Test Update Notes: Friday June 6, 2019

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  1. Caith Developer

    • 2019 Summer Ethereal Event will be activated on the test server at 12:01AM 6/15/2019, pending the test publish completing before then. If the Friday test publish runs long, the Ethereal Event will be active once the server comes back up. While the ethereal event is running, completing any Chaos Descending solo mission will grant an Astral Ethereal reward crate. When the Astral Ethereal reward crate is received it grants an Astral Gloom-Hardened Medallion up to your daily limit, and a small chance to receive a bonus reward based on the current Ethereal Wave. You may only receive 4 Astral Gloom-Hardened Medallions per day on each character from expert missions, 1 Astral Gloom-Hardened Medallion per day on each character from solo missions, and 1 Astral Gloom-Hardened Medallion per day on each character from Public Quest missions. On the test server, and only on the test server, solo missions will count as both the solo mission and an expert mission for calculating ethereal rewards.

      Astral Gloom-Hardened Medallions may be used to purchase rewards from the Ethereal Merchant located in Myrist, the Great Library. During wave 1 the Ethereal Merchant will sell Gloom-Hardened armor pieces, and Astral Gloom-Hardened Shards. Astral Gloom-Hardened Shard may be used to upgrade the planar level of Gloom-Hardened armor.

      Unlike in previous ethereal events, Astral Gloom-Hardened Medallions will not be made Heirloom at the end of the event. Instead, once a character has three fully upgraded Gloom-Hardened armor pieces, they will receive an account flag that allows them to upgrade Gloom-Hardened armor without expending shards on all characters on the account.

      Ethereal Waves
      Wave 1 begins on 6/18/2019
      Wave 2 begins on 7/30/2019
      Wave 3 begins on 9/10/2019

      The 2019 Summer Ethereal event will end on 10/29/2019
    • Ambar the armor merchant no longer requires you to have unlocked previous tiers of armor to purchase from him.
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  2. Avithax Well-Known Member

    I think the IoR broker just burned to the ground.
  3. Ankou New Member

    Not having these items listed as Heirloom is a major, major mistake. Not only are you taking away the ability to buy and sell them on IOR (which effectively kills their summer economy) it also puts WAY too much strain on people who have more than one character that would like to use a slightly better geared "main" to bring an alt or possibly newly purchased character boost, into the fold. I really hope this is going to change. I just don't fully understand the decision making sometimes. It's like someone is behind the scenes, trying to sabotage this game that we still love and continue to play. Please, make the right decision here and make them heirloom. For your sake and the community. Nothing good can come of them not being heirloom.
  4. Ankou New Member

    Also, I will add one last thing. The quota SERIOUSLY needs to be based on a weekly amount. Not daily. Not everyone plays daily and missing out on the coins, especially if they're not heirloom just because you don't login for hours everyday isn't cool. You should be able to earn a set amount per week and grind it as quickly or as slowly as you like. Don't punish people for having lives, jobs and families.
  5. olleran Active Member

    I have to agree on making the coins a weekly quota as the spell scroll case is on the vendor for 250 coins, not a small amount

    As for the coin not be heirloom , sorry in the past we have been told categorically they would not be heirloom only for the devs to change them to heirloom during the event

    It would be nice to know what wave 2 / 3 unlock as there is no info on the vendor about items getting unlocked by the waves
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  6. Flatline Well-Known Member

    It have been requested YEAR in and YEAR out to make the quota weekly instead of daily.
    It have been acknowledged by devs as "Reasonable and logical"
    It have been said "we will work on this for next time, as its hard to implement retroactively"

    And STILL this year its a daily quota?! im dumbfounded.
    It really is out of tune with the view of the playerbase, it its out of tune with the age of the player base (and dont get me going on 25% of the DAILY alotment coming from PQs which means either i dont have supper with my familly OR i stay up and dont sleep .. its a once a DAY shot to try to get that .. horrible!!!)

