"The **** Child" (Fan Fiction Novel: PG13)

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    (Due to light violence and the theme of slavery, if slavery is a touchy subject or bothers you please refrain from reading further. The in-game copy of these player written books can be obtained on Antonia Bayle. Author Vanesh Evengale will even sign the books ICly or OOCly for you ^_^)


    Life in Neriak is a fickle and dangerous thing. Born of hate and envy, Innoruuk's prized creation, the Teir'dal, reign supreme.
    It is said that to be the first born son of a Nerian family is a glorious and honorable status; though not all Teir'dal firstborns will ever see that glory.
    It is no different here, for the man-child whose tale you read. A tale of would be glory turned to ash. Come then, if you would. Know the tale of The **** Child.

    It was the ninth year after the young Teir'dal's birth. Though the child was eagerly awaiting the celebration of his coming, his mother wept. “Our son, Daevik... he is ****.” Her jaw tightened to fight away the sting of mournful tears as she stared down to her child, obliviously playing in the streets below the darkened balcony of their home. Daevik slowly turned his gaze upon his wife as a slow breath was drawn into his lungs.
    “Shall his death be a gift to Innoruuk then my beloved?” He questioned Neetha quietly as to not alert the boy's keen ears. “All the platinum we've invested in his training. Ruined, spoiled! He taints everything that he touches! Innoruuk has fallen silent with us. Cursed us rather than giving us his blessing! Our little wretch would rather frolic in the forest tending to the wounded than raise a fist in anger. Useless.” Neetha hissed as her fingers curled around the banister. “YOU'RE USELESS VANESH!” She snapped down to the boy.
    Slowly, pale gray eyes lifted so that the boy could look at his mother in all of her rage. His satchel of roots was dropped to the stones at his feet as he felt the tears begin to come.
    His throat grew tight and his chest heavy as the well of emotion began to run high; though before his mother could say another word... he ran. Vanesh had run until his lungs were blazon and his legs could no longer carry him. Nestled among the boxes of cargo on the dock, the young boy pulled a Jumjum satchel over himself in an attempt to hide from his mother.
    Though Neetha and Daevik hadn't spotted the boy, there was yet another threat that had.
    A pair of dark leather boots stopped just in front of the quietly sniffling satchel; knees popping as the human crouched down to pull the satchel off of the boy's head.
    Curious and keen blue eyes met the watery eyes of the child, reaching out to snatch the boy up by the front of his shirt. “What... have we here, boys?” The human, Sulvian had given the boy a devious little grin as he watched him struggle and kick trying to set himself free.
    “ILHARN!” Vanesh screamed loudly as Sulvian only laughed at the fear that came pouring off of him. “Feisty little one isn't he?” Sulvian's words cut short as he glanced off to the side to Neetha and Daevik quickly approaching him.
    Hands OFF of the wretch! Worthless as he is that is MY rat and not yours pale skin.” Neetha snapped as she reached for Vanesh and jerked him from the human's grasp.
    Vanesh stood holding the front of his shirt together as he looked wide eyed between his mother and the human; swallowing thickly as the human dared to approach them.
    “Worthless? Hardly&” Sulvian let his head tip off to the side as he reached out to try and take Vanesh up by the jaw as he studied his face. Vanesh squirmed beneath the human's grasp but his mother held him still as her chin tipped up to the human. “Oh? Are you offering something?” Neetha kept that brow raised as her violet eyes moved to her husband who merely stood aside with his arms folded over his chest, silent. “Five hundred platinum. Could make a fine slave of him.” Sulvian murmured quietly as he turned the boy's head to the side and lifted up an arm as if he were inspecting a piece of meat. Though Sulvian was hardly prepared for Vanesh to be shoved into him as Neetha held out her hand with her brows furrowed. “Deal.” Neetha seethed. “Ilharn! Xuat alu! NAU!” Vanesh screamed at the top of his lungs as Sulvian's crew drug the boy aboard their vessel. Neetha stood with a stony look as she sifted through the platinum coins Daevik held in the small chest beside her, ignoring the pleas from her child. Vanesh continued to wail and although the boy screamed for his father not to leave him, Daevik's eyes refused to lift from the dock.
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    The night had drowned away in the sounds of the sea; unable to scream any more than he had, Vanesh had finally found sleep. Sleep had come though rest had not.
    The boy's dreams were filled with tormenting images of the home he was leaving behind, of his parents who had betrayed him. Sold, like property. Every so often the boy would wake to stare at the bars of his cage as the ship sailed onward. “Dos dro?” Sulvian spoke quietly as he jabbed at Vanesh's side with a finger through the bars. Vanesh let out a groggy groan as his eyes slowly came open to stare at the human who asked if he were alive.
