Thank you for Beck Quantem & here are just a few Inaccessible House Items

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    You did amazing finding every item that we didn't have access to and putting it on this merchant. There are only two categories that got missed it seems and likely some internal flagging that made this happen.

    Drunder & Withered Lands items:

    Recipe Book Name: Relics of Drunder

    Recipes / Item Names:
    Engraved Drunder Tile
    Insignia Tile of Sullon Zek
    Insignia Tile of Tallon Zek
    Insignia Tile of Vallon Zek
    Sullonite Carved Tile
    Sullonite Paving Stones
    Tallonite Carved Tile
    Tallonite Paving Stones
    Vallonite Carved Tile
    Vallonite Paving Stones

    Collections & Quest Rewards from Withered Lands:
    Ancient Luminating Skull
    Briarthorn Bloom
    Dragon Tooth Fossil
    Effigy of the Storm Queen Plushie
    Lucky Teralid Plushie
    Swamp Guardian
    Withering Sapling
    a stormwing trophy
    Clockwork Assassin

    Drunder Quested:
    War boar of Drunder
    Sullon's Vengeance
    Ry'Gorr Legacy
    an Avazek Challenger
    Likeness of Tallon Zek
    Obsidian Warbow
    Thana Llac
    Likeness of Vallon Zek
    Obsidian War Scimitar

    Drunder Collections:
    Elemental Earth Totem
    Elemental Fire Totem
    Elemental Ice Totem
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