Test Update Notes: Tuesday, December 11, 2012

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  1. Bunji Developer

    This update should occur around 1pm PST.

    Sleeper's Tomb [Contested]
    Now has dropped and POI quests that can be used to earn Obol, spirits and more!

    Obol Plains
    Larissa Balatore <Banker> and Darius Barone <Broker> should no longer disappear or become un-targetable in Cardin Ward.

    Harrow’s End
    Bastion’s pillars should regenerate energy nearly equally as fast as they get drained. The draining should also be slight lessened.
    Drinal should no longer be casting his curse repetitively while the curse is already active on a raid member.
    Drinal’s Power Over Death curse should once again be at the appropriate duration
    Oligar should resummon his protective golems regardless of the order they are killed if he feels he is not adequately protected.

    Altar of Abhorrence
    The Enraged Imp should be a bit more forgiving with his DPS checking.

    The maximum number of different resources that you can store in a Guild Harvest Depot has been increased from 200 to 1000.
    The maximum number of items in a single depot stack has been increased from 20,000 to 99,999.
    Several new Depots have been added as guild amenities! Check the “Depot” tab in your guildhall amenity list for details.
    You can now use the Deposit All button on depots to deposit every valid component from your bags.

    The names on some armor sold by Drinal's Steward have been slightly changed depending on the classes that can wear them.
    Reforging and repairing costs have lowered for all gear sold by Drinal's Steward.

    T10 white adornments now have a level requirement of 90 instead of 91.
    Refined items should now display their stats more reliably when linking through chat.

    The prices for the "Frostfell Storm Wings" and "Frostfell Snow Cloud" have been reduced.
    Descriptions on the "Candy-Striped Frostfell Mug" and "Classic Frostfell Mug" now better fit the object.
    "Candy-Striped Cudgel of Gloom" and "Candy-Striped Cudgel of Death" recipes are now spelled correctly.
    Gumdrop flavor pets should now react to being poked.
    Merry Mischief - Gumdrops are much easier.
    Merry Mischief - Gingerbread and gingerdread creatures should be far less social now.
    Merry Mischief - Gumdrops, gingerbread and gingerdread creatures now all have a chance to drop loot.
    Frostfell Fanatic - The fanatical objects should now all properly update the quest.
    Frostfell Candy Grab - Frostfell candies should show up before race begins now.

    Beastlord Insect Questline
    The pieces of the Sigil of Thirr are using a different model. It should be visible at a better distance, and the particles should now draw.
    The ROI for the Feerrott Sigil of Thirr is larger now.
    The pieces of the Sigil of Thirr will now alert players who are on the appropriate step with an on-screen message.
    Kaldrahir's Talisman will now leave a visible buff.
    The curse set on players by the Swarmkeeper will now have a visible effect. This effect should stay with players as long as they are in the Feerrott or in the Presence of Kaldrahir.
    The Swarmwatcher was renamed to the Swarmkeeper. The Devourer was renamed to the Devouring Queen to avoid confusion with the OTHER Devourer.
    Typo fixes.
    The Devouring Queen will now clean up when players are killed. She pops back to Thir'Slaa, and her spawned Hive members will poof.
    The Will of Thir'Slaa and Will of the Hive now will only appear in the tracking window on the appropriate steps.
    The Will of the Hive now has a 3 second cast time instead of 6.
    Moved the portal to the Presence of Kaldrahir to behind Shalih Mar.
    When asked to tame insects by Thir'Slaa, players can now do so in any zone, instead of just Feerrott.
    The Will of Thir'Slaa now works on insectoids as well as insects and arachnids.
    The spell scroll that teaches the ability “Tame Insect Warder” is now no-trade, Lore, and will scribe automatically upon receipt.
    Spiders are staying forever. :-D
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