and 4. The Construct needs to be placed between the bubbles and he loses his immunity for a short time.

    The problem we're running in to is about 80% of the time only one bubble is spawning. It targets a player and spawns on them, then we get a red text saying "The projection is too weak to remain in this place of existence and dissipates!", and the second bubble doesn't spawn. Then we promptly all get blown up.

    So my question is - what is causing that second bubble to fail to spawn? We've tried moving further away from the Construct, but hasn't made a difference.

    And once we get both bubbles to spawn, how do you prevent everyone being one shot after a short time with the message "PlayerXX is hit by the impact of the powerful malicious strike!".

    Any and all help would be appreciated! The vids only show so much and it clearly shows no one dying, but I can't figure out why :(
  2. duckster Active Member

    One bubble spawns on the raid and another is spawned away from the raid. From memory there were 2 people required to maintain/strengthen the bubble before moving out of it(believe a curse would hit if you stayed too long).

    There were some curses at low % as well that required you to be close proximity to another(pairs in raid window). If you were near the non paired person you blew up(rohen theer style).
    Heavy scripted fight that...:)

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