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Discussion in 'Zones and Population' started by ARCHIVED-Chorboy01, May 6, 2012.

  1. ARCHIVED-Chorboy01 Guest

    We were playing the arena and we had several crashes upon trying to enter it, when we attempted to enter it kicked us and our everquest 2 client had a unrecoverable error. The arena's are really fun and they are broken, please fix them.
  2. ARCHIVED-Ecep Guest

    Oh please do not fix the arena. Sometimes I use it to log out because it's faster then waiting 20 seconds.. SoE #1 Company WW
  3. ARCHIVED-KatieKatana Guest

    Was trying to test the arena this weekend to get a guild event set up using it but it crashed 100% of the time. Nothing I tried fixed the problem. It looked like it would of made for an awesome guild event to show people yet another awesome thing the game has to offer but it just would not work at all. It's not even a zone crash it's a crash to desktop every single time. I did put a bug report in on the issue as well.

    To the one other person that responded to this post.. just do /exit and you won't have to wait at all to leave the game.

  4. ARCHIVED-Ecep Guest

    Katey@Everfrost wrote:
    Btw. sorry for the confusion i was kidding. Anyways, I was the one with the OP and I kept crashing. I play the Arena all the time after raids, groups, and when I'm bored and it is one of the most fun things this game has to offer. It's a shame they've left it without any new material for so long. Not to mention it's been broken for almost 2 xpacs. I reallywish SoE would show that they take pride in this game like they used to :(
    - Ecep 92 conj of Butcherblock.
  5. ARCHIVED-Irgun Guest

    Arena only crashes if you try to enter it while playing with a pet-gladiator - since only kills/wins while playing those count, there is currently no way to obtain titles from the merchant....pls fix.
  6. ARCHIVED-Ecep Guest

    Irgin@Valor wrote:
    Agreed... I want my shifter D':
  7. ARCHIVED-griffon_lady Guest

    Seriously? o.0 GMs told me no one had pettitioned regarding the arena. Check this out.
    "This is GM ----------- following up with you regarding the Maj'Dul Arena. As far as I am aware, the area is functioning properly, and we have not received any other petitions regarding the zone. This, of course, doesn't mean that there isn't a problem. I will go ahead and report your concerns to our Developers, and encourage you to submit a bug report of your own, as well. You can do this by typing /bug. This will send the information straight to our QA and Development Teams for further review, and any necessary fixes.

    In the meantime, I would suggest clearing out log cache folders. The best way to do this is by accessing your game folder, which is defaulted as My Computer > C: Drive > Program Files > Sony > Everquest II. Once you're in the folder, delete the cache, asset cache, and logincache folders. After that you should run a full file scan ( "

    AKA No, I didn't test it, it must be your computer/your fault/your problem, could you make this some one else's problem please?
    And the link didn't work...
    Do they pay GMs?
    SO I take it other people HAVE been contacting SOE and they were just blowing me off?

    So far the spawn point barrier gets stuck the second or third time i respawn, the kills/wins areen't being recorded, if it doesn't let the character in and sits at the 'entering arena' screen it means that character can't enter an arena at all because according to the game, they are already in an arena...
    I kept making new arenas to test it, nameing it "Gahhh SOE so buggy" or "So frustrating" " Still not working" Things like that... When i petitioned they were there for days, but some one did go and wipe the board so no one sees how frustrated i was... that is frustrating too... cover up, cover up, cover up, don't fix it. and the whole plausable deniabilyty thing is REALLY making me mad. "Well no one else said it's broke, so it must not be broke" but here you guys are, problems withthe same thing.

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