Test Update Notes: Thursday February 21, 2019

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  1. Bunji Developer

    • Celestial Voidwrought Runes will now drop 100% of the time from certain end zone raid bosses.

    Castle Mischief [Raid]
    • Rougad the Jokester should now show his Focused Surge spell when it is applied to himself and Watchful Eye when applied to his target. The functionality of it has not changed.

    The Anchorage
    • A Mender, Banker, and Fuel merchant have been added to the unlocks for the rank unlocks within the Anchorage.

    • Corrected a bug that prevented Thorny Trap from casting at the level of the caster.
    • Corrected a bug that prevented Sigil of Heroism from casting at the level of the caster.
    • Corrected a bug that removed the heal component of Faith Strike on non-TLE servers.
    • Corrected a bug that caused the PvP duration of Knockdown to increase too rapidly as the triggering spell tier increased.

    • Corrected a bug that prevented the Shattered Crown from being equipped by all classes.
    • Epic spell scrolls above apprentice tier are now Heirloom.
    • The Mischievous Castle should no longer teleport the entire group or raid to Cobalt Scar when used.

    Tradeskill Requisitions
    • Requisitions in Myrist and Anchorage will now remove all recipes used in those requisitions from the player's recipe book once the task has been completed. The recipe will also be automatically scribed once received upon obtaining the task from the task giver. There will be no need to scribe the recipe book every time you pick up the new requisition.

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