    “Xas...” Vanesh murmured barely above a hoarse whisper as his hands reached up to rub at his face; frowning as he heard the shackle chains drag along the floor of his confines.
    “Good. Though I certainly hope you know the Overlord's common. We won't be speaking your inky speak again, boy. That life... that city is behind you.” Sulvian slowly stood and unlocked the cell door only to reach in and grab the boy by his shackles. Mental exhaustion had well set in over the course of the night, so much so that the boy found it hard to struggle as Sulvian lead him down the ramp to the docks. The city of Freeport was bustling as it always was, leaving plenty of wandering eyes to pass over the pirate and his child captive. Vanesh began to tug at the chains that Sulvian held firmly in his right hand; hesitating the further along they delved into the city. “Don't make me drag you boy. I can be kind or I can be cruel.” Sulvian's eyes cut over to the boy with a stone cold look to his face. Uncaring, unwavering. He watched as the boy's lower lip trembled and his ears canted back like a frightened dog.
    The pirate and child had walked the rest of the way to the slave registration office in utter silence. Not a sound or word muttered between them. The silence was only broken when a troll stepped forward and attached a crude metal collar around Vanesh's neck, leaving Vanesh slamming himself against Sulvian and screaming at the troll to get away from him. “To the markets Sully or are you keeping this one?” A woman asked quietly behind the desk. Sulvian smirked as he wrapped an arm about the boy's shoulders and gave a firm nod of his head.
    “He's to stay with me.' Sulvian had reached out to stop the Troll from locking the collar, only to take hold of it and toss it onto the floor. 'Don't put that foul crap on my slave.” Sulvian's eyes narrowed at the Troll who only sneered at him.
    The boy's gray eyes slowly rose to Sulvian's face as he swallowed down his nerves. “Where are-” The crack of Sulvian's hand against the boy's face filled the room just as Sulvian set down the quill after signing the paperwork. “Speak when spoken to boy. The first thing you will come to know very well... is your -place-.” The boy whimpered as Sulvian scolded him, casting his eyes to the floor before they clenched shut to try and hide the tears. Sulvian lead the boy into the back room as he flung a pair of baggy cloth pants and a snip of rope at Vanesh's feet. “Lose the fancy robes boy. You haven't earned them.” Sulvian unshackled the boy's wrists and stepped out of the room, closing the door behind him. Vanesh swallowed as he stood on tip toe to stare out of the barred window, watching other children play in the street as he began to change clothes. He slowly slumped against the back wall as he flung his robes towards the door and simply sobbed at the disgrace of wearing rags.
    That disgrace was only the first of many more to come. The following weeks had left the young boy broken. Day after day of following behind his Master, chained to his belt by a link of chain leading from it to the D-ring on the thick silver collar Sulvian had put about his neck. Everyone who did any sort of business at the Freeport docks knew of 'Sully The Dread' and his Teir'dal slave boy. By the end of the third week the boy was becoming numb to the lewd remarks from the other seafarers. How many times had he heard someone approach Sully asking how much he'd be willing to part with him for? Offer after offer was quickly declined, however. For as young as the Teir'dal boy was, he was also more obedient than half of the 'well trained' slaves that Sulvian had worked with. So obedient was the boy in fact, that when the boy refused to speak one late evening Sulvian had taken quick notice to the sudden shift in behavior. "If you wish to remain silent I can make it all the easier and cut out your tongue. Would you like me to do that boy?” Sulvian muttered quietly as he shoveled another fork full of food into his mouth. He cast hardly a sideways glance down to the child slave at his feet. Vanesh kept his eyes on his hands in his lap and though an answer didn't come immediately he finally shook his head. "No, Sir.” Vanesh's nostrils flared as he shifted where he knelt, fidgeting his fingers together as he listened to his Master eat. “Then tell me why it is you have been silent for near a week. Not even playing with what toys I've allowed you.” Sulvian lofted a brow as he dangled his fork in between his fingers, his eyes set onto the boy's face silently after the question was posed. “It was my coming day, last week, Sir.” Vanesh replied quietly as he shifted yet again at the sound of Sulvian's abrupt laughter. “Your coming day... I take it that you mean to say your birthday?” Sulvian laughed even more as he tossed a dinner roll and a blown out candle that he ripped from the candelabra on the table down into the boy's lap. Vanesh barely caught the items as his eyes slowly pulled up to Sulvian's face, though his gaze stopped short at Sulvian's lips only to watch him murmur: “Happy birthday.
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    Many more coming days had passed for Vanesh in Sulvian's cruel care; The adolescent taking solace in his silence as the years had passed by. The boy kept to his chores dutifully, ever without complaint. Sulvian had always thought it a wonder how broken the Teir'dal **** child had been even before he took him.
