The Chronoportals Have Returned: March 21-28, 2013!

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    From 12:01 a.m. Thursday, March 21st, through 11:59 p.m. Thursday, March 28th, log in to EQII and take part in a look back at Norrathian days of yore.


    The EQII Team has created this fun event as an homage to EverQuest in honor of the anniversary of the EverQuest franchise, and although the lore doesn't exactly fit the current story of EQII, they decided to make it extra enjoyable for those who were around for the first iteration of Norrath. Adventurers who take part in this journey through time will find some silly nods to EQ and moments of nostalgia as we reminisce about our heritage.


    The Chronomages of Norrath need your help. They've felt surges in the fabric of time, and used their magic to investigate those surges. The results of their probes caused portals to open, connecting the present with the ancient days before The Shattering. You've been asked to go through the portals, face any challenges you may find, and return to help the Chronomages understand what's happening.


    Portals have opened in Sinking Sands, the Moors of Ykesha, Feerott, Thundering Steppes, Antonica, Steamfont, the Enchanted Lands, and Lavastorm. The mages ask that you investigate them all!


    Journey through the portals to find the ancient heroes and villains of an age gone by. Reminisce about them. Then kill them and loot them for the really cool items they possess. Hurry before time runs out!
  2. PetMyLlama New Member

    This is a nice throw back. I think what would have made this REALLY nostalgic would be if the portal also changed our view to the graphics of EQ1
  3. Morg Well-Known Member

    OOh! I almost missed this, what with the love the enchanted grottos got! Thank you! There are still a few items I need from the chronoportal days!
  4. Lucus Well-Known Member

    i'd love it if next year we could buy a replica of the portal to the past from the vendor to use as a decoration.
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