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  1. Feney Member

    Would just like to take a moment to thank everyone at SOE for the recent development of the PVP servers. When i found out that Proc's were returning i was skeptical but you proved me wrong. The implementation of Proc's has been soo smooth due to the huge amount of testing done and i have seen many people returning to the game. I also want to thank the devs for ensuring that all the classes are balanced, it really is nice to play a balanced MMO game for once. We are so lucky to be able to play such a fun game for the very small price it costs. You should triple the monthly cost and give the profits to the devs seen as they do such an amazing job communicating with the pvp community.
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  2. calum New Member

    Yes Feney i agree with this ! the game has been the most balanced MMO i have ever played and i would happily pay triple the monthly cost ! also i love the price for lvl 85 characters they are so cheap ! thank you SOE I LOVED PLAYING THIS GAME
  3. Pawder Active Member

    At least the procs are going away.
  4. Dethrayzin Active Member

    You keep saying this, but I haven't seen any indication of it. Can you show me where you heard this?
  5. Mopeygothic Active Member

    I quite enjoy the pvp and battlegrounds in this expansion, even the pve content has been great too, I have actually done some zone multiple times, normally I just do them once to see them and never return.

    Best expansion since TSO imo.

    Still, nothing beats kos and eof, but that's the way of nostalgia.

    Thank you for your great work :)
  6. Pawder Active Member

    I was told by the director of development via an email last week. They should be taken out this week, next week at the latest. Here is the content of that email.

    Hey there, Steve,

    I had to do some research on this before I could respond accurately, but here goes.

    Firstly, I’d just like to say that we like PvP also. You may or may not know, but I helped create the original “Planetside”, and did “Tribes 2” and some of the “Mechwarrior” games before that. I’m keen on the stuff.

    You said a lot of things in your email, so I’m going to parse out your comments and questions so I can be thorough in my answer. I hope this helps. :)

    · You seem to think there’s basically no dev team on EQII any longer. (Your “lay off” comment.) That’s not true. In fact, the team is the same size that it’s been for years. They’re very enthusiastic, and they’re (honestly) just as frustrated about PvP as you are, and intend to make fixes soon.
    · Procs are going away in PvP as of next week. (At the very latest, the week thereafter.) That’s a start in the right direction.
    · Other balance improvements are coming, but I’ll leave that to Holly Longdale (the game’s Producer) to announce in her Producer’s Letter later on.
    · The team has been working on the PvP (Battlegrounds) matchmaker for a bit now and are hoping to surprise your community with improvements later this year.
    · Nagafen’s population? Well…that’s a trickier subject. Nagafen began its decline right about the same time that Battlegrounds showed up as a feature. Basically, many PvP fans wanted their carnage NOW instead of having to hunt through the zones of the world to find someone to gank. So they started playing BGs almost exclusively. (That’s not a guess. It’s data.) I don’t blame the dev team for that because apparently, BGs was more fun/rewarding to players than the old-style PvP so the players there flocked to it. Obviously they thought it was a game improvement. Unfortunately, that left you folks that loved old Nagafen gameplay out in the cold. So we added Warfields. And it worked. For a while. But for whatever reason, people gravitated back to BGs again.

    So the fact of the matter is…EQII still has a very strong PvP userbase. They’re just not always on Nagafen anymore. They tended to drift to other servers and they play BGs most of the time now, when they desire PvP.

    But more quality PvP improvements are coming in the near future, some as early as next week.

    I hope this is the sort of response you were looking for. If there’s anything else you’re concerned about, please let me know!

    -- Dave Georgeson
    Director of Development
    EverQuest Franchise
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  7. Pink Poodle Member

    This is amazing, thanks for the post! Maybe I should email the guy my thread...
  8. Pawder Active Member

    I just did what any concerned player has done or could do. I found the emails for the upper management and sent one to Smedley. Her replied and said he would have David answer those as it was his department that made the changes. Both replied within a few days, amazing. I'm actually excited about the game again.
  9. Exur Well-Known Member

    Funny, but one of the main devs did the same thing and reached out to some players recently and got a whole bunch of people excited once again. Oddly enough, I'm shocked Smedley responded and I found parts of his email pretty much spot on.
  10. Clairvoyiant Member

    You've got to be kidding me. The reason people gravitate towards BGs is because there is no longer reason to open world(Not because they are more enjoyable.). It was because tokens were removed from writs making group pvp not capable to gain tokens. It has everything to do with the fact reward was removed from open world and given in BGs. So of course your data shows people playing bgs over open world. Clearly there is more to it(fast travel/flying mounts etc.), but I digress.
  11. Pawder Active Member

    I have to agree that BG's were a bad thing for Nagafen. I also see other factors like the token reward for writs and easy travel as issues that compounded the problem. I just posted what he told me in the email. I do feel there might be somethings that are going to be good. Looks like they figured out that testing and adjusting before releasing procs would have been the correct path to take. I had a better feeling after emails to Mr. Georgeson. I think will be a better game this year as they tackle one issue at a time.
  12. Mopeygothic Active Member

    No procs in pvp? Talk about truly endless fights if no further adjustments are made.