    Proper behavior had earned the boy things, however. Truth be told Sulvian had begun to dote on him over the years. The small affections had not gone without notice. “Why is it that I have things the others do not, Sir?” Vanesh quietly asked Sulvian as he knelt beside the pirate's chair. Sulvian slowly uncrossed his legs as he leaned forward to look down at the pale eyed Teir'dal. “Do you wish me to take such things away so you can be like the others? Do you wish to be free of your cage in my home to sleep in the cells like the rest?” Sulvian lofted a brow as he watched Vanesh The boy's ears dipped back slowly as he shook his head no and returned his eyes to the floor. “No, Sir... I don't want that...” The boy murmured quietly and looked to the fireplace. Sulvian's right hand slowly reached out to take the boy up by the chin so that he could look at him a bit more directly. “You've aged enough I think that you're ready to truly serve a greater purpose than meeting my whims.” Vanesh's eyes stayed locked on the ground as Sulvian inspected his almost feminine features curiously. “What would you have of me, Sir?” The boy's voice cracked as all sorts of thoughts had started to run through his head. “I've spoiled you.” Sulvian muttered as he let go of Vanesh's face to grab hold of the D-ring on the boy's collar. Upwards the boy was jerked to his feet and lead down the hall to the rear door of the estate. Vanesh had gone along without protest until he realized Sulvian was leading him past the gardens. The slave pens weren't far away. “But I don't want the cells!” Vanesh cried out realizing that the pens had in fact been where Sulvian was leading him. Sulvian didn't take note of Vanesh's plea as he continued down the cobblestone path.
    The two large guards had stepped aside once Sulvian and the boy approached the gate; Vanesh shuddering violently as the gates creaked open.
    Sulvian's left hand fisted into the boy's hair as Sulvian held him still, letting go of his collar long enough to point at the caged slaves behind their bars. “Since you've mentioned it, what does make you worthy, boy? More than any of these others to sleep in my home warmed by the fire, hm?” Vanesh winced as a few slaves had gone to the bars of their cells to stare at the Teir'dal slave in front of them, free from the others. “I'm more worthy than he is!” Cried one. “Let me show you my worth!” Called another. Sulvian only laughed at the other slave's responses as he watched Vanesh curl in on himself. “Answer me. What makes you worthy, above all of the others?” “I don't know, Sir!” Tears were welling up as the boy was overcome with frustration of the moment. He had no other answer to give him. Sulvian quietly sighed at the lack of a real answer, slowly fishing a silver key out of his pocket. Vanesh swallowed as he was lead further into the cells to the very back, the only open cell left. Vanesh whimpered as he fearfully watched Sulvian unlock the cell door. “Perhaps time with the others will let you reflect on an answer, boy.” Before Vanesh could protest he found himself cheek down on the worn mat at the back of the cell; staring up at Sulvian with a look that could only be seen as a silent plea. Sulvian locked the boy's cell and leaned against the bars for a moment as he watched Vanesh crawl forward and reach through to try and grab at Sulvian's shirt. “Please! I won't question you again Sir!” Vanesh sobbed with his heart racing. He realized then he had made a grave error by questioning Sulvian's actions all together. Did he have to know why he received what he did or should he have just been thankful he had it? The lesson was already pounding away at him. The boy cried out and slammed himself back against the back of the cell holding his right hand to his chest after Sulvian had slapped the metal knotted strap of leather against his knuckles for grabbing him.
    Sulvian stood there for only a few moments more before turning his back without reply, leaving the slave pens to return to his tea in the shelter of his home not far away.
    Vanesh lowered his face into the palms of his hands as he sat at the back of the cage, shivering hearing the gates close yet again. The laughter that rose up around him was haunting in the moment.
    Weeks had passed alone in that cell; so many that Vanesh had started to not care to keep count of the nights that had gone by. Left with only the cramping of his abdomen from hunger, the chill of those cells and his dirtied mat for comfort, Vanesh had begun to sob for the comfort of his small cage in Sulvian's home.
    Vanesh hadn't spoken a word; not to the others, not to the guards who gave him his portion of food each day. Silence had become his comfort.
    It wasn't until he heard a familiar voice rise up that Vanesh had finally broken that silence.
    “What makes you worthy? What makes you valuable?” Sulvian whispered quietly late one night, crouched down outside of Vanesh's cell. Vanesh's pale yes slowly rose to Sulvian's face warily though hopeful as he crawled towards the cell bars.
    “I am not worthy of the warmth of your home, Sir. I am not worthy of your mercy.' Vanesh began. Sulvian lofted a brow at the Teir'dal with a slight tilt of his head as he continued to listen to him. “But I can be valuable. I can be pleasing because I wish to please. I can serve better than the rest because I wish to serve and have my Master content.” He swallowed thickly as he stared up at Sulvian; his heart beginning to race as he saw Sulvian begin to fish the silver key out of his pocket. “You will, be pleasing.” Sulvian muttered quietly as the cell door was unlocked and opened slowly. Vanesh slumped against Sulvian after being picked up like a child; the human pirate carrying the Teir'dal back out of the pens. “Your training starts on the morrow.”