    I so don't comprehend why it every year is a race to do things on a daily basis, instead of weekly... if you can only play 4 days a week, you could at least make it your choice to catch up or not, now ? its just "To sad so bad" and be forever behind, with them NOT becoming heirloom there is absolutely NO need to do this on alts now either.. as its
    "once a character has three fully upgraded Gloom-Hardened armor pieces"
    Which means its all about 1 toon doing this and there is ABSOLUTELY no need for doing it on alts EXCEPT to purchase the intial armor piece ... and hopefully your not planning on changing alts because after the event a new toon can not get the starter piece (as for now it still costs coins and those are NOT heirloom)..
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  7. semisus Does not play this game

    Is the relic/greater relic tag intentnional for the armor pieces?
    Also will it cost 405 coins pr piece to get it to lvl 5?
    Ill join on the crowd , where are the runes?
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  8. dirgenoobforreal Well-Known Member

    Weekly quota needs to happen. Having 25% of your daily quota from a PQ that spawns at set hours is not a great idea and will make the event feel like a second job.
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  9. Beee Well-Known Member

    Ethernal Conjurer Scroll Crate [II] Spells lv 111 - 120 ??
    some spells are identical at 120 <> 110 eg Blazing Avatar VII

    Hopefully the Ethernal Mastery rune (Conjurer) will be changed to be usefull ;)

    BTW: Machaess of the Gloom is located on the platform of statusmerchant
  10. Dagada Member

    1. Daily is a horrible idea.
    2. So there are 3 pieces of gear to unlock. And these will be upgraded with shards, but are there then runes to purchase? So just because I unlock the armor and dont have to spend coins on shards to upgrade on alts, i still need to purchase some sort of rune?
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  11. 9wizards Member

    Devs, if those Astral Gloom stuff stay @ 90 resolve, it is 100% useless for most of us,
    especialy now if regular pattern can be bought without unlocking previous ones,
    you should adjust that resolve otherwise, and add fervor like previous years ?
  12. Drona Well-Known Member

    I hope the devs are still open for feed back....

    1. Please make it a weekly cap and not a daily one. People have family and life outside of the game so expecting them to log in everyday is asking too much. If people actually do end up logging in everyday to max out the coins, the chances are they are burning out and then quite. People don't make this feel like second job.

    I can see why you have daily caps instead weekly one, you want activity each day instead of start of week where people log in to farm and never log off for the reset of the week. So maybe rather than a weekly cap may be 3 day cap etc? It can be nice middle ground.

    2. Why add PQs to the mix? It was never the case in the previous summer events. Most people don't like PQs so why force it down on them? Again, PQs runs at set times and most people have life outside of the game and cannot be online for at set times. Instead of PQs, may be add a coin to some sort of crafting/harvesting quest?

    3. Also think about returning players who come back to the game after this event is over. Right now they can pay some extra money and get these summer rewards from IoR but that won't be the case anymore.

    What worries me about the whole thing is that the dev/design seems intent of forcing things down on people throats. You are not allowing us to play the game in way we want instead, you are acting like an overbearing mother/father who tells their kids how to play. Sadly for you, most of of EQ2 player are in our 40s, 50s etc :(
  13. Beee Well-Known Member

    And please remove the PQ from the requirement. I WILL NOT DO A PQ EVERY DAY for getting the coins
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  14. semisus Does not play this game

    PQ Sounds horrible , please no
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  15. Noctew Active Member

    Weekly will happen when "logged in players per day" is no longer considered a metric for a game's success. :(

    That said, looking forward to finding groups again...
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  16. Bord Active Member

    I realise the daily login metric is probably the reason, but.. What about a weekly quota that starts at 6, but increases by 6 for each day during the week you log in? Would fulfill the daily metric still, and be something that people with jobs can actually do. Just a quick log in each day, then you could catch up on the weekend.
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  17. Uncle Active Member

    honestly don't see the PQ as an issue and personally have no plans on doing PQ's unless it a double coin weekend. Those days ill just get 5 coins if anything it'll help players that only have time for a fast solo/ PQ cause groups are not aivable.
  18. Melkior Well-Known Member

    I don't have a toon on test so I can't go check the merchant to see how many items can be bought and the total coin requirement to max out. Since the coins aren't going to go heirloom, extra coins will be wasted anyway.
    Based on the dates given above, 804 coins are available to be earned.
    In the past they have had double and triple coin days for people to catch up, so whether the PQ is needed or how critical it is to max coins per day is hard to know.
  19. Avithax Well-Known Member

    "You may only receive 4 Astral Gloom-Hardened Medallions per day on each character from expert missions,"

    Define "Expert". Is that heroic missions or solo heroic?
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  20. Mermut Well-Known Member

    Because it also says:
    I don't think they've ever added 'expert' solo zones.
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