    Procs make gear choice must more interesting and unique, we are now returning to the boring and bland cookie cutter setups?
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  13. Flower New Member

    That pretty much sums it up...and while I m happy to see a dev response, it actually makes me feel that nothing will be done to fix the red server population issue. They outright blamed the players for the lack of is only as good as the way you want to interpret it. Players will almost always take the path of least resistance; as proven by people using "exploits" or "unintended game features" until SOE patches them out. So for them to say "The players obviously want BG's because they play them and not open world PvP" shows that they don't want to fix the issue...and there is an issue. The issue is that BG's killed the red servers because they are the path of least resistance. Open world PvP on red servers should have more...more everything...more reason to PvP, more rewards, more availability of PvP. Instead it has more restrictions and the same rewards... SOE needs to realize that, with BG's being a button click away for any player on any server, that they need to give much more incentive and rewards for the red server player when it comes to PvP rewards. They crammed BG's down our throats by a skewed reward system, and now they want to blame us? I could actually agree with was the players who dumped Nagafen for BG's...but I think many of them regret that decision now. A huge change needs to be made that somehow takes into consideration bringing back a reason to be a red player...if not, they can balance game mechanics all they want, and all they will be doing is propping up BG's even more... Meh.
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  14. Delethen Active Member

    You cannot take anything smokeblower says remotely seriously i'm afraid. If you listened to him for long enough he'd probably tell you he farts rainbows too.

    I particularly liked the part though where in an email written at the start of January he wrote that The team has been working on the PvP (Battlegrounds) matchmaker for a bit now and are hoping to surprise your community with improvements later this year.
  15. Clairvoyiant Member

    Agreed, you can do terrible in a BG, put barely any effort into the game and get 30 tokens. But go open world put in actual effort to find people and fight them, than get 1 token because you are in a group. There is no reason to pvp open world. Its not logical to gain gear, its inefficient. Thats also why WFs don't work. You have both sides in x4s in a race to burn a tower ignoring each other to try and get the winning sides tokens. Because fighting each other is a waste of time there is no reward for doing so.

    Want pvp to work in open world. Give us rewards for group pvp. Seriously there is more risk than reward for open world group pvp. Its why we don't see titles anymore or the old school pvp groups. The ones you knew would all pop god spells to win. The ones who farmed old content to get another cure or heal. The ones who really mini maxed there toons. Because they wanted to win. Now we don't see this because those players are either solo or simply don't play anymore.
  16. Delethen Active Member

    Yeah quite, all this talk people have from time to time of removing BGs from Nagafen is like cutting the nose to spite the face. The real answer is to provide a far greater carrot some way or other on Nagafen itself to encourage people to look for pvp there. That new fabled zone could be a step toward that perhaps but as ever it will come down to the quality of the loot inside.
  17. Exur Well-Known Member

    Agreed Del... this comment alone was pretty laughable. I mean seriously, how does this fix really take this long to implement.
  18. Tobez New Member

    Sad that they want to remove procs when there's bigger things that need to be adjusted in pvp.
  19. Fleshdecay Well-Known Member

    I know this has been mentioned by just about everyone in this thread but I want this to be clear with SOE. Yes nagafen started its decline when BG's were implemented. NO!!!!! Players did not migrate to bg's just for the insant pvp, they moved there for the quicker better rewards. Nothing beats open world pvp but it does not offer the better rewards. You need to start off by adding tokens back to pvp writs and increasing the amount of tokens you earn from pvp kills by a HUGE margin. It's all about the incentive.
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  20. Daalilama Well-Known Member

    Have to agree with Flesh...they removed incentives and procs from the open world pvp in an effort to make BG's more palatable to the blue servers and then compounded mistake after mistake by listening to the same vocal minority on the forums for years after the BG implementation discounting differing opinions and suggestions that had some merit. I often accuse players of tunnel vision focusing on only their particular issue (nerf this buff that) and not realizing the ramifications...seems since the BG's were implemented the devs fell into this as well...quite disappointing.
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