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    The morn in fact came earlier than the boy had anticipated it to. The sun wasn't even quite shining through Sulvian's windows when he was jostled awake by the sharp sting of a single tail whip snapping against his right thigh. The Teir'dal boy came up with a start, bolting straight up until the metal chain attached to the foot of Sulvian's bed stopped him. Pale eyes settled onto the pirate's boots, not daring to lift his eyes any farther. “You will rise when the first bells of the dock sound. You will prepare my first meal. You will tend to me while I eat. You will eat what you are given and you will promptly clean the mess. After you are dismissed you are to bathe and by bathe I mean that you will be ready to pass my inspection. I expect you to be as clean as the plates you give me to eat from am I clear?” Sulvian's tone was firm but it didn't hold the almost cruel tone that it previously held with the boy.
    “Yes, Master. Perfectly clear.” The boy murmured quietly as he willed his leg to stop quivering from the stinging pain still aching his thigh. Sulvian only gave a silent nod as he leaned forward to unlock and remove the chain from the boy's collar to let him stand. “Why are you still sitting there?” There came the bite of that whip again and again before the boy could manage to stand and bolt towards the kitchen. Sulvian had followed along, leaning up against the doorway to the kitchen as he watched Vanesh searching the cupboards for the ingredients for Sulvian's favorite morning dish; though the coy smirk that pulled at the pirate's lips was a telltale sign that he knew full well they wouldn't be found. “Master? I... I don't see the oranges anywhere. Do you want something else?” Vanesh looked panic stricken as he glanced over his shoulder towards Sulvian awaiting his response. Sulvian slowly walked over to his slave still holding open the cupboard doors, only to slowly remove the boy's hands and close them. “No. You're going to learn one of your other duties.” Sulvian's right forefinger hooked on the D-ring of the boy's collar and lead him towards the door, the pirate reaching out for his hat before tugging his slave along with him outside into Freeport's streets. The walk was as humiliating as it ever had been, the random stares and the snickers; the occasional offer to rent the slave from his Master. It all seemed to blur together towards the end of their walk out of the city, however; the boy was slowly learning to drown them all out and only to focus on Sulvian. The Commonlands hadn't seemed so horrible when they first arrived, though after an hour or so of grueling harvesting Vanesh's arms were starting to ache. The boy wiped at his brow as he stood on tip-toe, reaching upwards with his other hand to try and grasp the last of the oranges. Sulvian was standing behind him, whip idly swinging as he himself had his attention on the small caravan headed towards the city. Two Teir'dal men escorted a seemingly rather wealthy Teir'dal noblewoman, their horses drawing closer to the pair at the twisted tree.
    Sulvian wasn't the only one left staring; the boy had paused with his hand finally wrapped about the orange as his eyes lifted to meet the bright eyes of the lady. A small smile came to her lips, giving the slave boy a sly little wink as she passed. Her attire had done little to hide the curves of her form from the young man and he was certainly taking note.

    So much note in fact that when Sulvian's whip lashed out to strike the orange from the slave's hands he fumbled to try and catch it and tipped himself face first into the mud at the base of the tree. The laughter that rose up from both the noblewoman and her escorts made Vanesh curl up on himself, tears coming to his eyes as he heard Sulvian's chortling laughter chiming in with them. “Don't even think about it, boy.”
    For weeks Vanesh endured that whip biting at him. Not one minor infraction went undisciplined it seemed; though the boy was learning and correcting his mistakes without having repeat occurrences. The slave's reactions had come so quickly and naturally to him that when Sulvian had him stand in front of the hearth and took up the thin shackles about his wrists to attach them to the bricks he didn't even bat an eyelash as he complied.
    The boy's eyes did wander and follow Sulvian's movements though, watching his Master take up the hot iron from the coals. Vanesh's eyes widened as a low whimper escaped him, his lower lip trembling as he felt the heat of the iron intensifying near his leg.
    “If you move a muscle and ruin the brand... I assure you, the next one will be on your pretty little face. Am I understood? Be a good boy... and be still.” Sulvian spoke lowly as he tugged down the side of Vanesh's pants to expose his hip, ignoring the growing whine rising up from his slave; as long as the boy was only whimpering and whining, he would deal with it and allow him that much. He was about to scream. The sound of the sear had come before the pain. The Teir'dal's eyes flashing open wide as every muscle in his body went rigid. A hitching breath was drawn in as the tears welled up to the brim of his lower eyelids, spilling down his cheeks once his eyes clamped shut. Streets away doors had creaked open as peering eyes gazed into the darkness of Freeport's streets to try and deduce where the bone chilling scream had come from. “Good boy.”
