Test Update Notes: Friday July 24, 2020

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  1. Asterix Developer

    • Milo's Heavy Chain Leggings - Item name is now spelled correctly.
    • Added several defensive alternate items to Kunark drop tables that have tank only items that are not defensive specced. Characters that have one of effected items may exchange their non-defensive items for the defensive items at an Item Exchange Merchant in Kylong plains.
    • Smoothed out the stat amount progression of Rise of Kunark items so heroic 3 items (expansion final boss for heroic tier) items no longer have higher stat values then raid 1 items.

    • Mitigation of level 120+ NPCs have been reduced.

    • Tradeable marketplace items will now set a temporary Heirloom flag on the item until five days have passed from when it was initially added to a characters inventory. Any items created from these items, such as from miscbags, will inherit the parent items Heirloom flag at the same timestamp.

    • Heritage Hunt [Weekly] is being retired and will remove itself from your Overseer Quest inventory upon it's completion.
    • Heritage Hunt [Daily] is now available from Arabella F'arquharson. Heritage Hunt [Daily] requires membership, level 120 and Overseer level 10 and rewards a single Singing Steel Heritage Crate each day.
    • Arabella F'arquharson will now sell Singing Steel appearance equipment and the "Mercenary: Micrus Deathband and Micrus Deathband [Level 20 Unlock]" crate.

    • The meteoric golems in The Blinding now properly count towards the Golem slayer achievements.
    • The servitors in Deep Chelsith: Vault of Omens now properly count towards the Golem slayer achievements.
    • Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls [Challenge Raid]
      • Corrected an issue that occasionally caused players to fall through one of the bridges when trying to cross safely.
    • Ssraeshza's Hallowed Halls [Raid/Challenge Raid]
      • Vzyh'dra should allow players to grab the shadow-stitch needles after severing the connection within the room if no players have any needles left.
    • Veeshan's Peak [Raid]
      • Power Generators in the Milyex Vioren encounter should no longer regenerate in health over time.
    • Plane of Innovation: Parts not Included
      • Fixed an issue where the zone would crash when fighting certain bosses like MicroTock.
    • Tomb of Thuuga [Raid]
      • Spiderling adds in the Tairiza the Widow Mistress encounter have had their outgoing damage and health reduced.
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