Test Update Notes: Friday September 3, 2021

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  1. Thordalf Developer

    • Gallant's Charm of Fortitude - Green adornment slot has been removed
    • Spelling errors corrected for the following items:
      • Shadowed Tyranny Chainmail Gloves
      • Shadowed Tyranny Linen Bracers
      • Shadowed Tyranny Linen Gloves
      • Shadowed Tyranny Grimlingskin Bracers
      • Shadowed Tyranny Leather Gloves
      • Shadowed Tyranny Vanguard Gauntlets

    • Skerry Hideaway, Lichveil Island, and Savage Cay - Mounts are now usable within the zone! (Flyers stay on the ground.)
    • Dock Torch - House item is now noted as a light source in the description.
    • Mara Resin - Item is now flagged as a harvestable, and available to be placed in harvest depot.
    • Stock the Galley - More fruit, vegetable, and legume items should now be properly classified to work for creating the Casks of Grog, while meat items should no longer be accepted.
    • Stock the Galley - More meat items should now be properly classified to work for creating the Basket of Dried Meat.
    • Stock the Galley - Roots should no longer be accepted as "some harvested crop" component for creating the Casks of Grog.

    • Artifacts and magical items sought by Dr. Arcana within Vasty Deep: Toil and Trouble should now be more visible from a distance.

    Vasty Deep: Toil and Trouble [Heroic I]
    • Nogrovska Vodlak's galvanic golem and The Abandoned Labomination's crawler queens are now immune to indirect AOEs.
    Vasty Deep: Toil and Trouble [Heroic II]
    • Added an extra check for The Abandoned Labomination's Wrath of the Math curse to ensure increments are properly counted when removed. Also added a chat message that displays the increments of the group member who died while the curse was active, if nobody else had their curse removed.
    Vex Thal: Beyond the Veil [Challenge Raid]
    • Emperor Ssraeshza will now select targets for his challenges from players who have executed the challenge already, but only if all of that archetype has executed the challenge. This will prevent multiples of the same class from being selected when the Emperor thinks he is out of targets.
    • In the Emperor Ssraeshza encounter, the Scatterstorm mechanic will now remove at the same time for all targets. Targets with Scatterstorm or Stunning Scatterstorm are now immune to the range check from the same name of spell expired.
    Vex Thal: Labyrinth of Solace [Raid]
    • Removed collision from the cages in the Xerkizh the Creator encounter as having the curse holding you prevents you from moving anyway. This should prevent the occasions where players get stuck inside one of the cages without having the curse applied to them.
    Shar Vahl: Siege Break [All Versions]
    • Obscura Zun'Xakra's Living Ward buff will be applied with the correct number of increments based on any mind-controlled guards still alive.
    Savage Weald: Backwoods Brawl [Challenge]
    • Weald liches should fall a bit faster now.
    Echo Caverns: Fungal Foray [All Versions]
    • Fungus King Cremini's Fungal Rebirth counter will properly reset if his encounter reset.
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