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    The boy's ear tips twitched as he stood preparing drinks, quietly listening to his Master's guests. The boy had spent many nights listening to their varying languages, slowly learning nearly a dozen of them over the years.
    “You still surprise me, Sully.' Hesna began. 'Always the loveliest slaves indeed though you've personally taken a Teir'dal and a male Teir'dal at that. I hadn't considered you the type.” A coy smirk pulled over her features as she eyed Sulvian, bringing her goblet up to her lips for a small sip.
    All eyes were on Vanesh then as his small chiming bells rang out softly with each fluid step the boy took towards the gathered group. “He is a special case and I am most certainly not the type.” Sully muttered under his breath, watching his slave serve the drinks in perfect form and silence. Vanesh hadn't given much thought to why there had been so many present that night until he stood to return to the kitchen. Sully caught him by the left wrist and pulled him closer, pointing to the middle of the den's floor. “Dance for us.” The boy's eyes grew wide hearing those words come out of Sully's mouth. For a moment he had stood stark still and silent though as that whip bit at his thigh he found himself scurrying to set down the serving tray so that he could do as he was told. He was stopped yet again after only taking two steps away however. “Actually... I've changed my mind, boy. Serve our new guests, first.” Sully tilted up his chin towards the front door, watching as the boy turned and became near as pale as a Koada'dal. Before him stood his parents, cold eyes boring into the child they had sold off nearly a decade earlier. “So that is the little rat, hm?” His mother spoke quietly, taking a few steps forward towards Vanesh. He didn't even flinch when Sully's whip bit at his skin through his silks; he didn't budge nor blink. The others who had gathered quietly murmured amongst themselves speculating why such an obedient slave was suddenly standing there simply starring, mortified. “Serve them, boy. Don't be rude. Mind your place.” Sulvian muttered. The Master's words fell on deaf ears however as the boy slowly took a step backwards and then another. “No.” As soon as the word left Vanesh's lips, most of the guests had looked away though a few had paid even more attention, curious as to the repercussions of the slave's disobedience. “Well.' Sully began as he slowly stood. 'I did say that he was going to dance for us.” The boy cried out as Sully's hand fisted into his hair, dragging him forcibly across the room and out of the rear entrance of the den towards the stables outside. The guests had soon followed with Vanesh's parents in tow of the group. They watched on as the boy's wrists were tethered together and tied securely to a hitching post, Vanesh struggling the entire time while quietly whimpering out pleas to his Master. The first crack of Sully's whip across his back had the boy writhing in an instant; though seeing Sully reach over and start tossing riding crops from the stable towards the guests left the boy in tears. Vanesh's mother stood still until she couldn't possibly bear it any longer. “Give that to me.' She snarled and ripped a crop from Sully's hand. 'You did say I would be pleased with his performance. Let me make sure of it.” Akatha had stood ducked behind the largest barrels behind the house, flinching every time she had heard Vanesh cry out. Being Sully's eldest daughter and near Vanesh's age, she had secretly come to love the Teir'dal more as a brother than as a house servant. One of the last cracks of a riding crop against Vanesh's skin left him dropped to his knees in tears; fingers white knuckling against the course rope tethering him to the hitching post. “Father, I think that is enough. Please, for me? Let him try again. He is far more behaved than your other useless slaves. Just let him try again.” Sulvian turned to see his daughter holding up the silver serving tray with fresh drinks, though her eyes were on Vanesh. The pirate's brow furrowed as he contemplated what she had to say, eventually turning to untie Vanesh's wrists. “Serve our guests, boy.” Sulvian watched Akatha crouch beside Vanesh with the tray held out to him. Sulvian was well aware that she had murmured something to him but he allowed it and said nothing of the matter. Whatever it was that she said to him, or perhaps the whipping, had worked. The boy slowly limped towards the group and knelt in front of his mother with his eyes lowered; shoulders back and back straight as he presented the tray of drinks to her. “Your drink, Ma'am.” He murmured quietly. The sneer on his mother's face was wicked as she looked down at her son with the disdain of Innoruuk himself, though she did take a drink for herself. The boy's muscles failed him when she spat in his face, leaving him only to swallow down his nerves and respond with something much to Sulvian's surprise. “Thank you, Ma'am.” The guests all chuckled as they took up their fresh drinks from the tray and made their way back into the Dread Pirate's home. “Finally. You accept your place in this world.” His mother seethed.
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    The sun was already beating down on the boy through the windows by the time he awoke; a good three hours past the time he would usually awaken to the sound of the roosters crowing the beginning of the new day. Panic had set in the moment his eyes came open and he realized the error he'd made; he overslept.
