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    I have a job. I am thankful for that job; though its a pain in my ***, often. Especially now, with all the 'rona crap surrounding us. I didn't get to 'work from home' during the early days of the pandemic so I don't know how the atmosphere in Norrath was during those days back in the early spring of this year with increased population and various bonuses etc.

    Just wanted to pop in here and say "THANKS" for these exp-bonuses that Kaladim gets from time to time. I like the pacing of our server, and am jazzed about RoK landing; but just like years ago, I get a little bounce on the smiles meter whenever I see there will be a couple days of increased exp! I'm not in a rush; I group whenever I can because that's the impetus for my MMO fix anyhow ;o), but am playing at a fairly slow pace while messing about with my crafting and "just a couple alts!":);)

    I returned a couple months ago from so, SO long ago (*ie from the "original" Norrath,) and am having a blast! Marking this 2020 Independence Day in the U.S. is a mixed bag; lots of competing stressors, not having our typical kinds of celebrations and so many really important things in our world to focus on; also, lots of friend & family blessings. But, its always fun to jump into "my Norrath" and indulge for a bit. Happy 4th, and Happy Canada Day! And thank you Devs/DB -- gonna go get my lil Assassin headed into BBM!!
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