    Vanesh quickly set into motion, quickly bathing and dressing himself in fresh linens; brushing out his long mane of white locks before moving into the dining room to see if his Master needed or wanted anything particular that morning. As nervous as the boy had been about Sulvian's reaction to his waking late, his mood rather suddenly shifted once he saw what awaited him.
    There upon the dining room table were gifts wrapped gaily, green and blue ribbons neatly tied to the colorful packages; intricate little cards to which all read two simple words: “To: boy” The boy's pale eyes gazed over the strange sight before lifting to see Akatha walking into the room with Sulvian from the gardens, Sulvian motioning to the gifts on the table. “Open them. Today is a very special day for you I believe.” Sulvian's words seemed oddly kind and though they had been, the boy remained with a look of confusion. He had learned his lesson once not to question his Master and so he tugged the first blue ribbon clad gift to the edge of the table to open it.
    Jingling bells chimed as Vanesh lifted the fine silks from the box, 'faerie bell' anklets and bracelets falling to the bottom of the box as he held the silks up and against himself; his eyes quickly darting up to Sulvian knowing how expensive those silks must have been.
    “For my dancing, Master?” Vanesh's eyes were wide and it was obvious he was trying to hold back a grin a mile wide as he watched Sulvian nod his head yes. “Aye. For your dance. Another, go on.” Sulvian motioned to another box, watching as Vanesh set the silks aside to tear into yet another gift and then another until all of the gifts had been opened and Vanesh stood staring at the table full of items. His silks, jewelry, lotions and soaps, a new silver collar to better fit him among various other things. Though the one Vanesh stood staring at the most was perhaps the most simple of gifts. It was a key, with a small note. Timidly Vanesh reached out to pick them up, turning to cast a questioning glance to his Master who stood beside him then. “You've been purchased, for the night.' Sulvian nodded, flicking the small note Vanesh held in his hand. 'Go to the address listed there and serve them as you would me. Without question.” It was then, at Sulvian's instructions he realized that they were not so much gifts to simply be given out of kindness, as gifts given to make his property seem more presentable to others. Vanesh's ears dipped low for a moment as he turned to take up all of the items in silence and turned on his heel to leave. “When are you getting rid of this one Sully? Pathetic that a slave is lavished upon more than your own WIFE. Are you bedding him, too?” Vanesh froze as the sting of the woman's hand hit his face, flinching as Sulvian reached over him to grab his wife by the hair. “How -dare- you!” Sulvian snapped in her face. Vanesh was in a state of panic as Akatha grabbed him by the arm and ran with him as fast as she could outside to the gardens where the two huddled behind the cargo set to ship out later that evening. Vanesh remained silent, frightened pale eyes staring at the back door of the house as the screaming continued, vases had gone crashing to the floor and pained cries rang out from the pirate's wife.
    The screaming had ceased, the crying out had silenced but everything else had fallen silent with it. Vanesh's stomach churned and tightened, dropping his things to the ground as he wrapped his arms about Akatha who sat beside him sobbing. Neither of them had expected to see Akatha's mother again after what they'd heard; nor did they.
    Weeks after the young man's last coming day, Sulvian was still in a drunken stupor. Every day since he had murdered his wife in a fit of rage, he simply sat in front of the fire with a bottle of whiskey until he was so inebriated that he would pass out where he sat. Vanesh kept to his duties as he always had, though he was not ignorant of the things Sulvian had begun to do late at night when he thought Vanesh asleep.
    Muffled cries rang out from the slave pens beyond the gardens, slaves going missing. Sulvian's excuse was always the same; he sold them. One by one the pens were emptied, shipments moving out of the harbor were becoming more frequent, abruptly stopping once the slaves were all gone.
    “You must leave, you must!” Akatha pleaded with Vanesh one late evening after Sulvian had stumbled down to the docks. “He'll kill you just as he's killed the others, please.” Her hands smoothed over Vanesh's rounded cheeks with tears in her eyes. It was the first time that Vanesh had felt truly cared for, the first bit of affection shown other than a pet of his head from Sulvian for a job well done. He sat unmoving, unsure of how to respond for a long moment. “I can't do that...” He murmured quietly, his voice kept low just in case Sulvian had managed to stumble back into the house quietly. Akatha groaned in frustration and bolted upright, moving to Sulvian#s date book on his desk. “Yes, you can and you will Vanesh or you'll die!” There were tears in Vanesh's eyes as he slowly stood and faced Akatha with pure dread seeping into his trembling lower lip. “Tomorrow you're set to tend to Uvaindren T'Xiaz. I know the man, an awful sort... but the perfect awful sort for us.' Akatha mused quietly. 'A Teir'dal thief with just one eye and just one thing that drives him: platinum. I will buy your freedom, Vanesh. Wherever he takes you, you hide there. You -wait- for me. Do you understand?”
    Vanesh clung to himself, his hands squeezing his biceps in the only comfort he could manage at the thought of being a wanted, runaway slave.
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    “Sully, you're being belligerent.” Uvaindren watched the human pirate take the slaves from his home one by one by their hair, tossing them into the pens; all but Vanesh who stayed behind Uvaindren, trembling.
    The Teir'dal thief looked to the side, feeling Vanesh's trembling hands on the chain leading to his collar. Uvaindren, however, could do nothing when Sulvian returned for his last slave. “This one is mine. The deal is off. Find another to entertain your guests.” Vanesh whimpered as he was jerked away from Uvaindren by the lead and practically drug towards the pens. “W-what have I done Master? W-what are you doing? Please!” The slave cowered holding his face suddenly, the sharp sting left by Sulvian's backhand radiating through his cheek and jaw. All of the slaves being packed into the pens had caused a stir of whispers and worry but seeing Vanesh handled by the drunken pirate in such a way caused panic. Vanesh was by no secret, his favorite.
    The cell door was slammed shut and locked with Sulvian backing away, taking up the jug of kerosene as he moved.
    “All of you...all of your pathetic, miserable, ears and eyes were witness!” Sulvian began as he dowsed the walls and the floor of the pens. Uvaindren stood back shielding Akatha's eyes as he watched the pirate with curiosity; was he really doing what he thought he was doing? The thief could only watch on as Sulvian tossed aside the emptied jug and ripped a torch from the ground, tossing it into the pens. “PAPA, NO!!!” Akatha screamed, trying to rush to the pens but Uvaindren caught her quickly by the wrist. “I will save him!” He murmured quietly, looking up to the pirate as he approached. “Be decent enough to take your daughter from the stench. She's still a child.” The thief muttered to Sulvian bitterly. Time was running out as he listened to the screams of the slaves inside of the pens, some unable to escape the flames that licked at their skin already. Sulvian took Akatha by the arm, leading her away from the pens and towards the heart of Freeport. In a flash Uvaindren rushed to the tool shed nearby, grabbing up a crowbar from the floor as he rushed to the back of the pens. “VANESH!?' He slammed the crowbar between the wooden boards at the back of the pens as he called out. 'Cover your face boy!” The Teir'dal thief rushed the task, snapping apart the boards as quickly as he could. He heard the boy cry out just as he threw the crowbar aside and dove to reach in to grab him out from the quickly spreading fire. There was no time to save any others. The slave was pulled free, clinging to the thief as he coughed and gasped for fresh breaths. The guards were already well on their way having heard the screams and the smoke billowing out from the water-side estate. No time. Uvaindren ran with the boy, holding him with just one arm to jerk his cowl over his head. Ropes were leapt over, hauling the slave over his shoulder as he darted through the crowds gathering on the streets and the docks. With all the commotion, only one had spotted the thief with the Teir'dal slung over his shoulder and called for the guards. The thief quickly moved through the streets, finally coming to a stop as he kicked away the boards covering the manhole to the sewers. With a glance over his shoulder to the guards quickly approaching, he and the boy disappeared into the depths of the confines of the sewers. “Can you run?” Uvaindren called over his shoulder as he stuck one of his daggers through the latch on the manhole cover. Vanesh quickly nodded his head, staring up at the thief wide eyed until he was grabbed up from the shallow water and hauled down the first path. “My horse is just outside of the exit to the Commonlands.” Uvaindren huffed as they continued through the sewers, glancing back at Vanesh before rounding a corner. “I..get to ride a horse?” Vanesh blinked and ran right into the thief as he stopped to laugh at him, slapping the slave on the back as he ushered him up the ladder to the exit. “Aye boy, you get to ride a horse.” Dusk had fallen by the time they reached the Darklight wood, Vanesh silent as he looked over his shoulder to the fading city of Freeport in the distance with his arms wrapped about the Thief's waist.
    “No one ever moved forward in life looking behind them.” Uvaindren said quietly as they rode on towards Neriak. Vanesh remained silent, his fingers clutching onto the thief's leather armor as they neared that dreaded city.
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    Vanesh kept his eyes lowered as Uvaindren lead him through the streets of Neriak, doing his best never to let his eyes stray from the street in fear of letting them settle on his mother's face.
    “Vith!” Uvaindren cursed quietly, taking Vanesh by the bicep as he hurried the Teir'dal along after hearing a guard not far away murmur to their comrade about a missing slave and a fire in Freeport. Word traveled quickly... too quickly.
    “You aren't staying here, it won't be safe. It isn't safe.” Uvaindren stopped only when they were nestled carefully behind a building, looking to the trembling slave before him as he looked up to the thief.
    “What about you?” He looked mortified as he stared up at Uvaindren from under his hood, glancing over his shoulder as he heard footsteps approach.
    “Don't worry about me, boy. I go my own way and you are going yours.' Uvaindren paused to nod to the man who stood a few feet back from Vanesh. 'And it would seem that your escort has arrived precisely on time.” The young thief smiled coyly to the even younger Teir'dal, Kirstoff.
    “I've audience with Queen Amree, of Kelethin. She is willing to meet with this one to offer him sanctuary – after he has proven his worth to her city and his betrayal of Neriak, of course.” Kirstoff spoke quietly, stepping up to hand papers to Vanesh for him to eventually sign.
    Vanesh simply looked between the two, his face flushed paler than usual as he took the papers and folded them into his satchel. Uvaindren shook his head, handing over a small sack of platinum to the slave boy before backing away. “Kirstoff will show you the way through the Darklight Wood. You will catch a ship off the Nektulos dock and make way to the shores of the Faydark from there. You're a free man now... yet a fugitive all the same. Shadows hide you.” Vanesh paled even more at the thought of being a fugitive, clutching the sack of coins tightly in his hands as he looked to Kirstoff. He hadn't spoken a word since his posed question.
    The three had traveled in the cover of night, into the heart of Nektulos Forest without incident. There was only silence shared among them as they waited patiently off the dock for the transport ship to arrive; Uvaindren keeping his ears keen and his eyes sharp to any dangers.
    “There she is...” Uvaindren murmured quietly, seeing the Maiden's Voyage arrive just shortly after it should have. Vanesh was gathered up into Kirstoff's hands by the shoulders and lead onto the ship once it was docked, though both he and Uvaindren would see Vanesh scurry onto the ship of his own accord as if he couldn't possibly wait to leave that place.
    “Don't tarry to see the Queen, young man. Ensure you've your papers. The guards will escort you.” Kirstoff called out, Vanesh giving one last look to Kirstoff and Uvaindren, wondering if he would see either of them ever again.
    “Thank you Sir..” Vanesh shouted back to Uvaindren before disappearing into the ship's cabin.

    “I give it a week before he's dead.” Uvaindren muttered bitterly. Kirstoff laughed, stopping to turn in place to look at the Thief as they stopped not far from Neriak. The walk back had been in silence, their work was mostly done.
    “Regardless Uvaindren, I do believe you owe me payment.” The young thief scowled slightly.
    “I've already paid you fifty platinum... you cheat.” Uvaindren narrowed his eyes pointedly as Kirstoff stepped up and tilted his head, lifting a hand to gently graze his fingers over Uvaindren's left dagger sheathed on his hip.
    “It cost me near one hundred to acquire safe passage on the vessel to the Faydark. Another fifty for the personal escort via the Kelethin Guard. Though I would wager one of your fancy blades would cover the difference.”
    Uvaindren snorted, stepped back and away from Kirstoff's hand.
    “You try to swindle me...” His eyes narrowed dangerously on the other Teir'dal, watching him turn to walk away.
    “I would -never-.” Kirstoff muttered beneath his breath on his way back towards the city. It wasn't until he was a good distance away that Uvaindren glanced down to his hip and patted against it, realizing his other small satchel of coin was gone. THE NERVE!
    Uvaindren was on him in a flash, tackling the other down to the ground. Kirstoff hardly had time to shout before he was pinned onto his back with a blade against his throat, pale violet eyes staring up at the angry thief on top of him.
    “Where is it... you took it, -didn't you-?!” Uvaindren hissed, pressing the blade up against the other Teir'dal's throat with a snarl.
    Kirstoff said nothing, he held up his left hand while his right slowly reached down to fish out the small satchel of coins from his pocket, dropping it to the grass beside them with a thick swallow; the sharp edge of the blade cutting enough to let a tepid trickle of blood run down his throat. Just as Kirstoff thought that Uvaindren meant to release him, the blade lifted from his throat – a sharp pain coursed through him into the core of his body, a bloodied gurgle cry leaving Kirstoff's lips. The thief had sunk the blade into Kirstoff's belly.
    “Tsk....tsk... tsk...' Uvaindren cooed quietly as he twisted the blade and drug it down and across the other' stomach, gutting him on the forest floor like a pig. 'What is mine... is mine.” Uvaindren watched the struggle, the fear in Kirstoff's eyes as his entrails spilled to the grass; Uvaindren savoring that moment he saw the life leave those pale violet eyes.

    There was escape, for the slave... but no escape for the thief caught red handed.

    (To Be Continued...)

    ((Don't forget to check out another player written book by Vanesh: "To Catch A Devil."! Chapter II coming out tomorrow.))
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    ((Apparently the forums don't like the word G with an I M P. It's not a durdy wurd SOE D: )
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    This was really captivating to read.

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